MEGAN LEAVEY Official Trailer (2017) Kate Mara, War Dog, Drama Movie HD

We need one dog team for a road sweep and surrounding area check Leavey, dog up I just don’t know why you want to do this.
Yeah, I know you don’t You don’t really connect with people very well Just to you know running away is not gonna solve anything. Hang up that phone! Talk to you shortie Found something Good boy.
And we watching this dog are all here. He’s the most aggressive dog I’ve ever treated Does It really need another break.
Like he’s earned it You’re getting a dog.
You got this? Think faster. Yeah, I got this You think I’m afraid of you? Lay down, Rex lay down Vehicle approaching
Guns up Why’d you join?
To get away from my life? Shipping out tomorrow We are so not ready for this Clear!
Leavey, check that vehicle Here come Where’s my dog? I need to see him You cannot come back to my house like some big-war hero. Back off mom You can’t let your whole life fall apart over some dog.
That dog saved my life Please just changes classification so that I can adopt him when he gets back. They aren’t pet, they’re warriors Senators can I just have a moment of your time
His name is Rex, he saves thousands of lives in Iraq? What do you say your name was?
Corporal Megan Leavey All you had to do is fight
You not afraid, you’re a marine What would you say to Rex if he were here? I’d thank him for teaching me what love is

100 thoughts on “MEGAN LEAVEY Official Trailer (2017) Kate Mara, War Dog, Drama Movie HD

  1. When I die, and there are no Dog's in heaven, I'd want to go where they went. That would be Heaven in deed.
    – Dedication to my Companion : Roxy

  2. Mmmm Im wondering when will they come up with a military movie where the Blacks and Browns and Immigrant soldiers will show up. Hollywood is so funny, lots of African Americans and Hispanics and People from all around the Globe everyday serve with pride in the Armed Forces. America without them you would be weak…Please remember THEM as THEY FIGHT FOR YOU TOO!!!

  3. My dobbermans saved my life lot of times (at least 20 times) from snakes and scorpions..I thought of going abroad many times, but I can't live without them..

  4. Ahh, sweet old american propaganda. Using dogs to justify US invasion all over the world. Americunts need to die, americunts to hell.

  5. Ahh, sweet old american propaganda. Using dogs to justify US invasion all over the world. Americunts need to die, americunts to hell.

  6. This movie was a huge inspiration for me. I’m in the process of becoming a Marine and I hope to work up to K-9s. It’s like this movie was made to inspire me because it released on my birthday. ?

  7. Another true story from Hollywood. It seems the US love to invade countries so Hollywood can make movies such as this

  8. I was generally hates dog but after seeing this trailer… I think that I have also make Love ??? with the dog????and friendship whith ?

  9. чё за пиздец ??? оба на мине подорвались а они оба живы и не вредимы !

  10. US soldiers are killers? A few were, but not the majority. A soldier doing his duty vs committing an atrocity are 2 different things. But QUIT this discussion about what goes on at the individual and squad level, what about going big picture and saying that wars are politically driven by those in power trying to scheme on a country and simply just go take land or resources??? ISNT THAT WHAT MANKIND HAS ALWAYS DONE? Ancient times, Alexander the Great, Romans, Persians, Colonial empires of Britain, France, Spain, or the banker/military-industrial complex greed that drove WW1 and then WW2? 80million people died in WW2, and EVERY major combatant nation was guilty of war crimes and atrocities, not just Nazis or Japanese. War is hell for ALL.

    I disagree with those blaming America for anything specific that actually mankind has been engaged in for thousands of years.

    Yet we’re poised & ready to fight any moment. We cannot escape this affliction within mankind’s psyche: every nation still has armies, air forces, and are still after each other’s resources and land. STOP deluding yourselves that we’ve evolved to something higher, nope, only our technology has evolved, for both good AND for bad. Welcome to planet earth, home of humanity, 2019 edition…SSDD.

  11. wow… that's the movie i would like to see . after so many years… the Hollywood is making some sensible movies… hate watching those super hero & si-fi movies… now, that's the real movie i would like to see… this is what a real America is… they care for every life… be it human or animal… and this movie is proving this . waiting for this soldier to show her strength .

  12. سبحان الله يبكون على كلب ،، وناس وشعوب لي قتلت بسببكم ،، وفي الماضي انقبله نوويه على اليابان ،، فعلن انتم كلاب ايها الامريكان

  13. After watching trailer I decide to download this movie…. And my reaction is…i just love this movie…..

  14. Как можно показывать героизм в геноциде? В пришли в страну на другом континенте и просто её разрушили, из-за того, что Ирак стоял вам как кость в горле.

  15. Foolish Woman…….Instead Of Loving A Handsome Iraqi Man……..You Love A Dog & Kill The Man…………!!!!!!!!! Romans 1:-26 (Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.)

  16. Tipical American bull shit. Story is about dog but not that they occupied iraq and 500000 children died because of their sanctions. Dog saved americal lives but iraqis and their children" who give shit about"……

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