43 thoughts on “Meet My New Dog!

  1. My dog, Beau, is similar to Snoop. He was up for free on Facebook so we decided to take him and give him a better home. We think he was from an abusive place also. Any time you go to touch his back near his tail, he tends to move away so we think he was hit a lot of his backside or something. ?

  2. Omg snoop could not ask for a better, more patient, loving owner! They are so lucky to have you!❤️

  3. Before he died, my one dog hated males as well. My dad wanted us to return him because Quincy hated him. 9 years later, and my dad and him are best buddies, as well as my 2 dogs being best buddies. Sadly Quincy passed away and it's been hard on all of us. Leo, our other dog, is getting better slowly.

  4. Snoops was my dogs name and he was exactly like that except all black and white spots but he passed away 2 years ago

  5. Now you have a reason to make a new “My Dogs Thoughts!”oh and you should make new snoop and blaze pins!One singular snoop and one singular blaze and one together!Love you and your dogs soooo much!?

  6. Blaze is doing so good with him lol i have 2 dogs that r girls and whenever we pet one the other gets kinda jealous it's kinda funny tbh lol

  7. You are the best doggy mommy ever…and such a big heart..I love how you love those dogs so much…Snoop needed someone like you….you rock!!

  8. Breed mix is Bull Arab x either Sharpei and/or Am Staff. We see a lot in North Queensland. Beautiful dog.

  9. Dogo Argentino Mix??!! I love his name and personality! He looks like my Dogo, Atticus but with more spots and that black tail! So awesome that he has a buddy and good for you for adopting him. ♥️♥️

  10. That inwards spike collar is the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen! I hope that was only used on his car ride home…

  11. First snoop is sooooo cute second Rachel did know that a lot of people are try to impeach Donald trump and I agree

  12. So glad that them meeting went well. We were looking at getting another dog and the meeting did not go well. The new dog ended up biting my dog. So glad it went well for you though!!!

  13. Yay! A YouTuber who purchases dogs and actually knows what they are talking about. Well done Rachel!! This makes me so happy

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