45 thoughts on “Meet My New Dog – Animated Story

  1. Thanks for watching today's video, like and comment what weird things your pet does down below. Make sure to watch my last animated story, it's my new personal favorite ► https://youtu.be/kr_LzVupDDU

  2. I swear your dog is just like mine, he pees on his hands like a female dog and licks his nuts like crazy?

  3. Omg I had flash backs with the dog slurping sound effects ?. I had a dog that looked similar to yours, he was a rot and pit bull mix and that joker used to do that and I would yell at him to stop but after he was neutered due to prostate cancer (which came with other gross crap and yes male dogs get that too ?) he still peed the same thank God because would have become an outside dog if he did lol.

  4. I asked my dad for a dog and all of a sudden all these notifications pop up about dogs ❤? when my dad used to object to the idea of getting a job I would tell him that certain things were signs to get one ?
    4:07 you were right btw

  5. My dog…. pEeS oN hIs hAnDs tOo

    And he aggressively licks himself to the point where his nuts turn red I-

  6. I freaking hate it when people nuder there dogs how would you like it if someone cut off your man hood ????

  7. Im not a jog person so I might be wrong about this, but being neutered is getting your balls cut off right, so how my boys licking it, is doing other stuff down there?

  8. aww my dog does that.. I call it potty paws.. he doesnt understand how hills work and alwas faces the wrong way and the pee rolls onto his paws… or other times he just straight up is peeing on his hands

  9. That’s not true tho, my dog’s neutered and he lifts his own leg to piss. Otherwise, he’d have to just smell like piss or my brother would have to clean him.

  10. Yeah I just got a puppy and he was neutered but he doesn’t pee on his hand he goes in a stretch position…

  11. this will be me in the future (cause i don't have no girlfriend like for one jk)
    Ex: hey
    Me: 0:27– 0:28

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