Meet Bevi – The Smart Water Dispenser

Running an office can be overwhelming It means staying on top of restocking supplies reducing costs and eliminating waste while keeping everyone happy healthy and productive. Meet Bevi, the smart water cooler that brings unlimited flavors fizz and eco-friendly fun to your workplace With Bevi, it’s easy to get just pure water or customize choose still or sparkling water. And if you want add a flavor just a dash or go all the way. Bevi is designed to fit anywhere with two models available. You can pick the Bevi that’s best for your office. Bevi also comes with clairvoyant level service powered by our internet connected machines and fulfilled by our expert technicians. Their whole job is to make sure that your Bevi never runs out. Bevi takes care of your office mates too, because our ingredients are always healthy unsweetened low calorie or organically sweetened with no high fructose corn syrup ever. Compare Bevi to the way you’re supplying drinks for your office now: ordering more and more cans and bottles filled with who knows what then leaving a whole lot of waste behind Why not make life a whole lot easier by letting Bevi take care of ordering restocking drinks and managing beverage waste? After all, you’ve got better things to do with your time. Bevi, pour something good!

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