Meet My New Puppy, Junior (9 weeks old Shih Tzu)

hi baby hi Oh No you bumped your head so this is my new doggy I just got him today his name is jr. he's so cute he's a shih tzu it's 9 weeks old Cathy yeah 9 weeks old we just got him his bed it's like beige beige beige E and then um we got this little blanket for him which is really soft so you should be really comfortable he's so cute he's a fatty hmm baby look at the camera wait so last night was our first night sleeping together well we didn't sleep together he actually slept in his crate um since I don't have a what are you doing since I don't have a legit crate for him just yet we built him one last night so that's what it looks like that's where he slept and um yup he didn't let me sleep it's okay though he did a lot of um just crying obviously it was his first night sleeping alone he did have two friends with him when he was living in the pet store he had two friends with him so jr. come here baby Junior junior she's no baby you don't listen to me um so yeah it was his first night so obviously he did he was he was crying and um for like I don't know like I think it happened like five times where I had to go sleep inside his crate just to keep him company and then right after he falls asleep I go back to my bed and then maybe three hours later he'd whine again you cry again and um I go back in I kept doing it just because you know it is his first day sleeping by himself and plus he's still a baby he's only nine weeks old so I didn't want to you know just leave him alone so yeah overall it was good it wasn't too bad but um I didn't get much sleep but it's okay you're worth it baby you're worth it I've always wanted a dog ever since I was um still living at my mom's place I've always wanted one it wasn't like an impulse thing where I was just like oh let me get a dog I've always wanted one that was really that was just my that was my plan um as soon as I move in I was gonna get a dog hi baby um so my original plan was to really see blurry my original plan was to really adopt a dog I that was my plan I was going to adopt the one I was going to look into shelters but all of the shelters that I looked into they all had oh you're crazy all the shelters that I looked into they all just had adult dogs they didn't have any puppies and I wanted one I wanted a puppy because I wanted to take care of it I wanted to Train it I don't know that I don't really know if I'm making sense right now but um it's kind of like having your own child right you want the dog to grow up with you and that's that's what I want I wanted to train the dog I wanted to take care of it myself I wanted it to grow up with me so yeah it was just really difficult for me to find a puppy through animal shelters so eventually I know I'm still gonna adopt but for now I mean he is my first puppy so for now I'm gonna take care of this guy and maybe in the future or I know in the future you're gonna have a friend and he's gonna be sorry I ran out of memory space um like completely cut me off but anyways you guys get my story I just wanted to tell you guys the story yeah love you baby we went to Pet Smart and got um jr. some stuff hello sir so we got him to his bowls it says wolf and he has like bones around it so cute to the fact that he's a boy yes and we also bought some but all three good um this spray you spray when like um you know just because he has accidents in the carpet yeah ready to eat ready baby is it no this is its food the guy gave this to us so we got free food for him cuz he's super cute he has his baby wipes cuz he's a baby oh he's looking a face Oh cute and then his keypad that we also got for fries and then he has some training reward stuff so this isn't bacon flava so yeah Oh could you hace dog super sweet earlier we were taking we took a nap and he's like really cuddly with her he's putting his head on her shoulders like it's not your room boy

20 thoughts on “Meet My New Puppy, Junior (9 weeks old Shih Tzu)

  1. He's scratching a whole lot, check to see if he has fleas. Get him some flea treatment ASAP because with him being so small fleas will make him severely sick or kill him.

    I give my doggie BRAVECTO (3 month) treatment.

  2. There is my dog linda shes a pekingese shih tzu she is a baby puppy like 2 months old <3 I love her for life <3

  3. Junior is so cute what kind of dog is he as far as breed I wish many blessings in lots of years for you and your baby to make memories and share lots of love

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