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I always loved animals always said forever always will my dad always had me around animals all the time going up on a farm we we just treated animals with a lot of respect I see them as very psychic creatures I feel like they see the rest of the world though that we don't this is my baby Angel Mary Jane is it weird that I have a dog named Mary Jane or is that what you would imagine my dog's name would be I adopted Mary Jane she was a rescue about six years ago she's a pit bull and there is this stigma around pit bulls that they're not as easy to introduce into your home and so they're less opted to get taken to a forever home and we saw her and we knew that she might not be there if we waited too long so we got her the next day so I have a pig nameplate egg and she'll pretty much just like her mom do anything for food puddles pretty much the same way pigs are they pretty much got one thing on the mind and it's food 24/7 [Applause] [Applause] wow it's a piggy here you own a beauty treatment such a diva diva P diva Pig she hated it well that's puddles I have two cats that are sisters named cookie and lilo then I have a kitty named Harlem who I adopted from Harlem and then I have seven dogs Mary Jane Dora tawny bean happy female Barbie and then I have too many horses their names are pumpkin and dumpling but sometimes they get called Gary and Freddy but also my dog named Barbie gets called little dogs as no one wants likes my name's I change grace from Baltimore I have four dogs and love them with all of my heart what are your names of your dogs Mary Jane tawny Dora little dog being happy and email pigs giggles Wow hi pretty girl good morning big I have the I've Eagle Wiggles hi Floyd Ziggy Ziggy Syd found it good girl

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  1. I have 3 cats and one dog, and my friends and relatives tell me I have too many pets. I would love to get a couple of pigs, not mini pig but like a berkshire and a gloucestershire old spot. Animals make great friends, and companions because they don`t judge you and when you have a bad day they`re always there to love you no matter what.

  2. Miley you are truly amazing and fantastic you are truly a animal lover and take so care of all and your music is so beautiful and amazing peace

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