Meet Our New Kitten!!!!!

hey guys but we might know so this is lady we're gonna go to her house since yes a kidney for abduction he's eight weeks old and he's a boy and he said Mikey well I don't know if he's gonna be super cute you haven't seen him but we're gonna see if we really like it more if he likes us and she's like no way I am The Queen and no one else can take over my job look lots of people he's just woken up so he's feeling a bit side there is having him thank you if you go on him guy sweet cake always think I'm calling him J's but I would I like to pick something else now I like think of something else but we might condoms I need trying to find a way this skate okay you're gonna be sad for a little because he's separated from his mom but eventually you'll be okay they ready to be in your fancy blue can I go hold me in your face she may not like you very much don't I need to be my evening yeah so yeah I suppose we're gonna go to the vet to see if he has any fleas and then working out how all right all right okay so you got some drops on his flat for the fleas and he's yelling like crazy now I think we should take a moment get her to me all right get back in car and he's always been sleeping he's gonna sleep in this bed for a couple of days and then we're gonna get him a new one and you know it you really want to show it yeah any news in meow me and you know and you really want to show if you're happy and you know – yeah as we're home he's gonna have to stay in the bath couple days [Applause] TV : scratchy luck a huge yelling what's her reaction she doesn't bring here excuse me she gonna fight fight starts now did you tweet me she's like okay you remember okay so I'm going to move the doors today don't start a fight so guys if you were not to post the letter Lily app really sure because this guy is like not like a crazy month Kiki wants a tangent shot here at Melanie's shirt yes and he just wants to explore the house and meet cheesy opportunity so I guess okay Jimmy's money I do you to meet him to meet him to meet you I think we want see them so badly he's coming I'm scared what do you think about this okay I contact she was like I think she's scared – guys it's the second day and a little kitty guys he just woke up from a nice little nap she be still hates him TV doesn't like him she sounds like ah I'm gonna eat you but I don't got a half but she doesn't actually eat him he just brought her she's like we're thinking of naming him joy but we don't know I also liked Matt but what was that thing in my tabby Milo those are the names I like I just keep on forgetting Milo so yeah at the moment his name is George whatever you guys have any better ideas leave a comment down below I'm gonna guys we're gonna show you why he sleeps you look you wanna come with us when you can whip us you're coming with us we get taken with one hand back suck it all right ITV CB still doesn't like him just like she just bleed she's like bye-bye now we keep it in this little bathroom because sometimes Jimmy gets like a little too aggressive so we have to keep him in here I'm gonna put up and down right there and he has this little Kate place way slinks we're gonna get a new bed misil's is all but what you used to have okay signal spectra this used to be chibis but now I don't think she really doesn't she didn't really like going in here anymore and this is his litter box for now soon he's gonna use chibis but I'm on my TV doesn't like that yeah and when he have also has his own football that's in the kitchen and here it has his water bowl and whenever you eat at his food bowl chibi thinks but he's eating out yeah she gets mad he's like yeah so he stays in the bathroom for now that's a little home right and he hates it when we put him in that he hated even like he thinks his father did you go where'd you go where did you go I can see maybe Joey George George hi what do you mean this camera he was nothing he was like in the camera you guys are right chief I think she smacked you pretty hard alright alright but I think we're gonna end this video right here don't forget the comment down below what do you think George's name should be in George's not his perimeter is this what we're calling it for now so guys we hope you like this video if you will see you all next time good bye and guys don't forget if you want to get a pet cat don't buy one adopt one because there's so many stray ones everywhere and we don't need any more of that then in

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