this is the weirdest thumbnail I've ever had to take hey what's up you guys my name is Tyler Ruggie welcome back to my youtube channel so for today's video we're going to be talking about some of my creepy crawlies because I feel like my creepy crawlies haven't gotten very much love on my channel in a while so if you are afraid of things with a lot of legs or afraid of any you know kind of like millipedes in general basically please stick around and I will show you that they're not all scary like people think they are because I posted them to my Instagram story and everyone just like freaked out and thought they were so gross and scary and everyone was like no like no but trust me they're not scary they're so cool and they're amazing and I love them okay okay I'm just gonna be showing you guys my African giant millipede she just pooped all over me and now she is just really happy so I actually introduced a giant African millipede on my channel a while ago and his name is Lego and I do still have Lego however Lego is actually a lot smaller than my other giant African millipedes so I have a few of them I'm actually trying to breed them currently but I thought I would introduce you to at least one of the big ones and kind of go over some really cool stuff about them because they're actually really fascinating creatures and there's a lot of stuff that I think people assume about millipedes and you know similar creatures to these that simply aren't true so to start off it is called an African giant millipede the scientific name is a gigas or ARCA Spiro strep disc gigas is the full scientific name for these guys again also known as African giant millipedes you could also just call it a really big millipede so first we got to address the very first thing you're gonna notice about this guy and that is he has got a lot of legs going on down there millipede literally means thousand legs however they actually don't have a thousand legs they actually can have from around 300 to 400 legs which is still a lot of legs we're about half way to a thousand and obviously the amount of legs they have will depend on their size and just from millipede to millipede they don't all have the same amount of legs and when they molt and as they grow they get more legs if you look really closely you can actually see that they have a bunch of segments and each segment has four legs and a millipede typically has around 30 to 40 segments so if you count the amount of segments your millipede has you can kind of estimate how many legs it has because each segment is for excluding a few of the segments that don't have legs and another fun fact is that these guys are actually not insects people are very quick to call these things bugs or insects and they're technically not insects they're considered arthropods and arthropods are different from insects so don't call this guy an insect he will be very offended with you he's an arthropod insects typically have three segments arthropods have multiple segments they have more than three and what's also really cool about them is the way they breathe they have a bunch of pores under each of their segments that they actually breathe through so they do not have like lungs like we do they breathe with tiny pores on their underside called spiracles the next really cool thing that I want to talk about is their defense mechanisms because they are kind of unique with their defense mechanism and they are also very different from centipedes you do not want a mistake a centipede and a millipede they're two completely different things centipedes freaked me out okay their legs are kind of scary and I'm not okay with them yet I want to get a centipede because I'm drawn to things that scare me and I want to like not be as afraid of them but one thing that does make centipedes a bit more freaky than men kids centipedes are actually venomous so centipedes can actually bite you and inject venom into you and some centipedes are more venomous than others and more potent but there are some centipedes that can do some damage if they tend to bite you with their venom so you don't really want to mess with a centipedes necessarily as much as you want to mess with millipedes because millipedes in comparison are fairly harmless so the very first defense mechanism that a millipede has of course is their exoskeleton their exoskeleton is basically just their outer shell and it's made up of calcareous dorsal plates that is what each of their segments are made out of and it is pretty strong and it will protect them so if a predator comes the first thing they're gonna do is they're going to curl up into a ball like an armadillo and they just look like little cinnamon rolls when they're curled up in a ball it's actually kind of cute they curl up and they rely on their exoskeleton to protect them they do have another defense mechanism and that is that they secrete a fluid from out of their segments underneath it's called repugnant Oriole fluid if I'm pronouncing it correctly and it's just a fluid that smells and tastes very very foul to a predator and it's going to make them want to run away cuz the fluid is nasty luckily she hasn't secreted any fluid on me but she has pooped on me quite a bit so I'm not sure which is worse aside from that you really don't have to worry about them biting you they don't bite the best that they can really do is curl up into a ball and secrete fluid on you but even that doesn't really happen too frequently I don't think I've never had that happen to me they just curl up in a ball usually and aside from all of that technical stuff these guys are just really cute like tell me that you don't have kind of a soft spot for her she is our friend and we need to protect them and not be afraid they're just really really cool so you might be wondering if you're on my channel regularly then you're probably not questioning any of this but if you're just an outsider that's stumbling across my video you're probably like why just why like why do you have this just what is going on here so I am very very intrigued by a lot of different animals that's why I have a lot of them but I've specifically recently been really into like tarantulas scorpions isopods just different things I feel like most people are very repulsed by but owning them has really made me have an appreciation for them millipedes are just little crawly guys they just literally crawl around they're like hello I'm just trying my best and that's really all there is and like I mentioned earlier I do have another giant African millipede named Lego and I actually thought Lego wasn't in a gigas originally but it turns out he actually I believe is an egg I guess it's kind of hard to tell it's different there's a couple different types of giant African millipedes I'm pretty sure at this point that Lego is an egg I guess so the only difference is Lego is smaller because Lego is younger than the adults but they're actually pretty simple to take care of they actually just live in basically a tub of dirt with some wood and leaves for them to munch on and I also feed them fresh vegetables they only feed on vegetation they don't eat like meat or anything like that which I feel like makes them a little bit less scary like they just want to eat some leaves and that's really all they require so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed meeting my giant African millipede I think that they're super super cool and I hope that even if I can get some of you guys just appreciate them from afar I feel like I've accomplished something they can be a little bit intimidating I totally get it but they are really harmless and they're actually really really interesting cool creatures so if I can just encourage someone out there to be inspired and to not be as fearful of them then that would be great if you guys enjoyed this video found it helpful thought it was cool something please give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel I post videos every week check out my social media and my vlog channel those be linked down in the description below and I will see you guys in mine next video this is the weirdest thumbnail I've ever had to take

35 thoughts on “Meet My Pet GIANT MILLIPEDE

  1. You should do a millipede care video that includes its cage, diet, and other facts about them because I'm very facinated on how to care for these creatures 🙂

  2. I loved the video! Where would I find a giant millipede? Do I have to wait until you produce some or are others already captive breeding them? P.s Your awesome and I think you should do an all my pets (creepy crawly) video I would totally watch that

  3. I’ve been drawing a lot of insects and Arthropods lately to try and show people they’re not as scary as they seem and they can be as beautiful as any other creature ?

  4. The one thing we actually have in PA is those Giant Millipedes , I was actually saying I haven’t seen one in a while and poof just last weekend I seen one , it was a tiny bit smaller then the one you have

  5. Random fact:
    in South Africa (& I think also in bordering countries), where they occur in the wild, they‘re called Shongololo, from the isiZulu and isiXhosa word „ishongololo“.
    Such a fun word and maybe an idea for a name? 😀
    They were everywhere there lol, people just sweep them away, they roll up and end up rolling aaall over the place haha

  6. THE LEGS. NO. When they're not up close they can look kinda cute but I just CAN'T with the legs shutter

    Though I'd still rather deal with millipedes than centipedes

  7. I love millipedes! Been looking for some for a while, but they are not that common in Norway. Centepedes are my nightmares!

  8. Oh, I love then so much ❤️ I want some but my partner is deathly afraid of them. Perhaps I can change his mind some day. Loved the video, love the adorable critter. I hope I can enjoy that eventually.

  9. Just got 2 Madagascar hissing roaches. I'm still a bit terrified of them but as Tyler said I'm also drawn to things I'm scared of.

  10. Not related to this video but does anyone else think he’s too cute with all his animals with his expressions. I’m like “awhh he has many children that are super cute!” Idky but I had to say this….have a good day/night to whoever has read this♥️

  11. I don't think I'll be getting one for myself, but your little leggy boi (or girl, I don't judge) is so cute just being a little crawly cupcake.

  12. I got snakes because I was scared of them and now I have 3. But Hell No! Centipedes are freaky. When I volunteered in Borneo my friend got bitten on her foot by one. Her foot turned black. (We were so far away from a hospital so it took a while before she got seen). It was gross. I don't think I'm ever going to develop a soft spot for them.

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