Meet ALL My Parrots (? I HAVE 12 BIRDS ) With Vinny Subtitles

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  1. So I'm a recent owner of a Conure – my first bird. It's my boyfriends but he's gone now (not for good but taking care of his sick mom) and Phoebe is with me forever! So…..I wanted to fix up her cage and that's how I found one of your videos – $250 later thanks for the help lol. Anyways since then I have been watching all your videos on my smart TV so I was never able to comment or subscribe until today when I went to my computer specifically to message you and tell you how much I have been enjoying all your videos! You are so fun and great and I love watching you interact with the birds its so awesome. Phoebe and I are bonding more and more every day but she HATES her $250 cage of toys and fun and has not touched ANY NEW things in 3 days now. I know she'll come around and I look forward to that day but for now she only touches things that were in the cage previously. The rest is treated like the plague!!! Anyways, I love your birds but have to say I love Jersey for entertainment value. I even made my son watch him tonight and he seemed genuinely amused. Anyways, I wanted to thank you for the entertainment and helpful tips you've given. I really want a African Grey now….thank you for that too lol. Seems like this friendship is going to end up costing me a lot of money lol. But seriously my boyfriend and I are huge animal lovers (between us we have 3 dogs too) and we'd like to buy a huge house on the outskirts so we can get more. For now I will live vicariously through you. Thanks Marlene & George and the Gang! You guys are awesome 🙂

  2. hello miss m c cohen i love all your bird s just asking if maybe if you migth no of any woman that are like you that has bird s i iam hopeing and wishing too by you maybe fix with woman that you migth no and a woman is too looking for a guy that like bird s i iam just asking and thank you oh all most for got my name is dean i live in los angeles

  3. Jesus I have 6 birds. 4 budgies, 1 Hahns macaw and one Green Wing Macaw annnd a dog.
    I am so happy you like small birds too but that round cage, please do not use it

  4. I have a blue Indian rig neck which is also a female she looks exactly like urs do a video on her bc u don’t really pay attention to her

  5. Can u help I have 2 Indian ring neck they are 1 year n 5 moths I got them when they were babies like a month old .. the male parrot is very friendly but the female parrot off late has become very aggressive like she bites n hisses at u .. n off late the 2 off my birds fight in the air snapping at each other.. what can I do

  6. Actually, I loved all of the video!
    Vinnie and We Will Rock You was really good! Interesting about the Ring Neck's Gender Reveal of the beak color!

  7. OMG it has been so long since I watched a video bc I was taking care of my bird, thanks to you, but I literally freaked out WHEN DID U GET THAT RINGNECKKK omg they are alllll sooo freaking cute i cantt

  8. Why do some of your bird's have missing feathers ? Do you rescue your bird's and they pluked before ? Reason I am asking I want a bird and I want to know why they pluk thanks appricate it

  9. Oh my gosh; you are like a Disney princess surrounded by birds. Too bad they don't do housework for you, lol. How do you keep them from fighting? I had a horrible incident once when my lovebird escaped her cage and flew into my African Grey's cage, and the Grey bit her badly. She's very territorial of her cage and area.

  10. I have seven parakeets, one cockatiel, one hans mini macaw, two blue fronts, two african greys, one conure, . I lost some of my beloved parrots and never got over it. I have had thirty years of lovingly being owned by parrots. They are marvelous complex beings. I adore them and really do not want to go on vacations. I am going to have to make a will soon about my rehoming them as I am now reaching that part of life. I can tell you stories too and I have a channel that I have done nothing with because I need to have a plan. I love that you have these parrots and I say enjoy!!!!!!!! I remember that story. I remember it differently: that the owner came in the store the next morning and the cockatoo was pacing back and forth guarding the theif. Also you must know the story of the african that witness the murder of his owner and said: No No don't shoot and this was considered in the murder case.


  11. My son and I used to have birds but we both got allergic to them. Watching these bird videos helps a bit. Miss and love them.

  12. lol i love how you described each of their personalities individually! haha. you can tell you love your birds very much. great video and very funny!

  13. Their’s a cat person and a dog person…
    But, she’s a bird person…
    I have 3 dogs 1 cat 1 betta fish and 1 bird.

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  15. I loved hearing how all your birds came into your life. Its funny how you sniff your birds because I sniff my Chihuahua (and also the two I had before him), usually on the side of his face/neck or his back/side. It’s very therapeutic to snuggle and sniff. Totally not in a creepy way. LOL!! I’m a fairly new subscriber. I’m not sure how your video popped up in my Facebook feed, but the first video I saw was the one where you surprised your sister that you got baby Brando. Anyway, I’m enjoying the videos. I’m slowly working my way through them.

  16. I lost my Senegal too :'( my husband left him out being careless – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – got a new one and he likes my hubby better. I had the first one trained very well. he even flew on command. he started laughing so cute – he would say come here and play a lot. The new one isn't very old yet (almost 3) so I'm being very patient. ahhhhhhhhhhh the squawks are driving me craaaaaazzzzy lol He is mimicking some sounds – hopefully he will be talking soon but I miss my old one. He never came back and I live in the woods so you can imagine how hurt I am to think he was an owl or hawks dinner. People that let birds out thinking they're setting them free should know – you aren't setting them free you are torturing them. I want to get another bird too <3         :)))))

  17. I would be afraid the budgie might get hurt. My budgies squabble. I have a female that picks on my female who has a mate. I am unable to let them out together. Sometimes they bite each other claws through the cage. Ugh. I think I need to find my dominant female a mate. She does not like my second male. He can not fly. That is another story. Need a lesson on budgies. So much to learn. Dogs are way easier for me. Birds are so complex. Just like humans. Any bird advice from anyone who might have an opinion, please HELP! Fighting birds=Not Fun. I am committed, so releasing one from my care is not an option. I just want peace and happiness.
    Also, Marlene, I think your birds are excited, but you were never so happy in your life. It is the pet bond that only certain people understand. It is hard to refer to them as pets. I maybe should say companions. Thanks for sharing your life and your birds.

  18. I’ve been reaching out to all the bigger bird people I find here on YouTube. Telling them all that I think it would be an amazing idea if someone with the resources and health could start up some sort of a birdie box subscription for bird owners. So we can just subscribe to get safe toys for our exact bird each month without worry or stress❤️I know I would buy that. It’s a profitable idea ? just tossing it out there again for whoever wants it?They do it for games, fans of randomness, kids cloths, foods, and makeup, and dogs and cats. Why not birds right☺️

  19. Normal people: I already have two birds that's should be enough
    Me everytime i go to the pet store: more i need more fluff in my life ?

  20. I'm sure the video was fun and great, but I couldn't get over the loud obnoxious editing… maybe tone it down a bit while you're talking

  21. Great video, I love your birds ?? I have two birds of my own, a lutino white face cockatiel (albino) she's called sassy ? and a blue fallow pied parrotlet called Jelly Bean ??

  22. When that man came in and tried to grab the bird my mouth dropped. You know when you’re shocked and your back kinda tingles? You could hear how scared the bird was. Props to that owner for hunting the guy down and beating the shit out of him. Horrible man.

    Edit: (some spelling mistakes lol) he also knocked the bird off of the perch which I think scared me most. This bird dad is protective and I would have been fuming haha

  23. ?Marlene❤ I have a request for a video. Could we see a super close up of each bird? Maybe a minute or two on each? Like of their eyes, beak, feet and feathers, as they get sleepy or are talking??? Thanks

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