Meet My Pets! 私が飼っているペットの紹介!

THAT is why this room will never ever be clean. Ugh. Hey guys! How’s it going? My name is Micaela. And today I’m here with my cat, Lon-kun to
talk a little bit about my baby-chans! Anyone who has watched my videos for a long
time is probably already familiar with Kit, who my Shiba Inu that I acquired while I was
working with N+stle. He’s right here! I’m with Lon-kun right now, Kit. This handsome man is Lon-kun, and he is a
one-year old Russian Blue cat that I acquired last year. I decided to get a Russian Blue because I
have asthma. I have asthma, and I really really love pets, so um, it can be really hard trying
to live with animals and not die. Lon-kun is double-coated, just like Kit actually,
they both have double coats, actually. Which means that the allegens that are close
to their skin don’t get out as easily? and they’re a lot easier to care for as someone
with allergies. Although I don’t think that works for everyone
so don’t take my word for it. Like, if you have allergies, I don’t think
it means you’ll DEFINITELY be fine, but I mean like, they don’t bother me as much as normal pets
do so they’re both really easy to care for. Lon-kun doesn’t really like to be in front
of the camera, or to sit still, or listen to ANYBODY for that matter, so I think I’m
gunna let him run away. Bye Lon ❤️ What is your face? What is that face? This is Kit, he’s a purebread Shiba Inu.. He’s quite big actually, he’s quite big for
his breed, um I think he’s about 11kg? So like, 20 lbs???? What is this side-eye? He’s giving me some
serious side-eye right now. And uh, he originally had a different owner,
but that owner couldn’t take care of him so. I picked him up and I took him back to Kyushu
on the shinkansen, and we’ve been together ever since! Of course in the beginning, I was worried
about whether Lon and Kit would get along, but Kit has always been really patient and
I’ve never seen him even try and hurt the cat. Back when Kit was alone he would spend all
day waiting for me to play with him or take him for walks, but now that he has a little
brother, the two of them always seem to find something to do. And,oh yes, Lon can be a bit of a bully. But Kit doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think
he secretly likes the attention. Besides, Lon has a few useful skills that
Kit does not. For example, he knows how to jump into boxes,
he also knows how to open doors, and, he’s small enough to get inside of the snack box. I know what you guys are doing. I know what you’re doing. It seems like they’re always keeping a close
eye on each other. And as for me, it’s so much fun to watch the
two of them just interact. Adding another pet to the family is a huge
responsibility, but I think even Kit would agree that having one more fuzzy buddy around
the house is totally worth the extra effort. Kit wants to play soccer. So, I’m gunna have to throw the ball. Drop it! Can you drop it? (No.) Ughhh. Anyway if you have any questions about raising
pets in Japan, leave them in the comments and I will try to respondddd! Anyway, I’m gunna go play with the dog. Talk to you soon, Byeeee!

100 thoughts on “Meet My Pets! 私が飼っているペットの紹介!

  1. 2匹とものんびりしてて過ごしやすそうですね。かわいい✿「くらさい」もかわいく言ってるのかと思いました^^

  2. Kit reminds me so much of my dog luke who's a German shepard blue heeler mix. Towards the end kit was laying down and he does that all the time lol. They both have that calm but playful nature

  3. Your Kit-kun is surely very cute and good looking. How could you socialize with the kitten? My doge got several cuts on her face from cats when she escaped from incomplete fence. She now fears big cats.

  4. What are the rules for having pets in a apartment? For example, what pet is usually allowed, what pet is not. I don't really ask about cats or dogs, kinda know that those already are not allowed in one apartment and in the next they are. But what about reptiles, fish, etc. Any specific rules for those?

  5. i also got a russian blue this past fall, he's just over 4 month mark now. him and his month older pal, a female orange tabby, are the best of friends. Frankie and Chibi are their names.

  6. How is it taking Kit places? Like can he go on the train or taxis?
    I am planning on taking my dog to Japan, he is much smaller than Kit but he is kind of a heavy baby (my chubby baby XD)
    so I was just wanting to know on how you get around with Kit with you.
    Thanks! 🙂

  7. Oh my, oh my, oh my!! They're both so cute!! I'm envious!
    I wish I could have pets, but I live in a shared apartment in a super tiny room at the moment, so it's absolutely impossible. sigh

  8. You're good, I have 2 dogs and 7 cats and a brown mouse + 24 small fish! In the morning I can't drink my coffee until the dogs take their morning walk, cats and dogs have their breakfast( one in two days is grilled chicken liver as special extra). But the worst is late night when I want to go to sleep and the dogs are playing while the cats are knocking stuff around just too see my reaction(looking straight into my eyes). All in one they are the biggest trolls of my life but thats why I love them so much!

  9. Hi micaela! I'm from Argentina in South America. I see you vídeos and my english is bad so please put the subtitules.

  10. Your videos are always incredibly beautiful and 'clean'. do you use a filter or smtg like that? keep up the great work ♡ (sorry for my poor english)

  11. Your pets are adorable! <3 I am thinking of moving to Japan when I'm older and if I do, I would really want a shiba inu and maybe also a cat!

  12. ちょっとでも外に出る時は鍵を持たないとドアロックかけられて入れなくなる事あるよ。

  13. Was it difficult to find an apartment that allows pets? I've done a lot of research about this and it seems that landlords in Japan REALLY don't want medium sized dogs. Any advice or insight would be wonderful. Thank you.

  14. okay i've watched this like 5 times now i need to stop. on another note, please make more videos with your adorable furbabies <3

  15. こんにちは、Youtubeに書き込むをするのって実は初めてです!でも、柴犬&グレーの猫って、私が飼ってみたいペットのPerfectな2匹だったので(^0^)本当にうらやましい、アパートじゃなくなったら飼おうと思っています。うちの主人もBC州出身です☆

  16. かわええな ロシアンブルーはホンマにかわええ。犬も好きだけど猫が勝っちゃう!

  17. 癒しの動画ありがとうございます。良いコンビですね。ε-(´∀`*)ホッ凝り

  18. ロシアンブルー、いいねこだね。色がいいよね、キット君と仲がよくていいじゃん!

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  20. Yooooo I have a question
    How do you manage to own two pets at the same time given that you living alone?
    I'm thinking about it like having pets when I star t to live by myself, but i highly doubt I can make it
    Some tips please?
    Nice to meet you btw

  21. This video is MUCH better than the one you did about getting locked out of your apartment; I am sure Lon-Kun had nothing to do with that.

    You mentioned that Lon is a Russian Blue; that is nice. Is Lon in a committed relationship or is he still keeping his options open for the time being? Do you know Rachel and Jun's cat Haku? He seems like a nice guy. Have Haku and Lon meet yet? I bet they would get along. Wow, two big strong handsome cats…makes a girl want to just PURR!

    Have you ever thought about being a Host Family for a nice California Girl? I have always dreamed about going to school in Japan because – many people don't know this but, Japan is one of the world's leading producers of catnip. My dream is to finish my AA degree in Agriculture, with a minor in catnip. Yeah – someday, I hope to settle down on a little catnip farm with my soulmate and have a litter. Please give my warmest regards to Lon. Meow.

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