Meet Obe Smart Dog Bowl and App

Dogs are family. We do our best to keep
them healthy but our busy lives can make caring for them complicated. That’s why
we created ProBowl, the first smart dog bowl. ProBowl reminds your forgetful teen
to feed the dog, reorders your dog food automatically and alerts you if anything is out of the ordinary. ProBowl personalizes meals specifically for your dog and makes day to day care effortless. Hi I’m Hillary Jensen CEO and
co-founder of Obe. I’ve had dogs all my life but each on is different with different
needs. I wanted an easy way to manage and monitor my dog’s care, so I talked to alot of dog owners and vets built our first prototype and found the best team to create ProBowl. We looked at redefining the dog bowl. Using design and technology in interesting ways, we’ve created a product
that is fun, intuitive and easy to use. We chose an asthetic that was
iconic but familiar. We have working prototypes. And we have been refining the electrical and mechanical design for over a year. Our software is ready to go. Even other are feeding instructions on the back of the bag they don’t take into
account his age or activity level. But with the app I enter my dogs details and it calculates how much to feed him. The bowl weighs his food and glows when it’s the right amount. I live in a household where Mignon has learned to manipulate all of the adults for food. The advantage of the ProBowl is that it
tells us when she’s been fed. If I feed her and my roommate comes in and tries to feed her, the lights go off and tell us that she’s been fed already The bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe. It works with wet or dry food and water. ProBowl also helps monitor your dog’s
health and will alert you if you need to check on her. Now when the vet asks
you, ‘is she eating and drinking normally?’ you’ll have the data to back it up. The positive effect of feeding our animals the correct nutrition has been shown that they live longer, healthier, happier lives. ProBowl will help us to feed our pets more accurately. We are beta testing and getting great feedback! Designs are ready and manufacturers are lined up. But tooling and manufacturing require huge amounts of capital. And that’s why we need your help. Please join us in making ProBowl affordable and available for everyone. If you love dogs, please support our mission. Thanks.

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