Meet Italy’s Lifeguard Dogs

(bouncy, detective-style music) – [Narrator] In the
peak of summer in Italy, when the beaches and lakes
are full of swimmers, the lifeguards keeping everyone safe bring in some much needed assistance. – [Narrator] Since then,
Ferruccio has found that dogs make ideal lifeguard partners. They remain calm under
pressure and instinctively choose the safest path
through the water currents back to shore. Once in the water, they’re
able to keep afloat both the rescuer and the person in need. – [Narrator] To keep
up with these numbers, the school has over 350
certified rescue dogs, and each year, takes in new recruits. (man speaks in Italian) After about 18 months of training, they learn how to jump from speeding boats and helicopters safely, among
other rescue techniques. Italy is the only country in the world that recognizes these certified canines as actual lifeguards,
but the value of this is catching on, so the school
is starting to expand abroad. (dog barking)
(bouncy, upbeat music) (chiming)

100 thoughts on “Meet Italy’s Lifeguard Dogs

  1. This is very cool! Thank you so much for having this program and educating people about canine life guards. What a great way to partner with dogs.

  2. I went to Naples in July and went to the beach, the waves were pretty small and not very important. When I got back to the hotel the lady apologized for the rough waters that day. Lol.

  3. I live 20-30 mintues away from one of the most busiest and popular beaches in the world.
    And I personally feel we cold use some doggos for life saving at Bondi Junction.

  4. Btw im Italian so yeah…

    Wait SCUOLA ITALIANA so its nearby at a school and you only need a dog to save some you know PEPS so yeah i like vid

  5. As an Italian I've always thought that this was done everywhere in the world ( at least in the wester world ) , Labradors or other breeds find in water their element , so it's obvious that , among dogs for blind people of police dogs etc there were also life guards for the sea dogs . So weird that in other country they didn't think that . We really are the cleverest.

  6. I'm Italian and I always thought this was a thing everywhere around the world
    I didn't know we were the only ones

  7. I feel like the reason the rescue frequency increases each year is because more people want to be rescued by these gud bois

  8. "… there are no wrong dogs, it's the owner that makes a difference."
    I wish people would understand this about pitbulls.

  9. What can't dogs do?? They help disabled people, veterans with PTSD, etc. They are gods gift to the world.

  10. Kudos to these dogs. . my pooch (Australian cattle dog mix) doesn't even like walking through puddles so he'd be useless at sea.. however there's no better hound at deterring random callers turning up at my front door !

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