Meet the World's Pinkest Person, Kitten Kay Sera | Iris

I were pink two funerals I were pink everywhere I wouldn't be caught dead in red or any other color for that matter [Applause] he shows me it just I wore it for the first time when I was 20 years old it changed my life and from then on it's been nothing but pink exclusively Pincus is popular now but back then I had to die everything pink I'm still looking for a pink a seat pink is the most beautiful color in the world I mean look around this is people walk in there jaw drops it's beautiful pink this is so beautiful it spectacular miss kisses is the multi she's perfectly pink pooped puff it's totally safe and been approved but it's just beet juice in the bath the little cream rinse it works fabulous she's very famous she gives Potter grafts wherever she goes she's very famous and my friend won't even go to to lunch with us and I said why this cuz it's like having lunch with Madonna pink makes me feel like a star believe it or not has become my job I've been in commercials in films people are sending me stuff paint I'm making the pink pay I have to tell a funny story it was a blind date and he came in he know he everything was normal he didn't say a word which is pretty shocking but I didn't I thought maybe he just like whatever this is halfway through the day I said what do you think about all the pink and he said oh you're wearing pink I'm colorblind so he said it all looks gray to me pink is powerful it was over the word pink like really shocked I'm like okay everything's pink this is not at work Pete is unique pink cotton candy is my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite sweet snack at one time I made a whole dinner of all pink foods it was so great pink makes me feel like a bleep there's nothing hard about there's no challenges at all you know when you love something it just comes easy sending you Pete credible vibes from the Pink Lady of Hollywood and remember when in doubt always they paint

36 thoughts on “Meet the World's Pinkest Person, Kitten Kay Sera | Iris

  1. Where did u get those blingtastic pinktastic high heels that i saw in the beginning or did u make it?

  2. Pink AC

  3. Thanks for the pinkcredible feature!!! Subscribe to my Youtube for more PINK adventures! Check out my latest music video & Anthem QUEEN OF PINK

  4. I'm NOT The Biggest Fan Of The Color Pink, However I Really Like The Barbie Hot Pink TBH. Yep 🙂

  5. I was looking at the start of the video it said everything in her
    House was pink I thought she had a poodle that was pink
    But turns out it’s a different dog but it’s still pink!

    She has to be in the new lunatics movie! ?????

  6. I'm like a total girly girl myself and also love pink! My whole room is pink and most everything in it!

  7. Kitten is almost 60 yrs old! LOOKING FABULOUS…Happiness is the true key to never aging! ?? You go Pink lady!

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