Memphis Animal Services

I can’t even fathom going home to a house
that doesn’t have animals in it. Like, what would you do? What would my husband and I talk about if
we weren’t doing little voices for our pets and what we think they are saying? Dogs and cats, and other pets certainly, really
add such joy to your life. Memphis is a great town to live in for pets. Shelby Farms Dog Park – are you serious? It’s just such a treasure. When I was a little kid I thought I wanted
to be a vet. I think this is what I always wanted to do; I just didn’t know this existed when I was a little kid. I had the opportunity to come here to Memphis
Animal Services when there was a new director and all this positive change happening and
I just thought to myself I’ve got to be a part of that. I want to help. This is a huge task that we have – improving
our save rate, improving the lives of the animals in our care – and we can’t do it alone. This is a community-wide issue, and we need
help. We always need volunteers. We are just making a lot of positive changes,
and really making an effort moving toward our goal of not having to euthanize for time
or space. We are not there yet, but recently we hit
an all-time shelter record – for a few months we had an 80% save rate for our animals. We’re adding different staff positions to get more networking and more marketing of the pets. We are changing the way we communicate with
rescue so that they can help more pets, so that they can be more efficient, and we can
be more efficient in how we help them. And then just seeing us continue to be able
to improve the lives of the animals in our care as we’re able to implement more programs
in the future like dog-walking and enrichment. You know, dogs and cats really can help you
live a much more complete, full life. They can make you more social,
they can make you more fit, they can make sure that you take regular walks,
they can get you out to the park to meet other people. There are just so many great reasons to have a pet, and unconditional love would
certainly be the number one for me.

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