Meet Our New Puppy! – Shih Tzu First day at Home 8 Week old Shih Tzu

last you think if you follow me on snapchat you already know this guy's last evening we got ourselves the cutest cutest little shih tzu puppy ever nyan Gordo we both have wanted a door for so long so yes introducing to you the latest coolest cutest cutest new addition to our super star family ah let's have a look at Lyra you and that guy's is Lila's favorite bed that's where she slept last night actually a bed for human babies you know I call for Lyra because I love it so much for a little net thing over here so this is how it is I shall link in the description box below if you want to buy this bed yourself you know for a baby for a puppy either he's just really really cute this is a little pillow which liya did not use actually but it's fact I solve in Lance's pillow there's a little blanket over here which again she did not use but I think she might use this sometime when she's feeling cold she's actually fighting fighting with it like oh we're doing baby what are you doing baby oh this is some this is a ball there was a little chewy toy also over here for her there is a chewy toy this all by the way is a little toy from light azam breeder you know this is the toy which she gave because light I used to play with this toy as a kid so we just kind of wanted something familiar for her when she came to her new home so she doesn't feel that scared and you know confused something formula would actually help I just hear better so here she is added again you and that is all IRA has little kennel where you will find some more toys so there's a little chew toy for her this is something just you know that she can play with and there's God of soccer no lie ahora chorus all coming up she got this song I think she's hiding the sock over here I've been told that our dogs like to hide their toys in little corners and he's like God and that guy's a little neck pillow which has my scent in it god of centered so I cannot just left this pillow with her you know because I felt like it will help her adjust better if she feels like you know we are around her all the time you

24 thoughts on “Meet Our New Puppy! – Shih Tzu First day at Home 8 Week old Shih Tzu

  1. This little darling has a lovely home. she must be a year and half by now. I miss my old Shih Tzu and desperate for another one. They are such a lovely breed.

  2. Did you buy this puppy or adopt ? I m asking this because there is a difference if you buy any animal that you will directly support to animal abuse animal rape ( breeders = rapists) they breed over n over n over n sale lives just to earn money . Why don't they use their brain n earn? Why they use innocent animals for survival? I don't know. I think this method of earning is esy if we compare to others ideas. NY prachi my name is disha amjor from Delhi an animal right Vegan activist .

    I watched almost all your videos n I love the way you speak your thoughts your ideas just love all god bless you prachi pls dont support any animal abuse people like you have the ability to change the wrold.

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