good morning siblings and welcome back to my channel I decide to just like vlog today and I want to do a little tour like all things I have for my cat and do a little pack with me time 5 videos so just like a lot first thing I need to do today is my nails look at this that is just sad and I'm going on vacation to the beach for two weeks so going to get my nails done right now I love looking when my cat decides to hang out and right now he's just all my bad hey I'll be right back mommy's gotta go get her nails done I bring you but I don't think I can bring you to this oh god just got to the nail salon have my ear pods hopefully they're charged enough now because I've been listening to podcast all of like Joe Rogan's podcasts and they're just so good so I'm gonna listen to that while I get my nails done nails before hand absolutely disgusting here's my nails done I got yellow and I usually only ever get black or white still got coffin but I actually love this color and it's so summery good for the beach so I'm excited it actually started raining walls in there so that's kind of unfortunate but I leave tomorrow to go to South Carolina so it's all good but let's go ahead and drive home I've been eaten today it's two o'clock once again that just accidentally happens every day so I'm gonna eat and give you guys a little tour of everything I got my cat cuz I just I'm excited about my cat so you guys have to be excited about my cat you don't have a choice so he's always just in some random corner and just chillin just got the shower and my hair drying I always put in a bond so I like curl better males are done I'm fresh and clean I feel like a whole new woman right now but before I do my cat haul or whatever which I don't know why I'm so excited about I understand I want to do my pass miss me because I need to get that done so here's the deal I am leaving tomorrow June 8th and coming back June 19th it's all big on for 11 days and it's gonna be mostly Beach swimsuits so I'm packing all my swimsuits and then just like some shorts t-shirts beach attire let's start packing so every year when I go down to actual beach I always take my backpack that I usually keep my laptop in but then it gets a little sandy and it's just not a good combo so I've decided this year I'm actually gonna bring a beach bag so I'm using this just pink taupe for my beach bag and I'm gonna just you know keep Italian hears sounds created water bottles all the beach essentials and then I'm gonna bring this fanny pack and put it perfectly fits my phone camera keys and sunglasses so then I can just put that in my beach bag and none of this will get sandy and I don't worry about getting stuff I actually use everyday sandy because my little black backpack has sand all in it still from the Dominican it's just really annoying this is gonna be so great this year I just did laundry so all my clothes that I wear like every day are clean and we're just gonna start with swimsuits just every swimsuit I have is getting packed the other day I filmed a swimsuit try on haul we'll see if that ever gets posted or when it gets posted but yeah packing [Applause] I've never one of these bottoms I'm just going to try them on and see if they look like so I don't know about you guys packed but my process is get everything you want to bring out and then we'll see if you will actually wear it now time to try to actually fit everything this is like when things go downhill okay I think I actually did fit everything and it fits very well it's not like overflowing me I could probably even fit more but we're good on the duffel bag and then I'll just ring my backpack that will have my computer stuff in it and then I'm just gonna have my beach bag separate with my makeup and like bathroom bag in it oh I'm excited to go but I'm also so stop because I have to leave my cat is here my dad's gonna take care of him but like I want to hang out with it was like it's actually really hard for me but I'm gonna be okay I just remembered I still might mean my stomach is starting to hurt it's like 3:30 don't get into my eating habits kids now when I was most excited for for some reason is showing you guys all the stuff that I've gotten so far for my cat also if you guys have a kitten or specifically a Bengal and you know what they love or what I should get him in addition to make him feel homey and always be entertained and stuff then let me know so one of the first things I actually bought was like one dollar towel at Walmart because when I take him to downs house over out and down a booth and there's no litter he'll pee on this and he's already peed on a couple times so at least he's using it and not peeing on the carpet I'm gonna go get ace actually see hi egg Hey he loves to sleep all right let's show them what we got you the thing I love the most that I got him is his hatchery and I had like this cute little ramp right here it's got little balls and scratch posts and who wants to go up in here then I stepped pillows on the side kind of sometimes I like falls in the back and I don't want to get hurt and I got him in two of these little toys we're like jingle and I have these little feathers he likes to play with these so then I have this like two-part cat Bowl thing let me get closer I put his drive-thru in here and sometimes output is what put in here originally this was for water but then I discovered that cats or at least bangles I don't know about all cats love little like waterfalls to drink on him so I got him that and it's like helps keep them more hydrated because it's like fun to drink out it so the specific dry cat food that I got is the pure na Purina Pro Plan because it is brain free and it is high protein which is what Bengals need that's what his previous owners got him as well so I haven't switched that up oh he's moving Opie got embarrassed on the camera he's going back he's so confused by this tree right now so here's my like ace like instructions so ignore that but I got him at this little brush and I brush him like once a week and actually just clipped his nails the other day with this little nail clipper they were so so every morning I give him one half of this one half of this crepe wet food because it is grain free and high protein and website is good way to keep your cat hydrated plus he is obsessed with that stuff in the wet food I put this new vet plus like vitamin powder in a cage thing and it's like a sifter one so there's a sifter on the bottom and that I can just like sit through I don't really like it that much I'm gonna get a scooper for it but in his litter I use a scent free litter bagels I'm very sensitive to the scent number here I have his carrier for the car he goes to Don's house with me and this and he actually likes it I tried to zip it because I want him to like start getting used to his cat tree and his other places he has to sleep he'll always just crawl on this and cuddle but that's obviously a good thing because then whenever I take him to the vet we're just out in general he loves being in there it's not something that freaks them out or makes him feel anxious or anything an inside pocket I keep his leash and it's harness I've just got this sharpie harness I want to get one of those like like squishy ones that are more comfortable but for now I have this one and look how cute this harnesses and it's reflective it just got little stars and moons on it and then I also have some toys in here for when I'm out and about I got him a little laser and then I have I don't know where it is but like this like stick and has his feather on the end of it and I just like I was doing it with his leash before I got him any toys and I would just like throw it at him and then he'd like chase it so I got him I guess pull stick thing that thing that I have for him is this he loves this it's like a little bed but it's in a glue and he loves being in dark small spaces so I when I don't know where he is he's like in the back of this because I can never see a minute yeah that's pretty much all the things that I have for my cat so basically this half of my room is all my cat stuff and then I keep all my stuff on the other side of the room and he just explodes everywhere and yeah so we're best friends everything's great and I love my cat in today's video I honestly just wanted to show you guys the things that I had gotten my kidney hi he is absolutely the best cat ever he actually um little little devil here is swiveled out of his collar so now I can't hear him when he's running around and I keep losing him can still hide in those random places like I don't even know where he is he's just so small he's like mom I'm just trying to eat stuff staring it oh this is pretty much the whole reason I did this long because I just wanted to show you guys the things that got him and kind of like introduce him because I haven't really put him in a blog yet and I have a whole video coming all about him why I decided to get him from breeder and I adopt from a shelter and why I decided to get a bingo specifically and all that kind of stuff so this is kind of my intro into that and then my next video I think it's gonna be next one is that video so that is the end of today's little vlog that I kind of threw together randomly for no reason and yeah going on a trip tomorrow so thank you guys so much for watching I love you and I will see you in the next one bye PS I made a sand and cerium it's a stop bangle so go follow him because he loves attention way more than I do which is like saying a lot

48 thoughts on “MEET MY NEW BENGAL KITTEN!!!

  1. His eyes are so pretty ?? I’ve always wanted a kitty but I will once I get older. Shopping for any new pet is so exciting! You got a lot of good things ??

  2. Cute Bengal I just lost my Bengal boy 2 1/2 weeks ago. He was just a couple weeks shy of 17 years old. ?

  3. both of the cat foods you feed him are actually really bad foods. if you can buy the food at a grocery store, then it’s not good!! I have a russian blue (also hypoallergenic and similar care to a bengal) and I feed him Orijen cat food which is a biologically appropriate formulated cat food and it’s raw infused. cats NEED a raw diet, so as “wet” food, I feed my cat Stella & Chewys which is a completely organic, raw, formulated cat food. there’s several other brands as well such as Feline Natural, Primal, Ziwi Peak, Dr. Harvey’s, Quest, Answers, and many more… for a cat that expensive, you should really be feeding him the absolute best there is. all the foods i’ve listed are high in protein, high in moisture, and grain free! please do your research and get him some better food! other foods to stay away from are Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Science Diet, etc

  4. My eating habits are worse. It is literally 10:20 pm and all I’ve had to eat was maybe half an apple

  5. hopefully you'll keep him well entertained and exercised, bengals seem to require more of that compared to other breeds.

  6. Hi Sydney, just here to say congrats on 332k subscribers, you've been on YT for 7/6 years and you have 332k subs, I've been on YT for 2/3 months and I have 119 subs, have a nice day?

  7. I would recommend the Purina Breeze litter box, my cat loves it and it helps reduce the odor way more than a regular litter box, btw love you so much

  8. I mean this in the sweetest way possible. But It’s really inspiring to see someone who isn’t like suppppeeerrr skinny (like the stereotypical insta girls), that is so confident in her body and doesn’t care what people think.. I want her mindset !

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