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  1. Well done to Olivia Tykwinski who was the ONLY person to guess what her name was! (I'm not counting the people who cheated by naming every single element ?)

  2. I got my winter white when he was just two months and he grew to be the sweetest little baby! He passed away in October, just a week after his second birthday. I miss him so very much. But I loved seeing your new little one! So cute!

  3. So adorable!!! Looks exactly like my hamster probably because she’s a winter white sapphire but much darker…


  4. Is it safe for a hamster to stay in a room where someone plays an instrument or would the hamster go deaf? Like someone who plays the flute and saxophone and a few others? Or would I have to practice in a different room?

  5. Just picked up my winter white a few hours ago! From what I can tell its scared but I think it'll get over it! Can't wait to start the taming process on Sunday!

  6. I GOT A WINTER WHITE HAMSTER TODAY!!!! ITS SO CUTEEEEE It's a pearl color and I got it a 40 gallon hope my hamster lives long. ?

  7. I have two hamsters the colour as that hamster, but then my brother said mines are chinese hamster because it has a long tail

  8. She is such a cutie! My dwarf Ellie, she just died yesterday:( I just cleaned her cage and things. Luckily I have 2 other hamsters:)

  9. Erin, I'm so scared please help!
    My Syrian hamster named coconut refuses to crew wooden chews or any toys. I've tried soaking the toys in mashed fruit but nothing will work. I've tried getting him to yeat the treats but he just picks the yogurt off them and I've tried giving him dog biscuits but he doesn't really like them. I have also cracked a walnut to see if he would eat the shell but he didn't. I'm getting very worried because his teeth are like a centimeter now and I don't think the food is helping much. Please please help!

  10. OMG you have no idea how much I loved hamsters and how much research I did about them. Until I found out that they're BAN IN AUSTRALIA (i live here) !! That is the weirdest and most stupid law I have ever heard of! Gosh I wanna cry now 🙁 ;-;?

  11. Um, completely unrelated to the video but would it be irresponsible to own a pet shop hamster and an adopted one (in different cages)? My mum knows I would love them both unconditionally, but my dad thinks I can’t be trusted. I have one hamster already (In my profile pic) and he has an amazing cage and I am planning on putting the adopted hamster in a smaller cage (about 30x20x40cm LxWxH) because there isn’t enough space in my room. That cage would probably be big enough for a disabled hamster I think? Idk but I do know that I would really like to help out the less fortunate hamsters. The cage is 3 levels, provides lots of climbing space and has a big wheel. Not much floor space but if I got them out regularly I guess it probably wouldn’t be too bad for them? Is this irresponsible? Please can someone reply and give me advice because I just want to take care of a less fortunate hammy in a slightly smaller cage

  12. Hi Erin! Love your new hamsters – so cute! Also I was wondering if you could help me. My friend currently owns a Syrian hamster called Mr Grey however she keeps him in a small pet shop cage, probably no bigger than 50 by 30cm. While I don't own hamsters(I have two guinea pigs and a pet gerbil) I am aware that the minimum size is 80cm by 50cm. How should I tell her, without being rude, that her cage is too small. I have tried in the past by sending her a link from my phone to the Alaska cage(a cheap but also sutible option) but she just said that it is the same as her cage when it looks nothing like it! Any other suggestions? She is quite sensitive and can get upset quite easily but I really want to let her know. Thanks

  13. Um hello i need help with my hamster because he has a huge bump on him and it’s filled with something, it’s more like a huge hole filled with something I️ guess but I️ have a video on it and I️ really need help and I️ can’t take him to a vet immediately since you have to have an appointment and I’m really worried because part of his skin turned black and this is basically my last hope so if any of you could help me check my video out that shows my hamster and see if you know what’s wrong with him, his name is bear and he is 1 years old

    Btw all my I’s autocorrects into I️ just saying

  14. Hi ErinsAnimal I really love your channel and I know that you probably don't have the biggest time in the world to make an edit video but I would really enjoy if you did post videos more recently…. thank you ??

  15. Help! Probably not the right video to be commenting on, but my Syrian hamster is loosing fur! He is 2 years old by the beggining of December. I’m am SO worried, I can’t afford to go to the vet personally and my parents say “it’s too expensive for a hamster” and just to google it. If I’m getting advise from google/YouTube I’d like to know it’s from a hamster professional. Hope you can help:(

  16. Osmium has a really, really beautiful coat! ?
    I've owned about one dozen Winter Whites, most of which were pearls, and I've never seen a little one with that colouration. Goodness, what a little cutie-patootie she is!
    Absolutly love Winter Whites. They are such little sweethearts. ❤

  17. ErinsAnimals I really need some advise, I’ve had my hamster about 2 months and up until a week or so when I bought it a tube he was running on his wheel and playing with all his toys (extremely active) but since placing this tube in the cage he only comes out for food and to drink! this has been going on for about a week now! Do you think I should take the tube out, or leave him in the tube all the time? Any advise will be much appreciated

  18. Looks just like Tribble. I love winter whites there so easy to tame and very friendly when tamed. When I take him out for play pen and feeding time he will scratch the side of the play pen board so he can be taken back to his cage to store his new food he finds in the play pen. He looks like a balloon from checking so much food.

  19. Can someone help me , I am getting a dwarf hamster tomorrow but I don’t know how to take it home safety when it’s freezing outside

  20. Nice! I wish I could tame my winter white Hermione. My dad calls her Jaws cause he has been bitten 4 times. I try the taming process but all she does is bite my hand(ouch!)

  21. I need some advice on how to get my parents to let me get another hamster. I have one winter white but I found a listing online for baby Syrian hamsters and I really want one for my bday. But they won't let me get one until I prove my current one is a girl. And when I try to tell them but they still insist she's a he. I also saw ur video on how to tell what your hamsters gender.

  22. Can you do a Winter White video explaining the basic care please ? I always see them usually for Syrians

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