Look, what we’re doing! *Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” Alright, you guys! So this is Juneau! Juneau is apparently a talker! He is a owner surrendered and I think he might be epileptic. *Talking to Juneau* I know! He was fixed yesterday, so it’s already fixed! *Talking to Juneay* Come here buddy! *Making noises* He has one brown eye and one blue eye. We are transporting him to the Harry Houdini Husky Rescue. We are… *Laughter* That’s about the information that I know on Juneau, currently. *Jamie* Good boy! I think they are gonna take him and do some evaluation on him and as soon, they figure out what’s goin on? He’ll be available for adoption. If you guys are interested in adopting Juneau, *Laughter* I’ll put some links to the web site, down in the video description below Oh! Look at the face! He’s so sweet! He was hugging! He does like Memphis does, the hugging leans. *To Juneau* Turn up buddy! *Making noises* What you think Juneau? I think, they said is about three years old. *To Juneau* Hey babe! How’s it going? Look how sweet you are! So, yeah! If you guys are interested in adopting Juneau, hopefully, he will be available for adoption soon. *To Juneau* Hey buddy! This way! How are you? Yeah! I know, we got a long car ride to go. Are you exited? Are you going for a ride? You are so pretty! Did you know, how pretty you are? He’s like “Yeah! I do!” One more thing! While I have his attention, up in the cards and down in the video description below we’re actually doing a t-shirt fundraiser for Harry Houdini Husky rescue So you guys, wants to check that out, there will be a link for that, up in the cards and down in the video description below and again, like I said links to the Husky rescue as well. So, just one more way, you know you can always rescue or adopt a dog to help out. One more way to help out rescues and shelters Is to actually do transports like this. The dog came into a shelter and they wanted him to go to the best home possible, because like I said they believe he may be epileptic. So they contacted the Husky rescue and the Husky rescue is actually taking him. By transporting him to the Husky rescue, he’s gonna have a better chance at going to a home that is well suited for him and his needs. Juneau, you are adorable! Oh my gosh! I wanna take you home! Look at how cute you are! Look at that face! You are so cute! Anyway, we got a long ride ahead of us, so we better get going. *Juneau whining* Yeah? You wanna tells us about it? *Whinning continues* They said, you are a talker! *Jamie speaks* Yeah! Yeah! Good talker! *Jamie speaks* Uhuh! *Juneau whinining while Jamie speaks* *Jessica speaks to Jamie and Juneau* Are you a talker? Wanna tell us about it? *Jamie speaks* Gone quiet in here… He’s calling for silence! *Jessica speaks* Tell us! Will listen! Tell us! *Makes noises* Yeah? What else? *Juneau whines* Yeah? They told me, you are noisy! So far, you had been quite up until now! Yeah! Oh, you are noisy! *Juneau continues to whine* Yeah! They said, you are noisy! Are you pounding? Go back to sleep! *To Juneau* You don’t want out of the kennel now? *Laughter* You don’t want out now? Juneau! *Makes noises* You wanna go out of the kennel now? He’s like, “Hum! No guys, I’m good! I’m kind of!” “I’ll just stay with you forever!” *Asking to Jamie* Can we take him home? *Laughter* Let’s take him home Jamie! He’s watching you! He’s like “I like that guy!” *Jamie* Me? Hey buddy! *Jessica speaks* Yeah? Tell us! He’s so nice! *Jamie speaks to Juneau* *Jessica speaks* Alright you guys! As always! Thanks for watching! Thanks for Subscribing! Stay positive, dream big! Juneau’s gonna take a nap! *Juneau makes sigh noise* Oh big sigh! Will see you again soon! Good bye! *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come 
into our Siberian world!* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*


  1. Oh my god HE IS SOOO CUTE AND SWEET I'm gonna show a picture of him to my mom we r thinking of getting a dog but idk if we can afford a husky

  2. All I'm thinking that Juneau will never understands why his owner isn't by his side anymore. But I hope all the best for him and I'm sure he will find a loving home pretty much soon.

  3. I have a white husky that has skin problems and my mom says that we will sell it if anyone wants to adopt it but I dont want her to do that I just want to know how to make my huskies fur better so my mom will let alphine my husky stay but she doesn't agree with me 🙁

  4. He looks exactly like the Husky I went to the shelter to meet yesterday. I wanted to adopt but the Husky wasn't neutered and was lifting his leg marking every 2 seconds and exhibiting dominant/territorial behaviors, which wouldn't be good for our tiny female dog we already have. I hope someone gives him a good home though.

  5. My youtube channel is called MoonLightWolfPack or MLWP.Just so you know HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA LOL LOL LO LOL OL LOL LOL

  6. I have a husky could everyone bgive me some tip how to grom my baby because he leave his hair all over the house and my parents don't like it

  7. Juneau has the same bi-eyes as our new Husky puppy, Nahanni! We have been watching you channel for months while waiting for our own husky to be born and ready to come home.

  8. Poor baby. He obviously doesn't understand what he did to be rejected.
    Yes, I know his original people probably were heart broken to have to give him up but were thinking of Him. I know this is the best for him but I can see he's upset. I hope one day he finds a forever home that can take care of him. I just feel bad for him right now. [sniffles]
    P.S. Best of luck to you Juneau. And buck up sweetie, they didn't ditch you because you were bad, they had to give you a chance for a better life.

  9. what a cool dog he is. he would make awesome fan art. he should go to a YouTuber and have his own blogs 😉 In looks he reminds me of the mean Husky in Baltimore named Steele. But a lot more handsome.

  10. he was probably crying, the high pitch noises he was making that was referred to talking. dogs do feel great sadness was something horrible happens, my dogs whine constantly when I leave. It's separation anxiety for them, but with him he's probably thinking why did my owners leave me what did I do? he thinks it was his fault but for real she is a cutie and work a lot, I would love to adopt him but I don't live near there, I live in Florida. But if I were to have her visit there I would love to get him, my mother and father would help out with his epilepsy. He seems like a great dog.

  11. Dear GTTSD,
    I am typing this comment to let you know that you have done so much for me for so long without even knowing it. Every single time I see Shelby, Memphis, Oakley and you two, it brightens up my day so much and I am not just saying that, I mean it. You guys are the most lovely people in the world and I just want you guys to know how special you are to me, I will probably never get to meet you in person, but I want you guys to know your fans, friends and family will always be here for you because you have always been there for us without even knowing it. Thank you guys for everything. ? say hello to the girls for me xx

  12. Juneau stole my heart! He's SO precious! Where I live there is a weight limit for animals but if there wasn't I would snap him up so quick and give him all the loving in the world.

  13. Juneau is so cute Hope he finds a forever home real soon You do a great thing for all the dogs you help transport to help out.I would do this but ide be afraid ide want to take them all home lol :0)

  14. God, he is so pretty… And I live overseas >.< I don't even know if there is something like this kind of rescue especially for huskies here in Germany… 🙁

  15. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  16. I'm so sorry for you real sorry by Ben and my name is Halen my name is Kailyn if you know how to spell it is K a ely???????

  17. I will adopt Juno I forgot how t spell​ his name but can you do a video of my message and talk about it

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