hi guys welcome back to my channel thank you so much for joining me this week as you can tell by the title of this video there's no beating around the bush I have some very exciting news yes I got a new kitchen for those of you who don't know me or may be new here I'm obsessed with cats literally I am a crazy cat lady and I will be one until the day that I died so with months and months of convincing my boyfriend to get one to allow one into our apartment he finally came and it is so amazing and I am so happy so for the five years that I lived in New York now I have not owned a cat but I finally decided to get my own and I'm so happy and I'm going to introduce you to her right now let me go get her okay so this is Milly and she likes to bite same line this is Milly hi hi she is a two and a half month old kitten she's a calico kitten and we named her Milly so let's welcome her to this channel because I am sure she's going to be making a lot of appearances in my videos because she likes to be around me a lot I feel like you're going to be seeing a lot of personal proper introduction is necessary here but anyways that is Milly I have some more clips of her that I'm gonna throw in at the end of this video but yeah let me just give you like a little background and a little like story about the day that we got her so I've been living with my boyfriend for a little bit over a year now literally everyday like you know like you always annoy your significant other about like something does like my thing every day we get a cat coming can we get a cat and he never really grew up with cats he didn't grow up with pets at all so I don't think he really understood what it's like to have one like the pros of having a pet and all the good things that they have to offer to be in your home and he was like well we can only get one if we get a kid and I didn't even I didn't want a kitten honestly because I know that they're more work and they require a lot more attention but he wanted a kitten I was like you know what if this is my way to get a cat we'll get a kid okay fine and now he's kicking himself for getting a kid because he didn't realize like I said that they're a lot of work this is me just like throwing in my part saying that like he was wrong and when he watches this hi I was right and he went wrong as always no I'm just kidding but she's been a joy so we went to I got her about a week ago we went to the ASPCA we adopted her which I urge everyone out there if you're thinking of getting a cat or a dog or any pet to please always adopt do not shop it is so much better to take home an animal that is really really in need of a home so we went to the SPCA and we looked at a lot of the different cats and honestly she was the first one and the only one that I like picked up and held and like wanted to see we saw a lot I don't know something about her just like stood out to me and as soon as I picked her up and I put her I like was holding her right here she started purring so loud like rubbing up against my head she was just like so not afraid of people she was just so friendly and now we're getting to really know her and she's just a while lady but she's also just a sweetheart she's already like a lap cat and she likes to cuddle and she just wants to play non-stop 24/7 so she's very very very very energetic kittens are so I understand that but yeah I'm so excited to have her I'm so excited to have a cat in my life again for those of you that know house has a name of cats you know that this means a lot to me to like finally have one of my own and I know it goes without saying too but if you are thinking of getting a new pet to your home I just want to also point out that it is a big responsibility and to not do it if you don't think that you're ready for it is also a financial responsibility because pet food is can be expensive and litters expensive taking them to the vet those are all parts of the responsibility of having a cat but yeah that's pretty much all for the talking portion of this video this isn't gonna be a super long video I just wanted to can you know that's rude I just wanted to introduce our little baby here okay all right I'm ready oh you're you good okay bye I just wanted to introduce the Milly to my youtube fam and I hope that you guys love her like I love her and learn to love her but now I'm just gonna throw in a few clips of her just being super cute if you guys liked this video please be sure to give it a big thumbs up share it with your friends if you'd like and if you haven't subscribed to my channel that'd be amazing and I will see you guys in the next video bye [Applause]

15 thoughts on “MEET MY NEW KITTEN!

  1. Omg she is frigging adorable!! Also congrats on 1k!! Can't wait to see how much you will grown in 2018 ?

  2. Congratulations! Cats are awesome, and yeah having a pet is a big responsibility but also a big joy and happiness! I also have a Calico girl, her name is Sushi. My husband and I adopted her about a year and a half ago. I'm glad that you encourage others to adopt not shop. Welcome to your new home, Millie! ??

  3. i have a tortoise shell i love her to death but they need so much attention though and will not stop till they get it! i got her at 3 months and shes stuck to my side and will let u know about it if you do not show her enough love and she wakes me up everyday at 4 am . research her !! lol your gonna want to . tortoise shell are beautiful but they are very needy much love !

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