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meet me at this time tomorrow there's something you need to know I got you see he lets a friend deep inside this yes the world seems but the Cuban side to follow those marine boys inside hurry last time what's up everybody welcome back to channel a long time no see so if you follow our social media Instagram I should say you will have noticed some of the stories we posted the past couple of days include this little fluffball here's a little nugget art his name is arthur and he is a four month old golden doodle that we were watching this week for some friends and so far Hema know she are getting along pretty well although a grumpy old man here and his hip problems doesn't like it when arthur attacks him from behind and Arthur's been trying to mount him a little which also oh she is not very fond of but other than that they're getting along pretty well right I mean you're always pretty stoic it's hard to tell whether or not you like having him here but he's a little cutie and it's pretty darn smart already for else how young he is so first first video we're posting here I've got some other footage I have to go through and and see what's good hopefully we can get a couple decent videos up this week while he's here little needle teeth look at your little needle teeth Arthur Artie and oshi in other news again if you follow our social media in those couple weeks ago she was kind of sick yeah a bit of a GI bacteria flare-up naturally occurring bacteria that was just elevated so he had thrown up and had diarrhea in the house one day when I go home from work that was quite the surprise to come home to but yeah so I took him in the bed the next morning I had a full blood panel done make sure he didn't have any stomach liver kidney issues everything came back positive except for his fecal sample there was too much bacteria so he's been on probiotics and he had antibiotics and motion sickness pills cuz he was a little bit nauseous at the time and some antacids are thar Arthur your make oh she mad and then he was eating a bland diet of chicken rice and like broccoli and eggs and stuff and so we're still kind of feeding him that that bland diet chicken and you know Arthur chicken and what else sweet potatoes and still makes it a little bit of as regular food just in case we ever go somewhere and can't cook him a meal he'll still be used to eating his regular free wife crying but he's all better now and he's enjoying eating that food huh you really like it you look at you're about to fall asleep so one of these days I might make a video showing what we cook for it's probably good idea I'm sure somebody would be interested in it but all right I think that's good enough for a quick little update stay tuned later this week hopefully uh some key footage of this guy and this guy and these two together doing stuff this is your debut on YouTube Arthur say goodbye to the fans because you're certain to get many because you're so cute look at that mouth oh yeah get the leg going get the leg going guess I'm stuck to your face guy here we go alright say bye oh she all right we'll see you guys soon

45 thoughts on “Meet The Worlds Cutest Golden Doodle Puppy | Oshies World

  1. I’m happy to hear Oshie is feeling better!! Poor baby. I missed him so much! I was wearing my Oshie shirt yesterday and it’s so comfortable and was happy to see him again. Arthur is full of energy- nice to be a young pup. Oshie’s like Ugh! Chill out!! Haha

  2. Jesse, is Oshie okay? He's not his usual jealous self. I wonder if his stomach is hurting from the medications he's been taking for his intestinal issue, or something. Did he have to stop taking the medication that was helping with his hip pain? Get well soon, pupper. ?

  3. Love Oshie. Thanks for sharing. Golden doodles, labrador doodles, neat mixes, and I believe they don't shed.

  4. Sorry to hear that Oshie was sick. I just got over stomach flu myself. Yes Arthur is cute but how are Oshies hips? Does he still have problems? I love seeing Oshie again

  5. Arthur is cute….but oshie and Reagan are best pair….love their bromance….hugs and wishes for oshie…be healthy

  6. Poor Oshie, I know exactly how you feel. Digestive problems are so difficult to deal with. I was wondering what was going on. Arthur, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you. You are going to be quite the handful. I hope that you feel better soon.

  7. I hope Oshie will be totally recovered soon. I love Oshie and I can't bear to know that he was suffering. Arthur is really cute and funny and likes Oshie . A big hug

  8. Darn! I was hoping he was a keeper! Poor Oshie doesn't seem too impressed though. I think he'll be happy when he goes home. Get well soon, Oshie!

  9. Oshie has that look like “He’s not Reagan! No one can replace my buddy, Reagan!” But yes, Arthur is so cute! He’s gonna be huge! ????????????

  10. Missed that Oshie. Hoping he still gets to
    play with Reagan too,
    missed him to. Osh still
    looks a little down, hope he get better and buddies up with the young pup and teaches a few things

  11. Poor Oshie. . . . "get that fluff ball off my back….!!!!!" He was pretty patient with him, all thing's considered!!!

  12. Our Lucy has been going through the same issues and fortunately the vet said she is fine. Wish dogs were always healthy and young

  13. Arthur is so cute!!!! Oshie is becoming quite the babysitter! I’m so glad that he’s feeling better! I’d personally like to see a video on what you feed him! Have a great weekend! Much love from Oklahoma! ??

  14. nice to see you, big hug from portugal, and germany!! A question your intro music who is that? i love it !!

  15. I've missed Oshie so much as I didn't see him for several days. I feel sorry for Oshie having some tummy bug. Thanks Dad Jesse for taking him immediately to the vet. Thanks cutiepie Arthur for hanging out with Oshie.

  16. Is Nancy away? Oshie looks so sad! ☹️. As has been stated fr some of ur fans, I too thot something happened to u guys bcuz of the lack of vlogs. Sorry to hear that Oshie was sick…glad he’s better. ?. Blessings to you all…?

  17. Great to see Oshie back , well what can we say about Arthur I sometimes look after my sons new golden retriever puppy and my 12 year old chocolate Labrador has the same problem, he also has bad hips.Hope you and Nancy are both well, can’t wait for the next vlog❤️?

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