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animals if you're anything like me your heart just melts or adorable puppies and kitties you find yourself going through the YouTube rabbit hole of watching cat videos and dog videos and you go to the pound frequently just to have a look-see growing up I've always had animals in my life I've had multiple cats that have had kittens I've had multiple dogs I've had a hamster a turtle and even a snake maybe I'll save those animals for another video but today I wanted to talk about my baby Ruby our baby Ruby oh I know she's our baby but let's go all the way back to before she was your baby so Ruby was a late birthday gift to me from my dad and I've been wanting a puppy for a really long time so as a graduation gift he got me a tiny little Yorkshire Terrier we drove up to go get her and I believe it was about a two-hour drive it seemed like forever we didn't see pictures of the puppies before so it was really a surprise and I didn't know what I was getting into so when we pulled up to the house we went inside and saw two tiny puppies inside of the cage my heart melted immediately but my dad being the hard Mexican dad he is told me not to show any emotion because he didn't want to give the seller any signal that I was in love and they can try to upsell the dog that's just my salesman dad for you so there were these two adorable little puppies in this cage one of them was super scrawny and little and had a lot of energy and immediately I went to that one I held her in my hands and just thought she was so adorably cute until I saw the one that was left behind she seemed to cower near the floor and started walking really really close to the ground her tiny little was just moving back and forth and she went inside of their food bowl which was empty at the time but she fit inside this food bowl and curled up into it and just lie down inside of the bowl so I put down the other puppy and picked up this chubby one I fell in love so we drove home with this tiny little chubby puppy sitting on my lap and I could not believe this adorable little creature was mine so the first night that I got her I was just so excited I wanted to spend all of my time with her and I even slept with her on the bed I didn't really get much sleep because she moved around a lot when she slept and she was so incredibly small I was worried about squishing her till one night I was dead asleep and I wake up to a big thud and screams immediately I woke up and knew she had fallen off my bed which was really high by the way it wasn't a short bed it was like pretty high you had to kind of like jump to get on and I didn't know what to do I tried screaming for my parents but it was one of those horrific screams where nothing comes out of your mouth and it sounded more like I hear my parents reading up the hallway they come into the room so worried and scared not knowing what I'm screaming for and I tell them the doc fell off the bed and my dad was so mad at me he seriously was worried and thought something terrible had happened I've really scared the crap out of them I still remember the first day when I saw her I remember thinking how could there be such a tiny little creature that looks so cute and there was a side of me that was like you shouldn't like the step of things Mario you're a man like big dogs cars skateboarding wrestling and then the other side of me was but look she's so cute what did you say no you need to love it read look at those big brown eyes don't you want to squeeze her carry her everywhere in the palm of your hand in your shirt so the years passed by and Ruby began to grow up with us we learned a lot about our personality and first cute as she is she's a feisty one super feisty just like her mama she's one of the dogs you'd like to call la una chica la una chica is the only chica she's like the alpha dog that likes to be alone and doesn't like other dogs or other people she's very protective of her family I tried socializing her with other dogs but she was just not having it and we just had to accept that so when we first got married the house we were Sina didn't allow any dogs and you know I love animals and I had to have some furry babies with me so we ended up adopting two cats that'll be another story we wanted to get Ruby acquainted with the cats because they were her brothers and sisters so Ruby made frequent trips to our house so the cats and Ruby could get used to each other I was kind of scared at first because I thought maybe Ruby might bite one of the cats even though she's one-quarter of the size of them it wasn't all cuddles when they met but they could coexist in the same space so when we finally got our house and were able to bring Ruby with us we weren't worried at all she is now a happy addition to our family and follows red everywhere seriously guys like it's so adorably cute how much she loves red and red loves her stop it like not lying guys he'll just put her in his t-shirt and walk around the house with her or carry her in one arm and she just scrunches up like a little teddy bear so ruby has a licking problem she will seriously lick for days I wouldn't mind it if she was a puppy but you know she's ten years old no she has a stinky dog breath because she's an old lady smells like a fish tank we were alone I still love her my stinky puppies one thing about Ruby is she really loves to go with us places if we say the G Oh word go it's game over she gets all riled up and excited and she lets out this scream like I've never heard before from any sort of animal Ruby wanna go these screams could be pretty embarrassing at times the screams get louder whenever she knows we're getting close to our destination so when we pull up the parking brake all hell breaks loose we've gotten the weirdest looks from people walking by thinking we're I don't know abusing a small child strangling a pig capturing a duck it seriously sounds like a mixture of a duck a pig and even though Ruby doesn't have very many puppy friends she knows very well how to be know not cheap that she'll find toys and random objects on the floor like rocks paper sometimes crickets and she'll toss them up in the air and play with herself she really knows how to keep herself entertained she does this thing where she'll bite and clean her paws and when she looks up at you after that it looks like she's smiling and you can see her tiny little puppy teeth just smiling at you it's cute and creepy at the same time over the past couple years we've actually given her a bunch of different names nicknames Ruby Tuesday Little Lulu Little Lulu bear boo boo Ruby mama our little Ewok she is seriously our fur baby but if you see us on the streets don't try to pet her just just don't I know she's cute don't do it hey honestly amazes me how much we've grown attached to her and how much she could love such a small little piece of life she's our tiny creature and we love her very much Ruby is love and that's our answer gram shameless plug go fall her link in the description so what are the names of your little fur babies what are some of their quirks we'd love to hear your stories leave a comment and we hope you guys enjoyed this animation thank you guys so much for watching we'll see you guys later bye say bye Ruby

23 thoughts on “Meet My Dog – Animated

  1. My dogs name is Wally and he has an odd quirk of tearing wool from my blanket because of his sharp claws… He also likes to play chase with me all day.

  2. we have a dog named izzy and she is a wire hair terrior mix and she loves to just likck lick lick lick lick all day long. her nickname is izzy izzy cocoa puff!

  3. I have a baby red eared slider (turtle) his name is Squirt. I saved him out of a trash bin. He is still SUPER tiny, but he got chunky. XD

  4. My Dog:Sebastian
    Breed: Schnitzel
    Loves:My family, my bed, and his bed
    Hates:Toilet paper rolls
    Plays With: Bones

    P.s. my dog hates to play to all he does it get excited and run around one last thing HE IS MA BABY

  5. Because she looks like a honey bun and she is always stinky and she does this little scream when we just park the car the scream sounds like this baaaaaaaaaaaar kaaaaaaaaaaaaar rrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ror rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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