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she said she was like six minutes I do everybody's kids like yo – girls like me make Chrissy's clients sorry you get used to it her husband Joe came as well happy yes I'm so excited we're gonna hang out talk and all that I'll go grab Leon real quick well she said she had a cheesy gift for me so we're gonna see okay all right but [Laughter] I didn't I didn't need to make some bowls it was a bad it was real bad I was like how am I gonna mix this stuff to get caught all in a blender okay girl one new sex last night I was drunk drunk okay let me eat something before let me eat something before I get too wasted and then I can't wake up in the morning and he asked me and I was like babe before the bed it was only eleven o'clock I know I was mad – I'm like dang I hope it don't storm yeah started raining as he was dying I think it was more of a Sun shower but wasn't really like a lot of yeah it's kind of sunny nigger there is because I was like I wanted to run into the one store around here that has uh they have like chicken and awesome stuff we make Bob's or whatever but it's not raining mm-hmm nobody turns it off letting it go now it's gonna grab stuff too so we can grill out and hang out and talk and sometimes you bought wine got this one a champagne no that's different y'all know I don't drink and when I do I get dropped jacked up listen we trying to get busy okay yes you can enjoy all day yeah you over here saying no no baby go is blue no no something I said when she went to cross the toilet of my hairs and she opened the closet if they point to it man good morning guys well it's now after noon I'm just relaxing it's Memorial Day so happy Memorial Day everybody I didn't finish Logan yesterday because I was just in the moment enjoying my time with Chrissy and her husband and her daughter it's kind of like hard to vlog when you're meeting another youtuber because when y'all meet up it's just like you trying to get everything such a way to talk and get to know each other more and all that stuff so it's kind of like hard to really vlog but yeah I enjoyed myself and enjoyed my time with Chrissy and I can't wait for the plans that we create for the summer I thought one of the kids is coming up Leon's over here playing video games like always say hi Leon – hi that's his hi so we don't really have much plans for today thought about grilling and stuff but I don't know I don't really today like for me I don't really give a about holidays so I don't really plan for them like I used to for the most part some of the holidays it's mostly for the kids but really fills up to me Leon I wouldn't really be like we weren't really celebrate holidays I feel like every holiday is really man-made let's be honest it's just to get you to spend money I'm probably gonna go to store run so slow real quick and get like chicken and vegetables or something to make like kebabs that's women really in the mood for to make kebabs so yeah I think that's that's just the plan for today it's not gonna be anything exciting we don't have anything drastic do annoying today just I kind of I kind of wanted to be like a chilly back day before the week starts because this week I'm gonna be kind of busy I have like basically I need a beer get ready to prepare for school for me to go back to school and then prepare for the kids to be done with school because I think like after this weekend next week they're officially done with school we have to register them for summer camp and I think that's this week yeah I'm just gonna I need I need to edit a video that's what I need to do I need to edit video uploaded I didn't have time yesterday with hanging out with Chrissy and everything and family and stuff and life so I just ended up going live I think I'm gonna start going on live more often because it's just II sometimes it's just easier for me to do a live especially if it's the day that like things are crazy and hectic and I don't have time to sit down and actually edit a video so I think I'm just gonna that's what I want to do I'm just gonna go live even if it's for like a half an hour to an hour and that way I'll have my video out for the day but I do have times of footage that I need to edit and get through upload for you guys and last night while still alive you guys were asking me so many questions and they made me realize that like I should do an updated video like a life update kind of a video for you because I haven't really talked much about like school and stuff going on what Leon and everything so yeah I think I'm not gonna do like update video oh and also like everything that happened with like the CPS situation like there's a lot of stuff that I need to update you guys with and I just hadn't really had the moment to sit down and talk so I actually probably gonna do that today's do like a updated life update video or something like that for you guys today and I think that's it I think that's all we're gonna be doing but I don't come back on and talk to you guys for the rest of the vlog you guys had a great holiday and yeah so I see y'all later we got a little kitten in a yawn always see it it's trying to get out I want to get so close to it all I really get too close oh if you guys are wondering we have a bunch of stray cats in this meter and the reason why we have our door blocked off and the one fence on the nonce and I blocked off is because they kept coming in our yard and we don't want that smell on our yard like this thing and they spray so the kid the cats that was pregnant with it gave birth to the kittens in the car and my neighbors guard the one with the traction yard she finally got a notice from the city to clean that shut the up but so that's when I became zai must have climbed through the gate and squeezed through because the other cats are bigger so I can't climb through hmm I love kittens but I'm scared to pick her up I don't want to get close I'm gonna get bit they're not fixed or anything everybody got fleas and knows what's up I don't want to pick it up so I just want let us stay there online hopefully one of the other months annoyingly on he's gonna pick it up and try to put it back where it belongs so that it doesn't just stay there I feel good and I'm allergic to cats so I'm definitely not gonna get so bad put it back next door that's why she's warning there was no way so yeah if you guys are wondering this is my neighbor's yard trash so the kittens were living in this car and he just came out like I don't there I know they were I know the mom had the babies but we didn't know where she had the babies at and they were hanging out on like the grass the grass was hard they actually cut their grass because like I said the city gave him a notice and told him that they had to clean up their yard hopefully that means they don't get rid of all this ish ain't nobody trying to see this show all summer but I feel bad and there's like a little gate right there right there and it must have squeezed through and Leon said it was tucked in his hen and then when he try to push it like Lord to go back that way it ran into our alley so oh I hear it crying but I'm scared to touch it so we are gonna cook out that's the thing about having old folks who like tradition so we're gonna go me Nana and pop-pop we're gonna go has he'll go to the store and grab some stuff and then we're gonna cook out and stuff but I still have to work I got to get done so I'm gonna I'm gonna get some work done you

8 thoughts on “Meeting Crissy's Life + Stray Kitten Gets Stuck | Life With Vicki

  1. Love you girl ?… just got home from being with Tanya lol.. we didn’t even vlog either barely ???… so we just went live instead. Yes for summer plans ???

  2. Nice visit with your friend. Awwww poor kitty. Oh Vicki I’m sorry but your neighbor is a mess. Great Video??❤️❤️

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