Meet ‘Eye-Catching’ Twin Cats Iriss And Abyss

PAVEL DYAGILEV: I’m the owner of the most beautiful twin cats in the world. COMM: These kittens and their distinctive eyes captured the heart of 31-year-old MC
and choreographer Pavel at first sight. PAVEL DYAGILEV: I was so blown away by their appearances and the fact that they were twin sisters. COMM: The ten-month-old kittens have a rare genetic condition called Heterochromia, where
iris melanin levels differ. PAVEL DYAGILEV: It’s not a defect, it’s just, you know, genetic lottery, because their
parents are domestic cats, the father is a black-and-white cat and the mother is a white cat. COMM: Other health problem like deafness or blindness can accompany the condition, but luckily Pavel’s cats have a clean bill of health. PAVEL DYAGILEV: They hear and see perfectly well. They can hear an opening can from the
other end of the house. COMM: And despite being identical, the twin kittens have very different personalities. PAVEL DYAGILEV: Iriss is more easy going. PAVEL DYAGILEV: Abyss is, you know, has a character of a true diva. She will communicate
with you only when she wants to. COMM: But they do happily share a stylish Instagram page showcasing their unique looks. PAVEL DYAGILEV: The philosophy of the sis twins page is that each picture is a perfect
shot like, you know, in a gallery of art. COMM: Thanks to their unusual appearance, these adorable cats are truly eye-catching.

100 thoughts on “Meet ‘Eye-Catching’ Twin Cats Iriss And Abyss

  1. Oh my God! I don't want to sound like a freak or pervert… But I want to have sex with these cats and not in a type of bestiality way…

    There has to be girls that look like this.

  2. These, Twin Kit~tin's are so adorable. ? Thank you for sharing your Beautiful Fur baby's. >^,,^< ?? ?
    >^,,^< ?? ? May you and your, be Blessed with, good health and happiness, Today, Tomorrow, and Alway's.
    Donna, In Northern, Nevada. Reno/ Sparks Area.


  3. Was so tempting to imagine one of them named Chell, haha, but then I saw it's only the video thumbnail that is orange-blue.

    Iriss and Abyss are great names.

  4. My cat is cuter my cat have two different eyes color and she have long fur and she white so I call her snow and next week she will be 6 month I think my cat is cuter because she have long fur and two different eyes color and she so rare and she was so expensive I got it for my cousin shop because I’m his cousin he sell it to me 5000 and she was 1 mouth when I bought it when she was 1 mouth

  5. I also have these cats with a light black mark on their head they are also twin brothers but their mother was a white russian cat and father was a green and white cat

  6. I am having same it's turkish angora go to my tiktok od named sarakhan there 3 cats mama cats has huge her babies I love my cats

  7. Me:*sees cats and thinks I WANT THeM* How much are they

    Guy:There not for sale

    Me:I’ll give you my allowance PLZ

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  9. These cats are so beautiful and so cute. They seem to be very close, not to just each other but their owner too.

  10. My cat's eyes is like that too but her fur is white with Brown omg!Comment if you want to see my cat so I'll show you if i uploaded it okay!

  11. I was watching a game called Ark Survival Evolved…

    Guess I got distracted.

  12. Those cats are adorable! Also, the breed is called “khao manee” it is very normal for khao manee’s to have different eyes.

  13. The breed of this cat is called kho manee one of the most expensive cat. I have a cat like this it's also a girl I name her cotton

  14. My mom used to have a white cat family the mom has blue eyes and the dad has yellow eyes and the mom gave birth to three kittens which two of them has the same eyes in this vid and one has green eyes

  15. Did you know? Our neighbor has a white mama cat whith heterochromia(different eye colour). And all of its births since the very first one. She always give birth to a set of three white cat whith also heterochromia. And pur neighbor just throw them away.?
    That mama cat gave birth like 5 times all 3 sets?, i cant take care of all of them, i saved one. And there is no Adoption pet center in the our country?
    Now cotton is 8months old. And his eye colour are Blue and green. He is like a cotton ball.

  16. Oh my God. I have a cat same exactly as them. Now i know why she seems not to respond whenever i call her?Shes deaf? I love her more now❤️

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