32 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly to Donald Trump: You’ve Called Women ‘Fat Pigs,’ ‘Dogs'

  1. It's all about winning. He disregards the question. Denys he said those things.
    True psychopath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Donald Trump sucks I hate is it a boy or girl her or him I think Donald Trump is a girl haha just kidding he's a boy and ugly old grandpa boy

  3. And Hillary stood behind a womanizer….she did so to gain political contacts…. She is a woman who knowingly let herself be used and pushed to the side….great remodel for women everywhere! His mistresses have written books! There is a stained black dress with Clinton d.n.a. On it.

  4. "Eww… you weren't very nice to me." Triggered much? So ironic that the term his biggest fanboy crowd uses is something most exemplified by their man. Check out the Seth Meyers correspondent's dinner jokes youtube about him. Whole room is laughing and having a good time – but for one unhappy looking guest. TRIGGERED! Wish the camera could have zoomed in on his fat ugly face. Would have been priceless!

  5. Megyn got owned. She tried to play the dozens with a pro, and she got clowned from beginning to end. The best part was watching her fight back tears on election night when Florida, PA, and Wisconsin were called for Trump.

  6. People think that just because he called certain women that they think that he is saying that about all of them.

  7. America right now is like a little kid tht won't listen u tell the not to but they do it anyways and when they end up getting hurt they start crying

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