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let's start off by addressing the elephant of the room not the literal elephant I don't have one of those but the figurative elephant I own 24 mini pigs if you don't believe me I will link that video right now and also down below where you can meet all of them for the sake of my sanity and your time I'm not going to go through and introduce all 24 of them again so if you'd like to see them I suggest you do they're very cute they will be in that video having said that people ask me all the time how many animals I have and the truth is I don't know I don't acquire animals rapidly but I just have so many and most of them I've had for a really long time and I don't like to count so it's a lot and we are going to find out together today how many it actually is bear with me if you want to just get straight into the cute animals skip ahead a little bit I just want to tell you a little bit about the animals all of my animals except for my emus were obtained as rescues or adopted however you want to put it most of them came from previous owners nearly all of them were adults and some of them came to me from bad situations but the majority of them were just from owners that for whatever reason circumstances no longer allowed them to keep their pet of course I imagine some of the situations could have been avoided if the people had done extensive research educated themselves on the pet they were about to get so that's very important to do before you bring a pet home that being said I feel very lucky to have every one of these pets I think my cats about to go to the bathroom to this plant even the cat that just tried to pee in my plant I feel lucky I don't like to support pet stores generally speaking none of my pets came from pet stores now I've saved us having to go over that with every single one of the pack I introduced you to just know I don't purchased my pets I rehome them other people so whenever possible if you have the ability to look into adopting or even rehoming check your classified ads and things like that for people that need to find new homes for their pets that being said let's see how many pets I have so if you've been watching my channel for a while you may already know I am in the process of turning the guest house or cottage or whatever you want to call it on my farm into a house specifically just for my pets my hope was to wait until it was finished to do this introduction because this current pet room is just a little bit chaotic especially right now with like slowly preparing to move enclosures but I really wanted to fill in this video and a lot of people have been asking for it so we're just gonna go ahead but excuse the madness and stay tuned for the pet cottage reveal first up this is very more recent addition this is my tangu I've had her for several nights now so this is one of the pets that I waited on for probably a year so finally I would like to go she's not been held as much the previous owner told me she was 2 years old when I got her she was pretty skinny so she has put on a lot of weight and it's slowly getting better about being held it's beautiful I've been kind of toying around a couple of names faithfully I've not decided on one just yet we're still kind of getting to know each other if you have any name suggestions fixed up and truthfully I'm going to make this one quick because I don't really want to be awake right now and doesn't really like the bright lights I have three sugar gliders I think there's a lot of misconceptions about them being very easy pets and they aren't their availability has increased a lot in the last few years but that doesn't mean that they are good pets you definitely need to know what your and you need to make sure that they are even we go for you to have as a pet because a lot of states do not allow you to keep them they have thorne echo and some the sugar gliders I have two lychee honest geckos these are here in a few months so they will still grow lychee house geckos are the largest kind of gecko used to are still young and we'll get substantially larger right now I think they are growing every day – beautiful geckos I'm sure he's been hearing him in the background this is around feet he's my kite a parrot she very singular very talkative really likes attention right oh yeah oh yeah like you're not yourself he is a goofball cake parrot are called the comedian's of the bird world very true yeah they're entertaining my very very handsome and maybe bias but rats Rizzo and gonzo they are hairless Dumbo rats I love these boys so much they really love me also that's what's great about rats as far as small pocket pets mammals go rats just make fantastic and very social sweet pet truthfully I put away a lot longer to do this one because that black haired flying everywhere and of course I were a black shirt her video where I'm holding on their backs even see his face he is a lion head cross we think I adopted him through a local rescue group they found him running if you are looking for a rabbit please know pretty much everywhere you can find rabbit rescue groups nine times out of ten they are completely overrun so if you are looking to add a rabbit to your family you can find absolutely adorable rabbit through your local rescues Volpert inner Shh we call them teeny this is Rosie one of two of my Umbrella Cockatoo this one in particular is extremely bonded to me right the other one hallo not a not a huge fan of mine yes good days or bad days so we might get him out with the pelo and Sun birds live a very long time and are a huge responsibility they are also a huge pain for so many reasons they are loud and they need a lot of attention and they chew up a lot of things and they make a huge mess every single day they're also very expensive because they go through toys quickly and they throw their food around and waste a ton of it yeah she's agreeing with all of this because she knows she's a pain in the gut there definitely yeah to keep which is why I have a total of four large birds at the moment and I'm not gonna say for sure that that's the end of it especially once I have the head cottage set up it is getting dark really fast so gonna switch to the outside animals Tibet looks a lot lighter here okay I won't panic then I do have a farm and there are a lot of little farm animals here we go here is one of two goats that we have right now they are free-range so they don't really go anywhere they also don't mow the grass that is a light goats eat your plants and your pretty flowers and things that you don't want them to eat they do not mow your yard you've seen them in a lot of other videos but here we have the emus they're getting so big oh good now it's getting dark and it's raining on me things I do for videos here I have poor peacocks they're young they're about a year old the chickens the roosters really hairy ah she just tried to kill my camera really scary rooster so I don't go in there very often but I have six heads and one rooster and then the four young peacock and a duck night time buddy and we have a couple other puns that they're being split between so the good thing about waiting until right now is that well the animals are ready for dinner you can hear the pig screaming right now for dinner so that makes my life a little easier because they should all be in the barn well I say there's a few that's data how wonderful oh and there's deer look at this do these four deer count as my pets because they pretty much live in the pasture with my horses i think that jay count had four deer to the list there's mister radagast the brown he's the mule I saved him from a kill pen were they were going to turn him into me this is more I dedicate I did a whole video about him he is in this stall because he got a cut on his head who knows from what a branch offence that's lower he is a Tennessee Walker he's called Carmelo which means he's basically as close to always as you can get with two blue eyes this is Bo quarterhorse nice wanting all the attention that's Bilbo he is another mule mules are across the street donkeys if horses Bilbo what were you doing this one next to him that is hiding her face is a oh and she is another one of my rescue projects I don't know if you can see she's doing something funny with her nose it's a genetic condition it means it's it's hard to find homes for horses that have it but it's not terribly debilitating it's hard for her to keep weight on so she's another quarter horse all of the farm animals inside because it is feeding time oh my cats are here too first one is Theoden he is a huge love all he wants his attention all day long then we have the one that I've had the longest this is Faramir he's been with me for seven years all of these cats were strays found their way to me its sons Lisa Lisa's actually a boy the one that doesn't want to be helped that looks just like Lisa except has a bobbed tail is panthro so all of those cats were pretty much raised outside and really prefer to be outside this one however came to me a little bit younger and so she got some more time in the house and she was proud of being here I love my dogs again none of which I was really looking for but this one is doodle Harry a rat terrier mix it sunshine it's an older guy about 11 this is Claire he's a beagle she's probably about 8 this is a cocker spaniel mutt or some kind is the doc I've had for the longest we're going on I will eat yours together now hi bud hi Pippin and here's the crazy one she is the youngest she is Rory Mac when she's getting hung over my mouth she's a chihuahua I guess a spaz oh geez three musketeers the Big Bear Sam your proto they're all really crazy right now so that's Frodo you see him they are who knows what kind of mutts they're our brothers even though they look nothing alike this let's our win mm-hmm good girl pink fluffy pink okay up next so we have dozer and freckle my ferret very curious broke them up from a nap so tired I actually lied when I said that I had never gotten a pet a pet store pet smart actually has an adoption program for hamsters and other pets small animals that's been returned an adoption so 50 for free from my bearded dragon was done yet I've had her for quite a while also actually some days she is very nice and some days so much I have poor skinny pigs which are hairless guinea pigs this one is oscar guinea pigs are sweet and fantastic pets but they're a lot of work they make the biggest mess and they require a surprisingly large variety of fresh foods so they're not really cheap either if you're doing it right this one snuffleupagus it's super sweet and then unfortunately I taken in a set of sisters I got up as adults I actually had them shipped from a different state woman needed to find a new home so I paid for all this shipping cost and everything but they were a few years old already and I only had them for just short of a year I guess and then within about a month of each other they passed away so I did get another set of sisters [Applause] she's my tortoise Wallen he is not gonna get much bigger than this either ready to go most energetic tortoise I've ever seen I can we're saying that there's no battery whatsoever so I'm not sure how it's still recording Cassius yeah he's an African Grey parrot he's a little bit of a pucker which is why he looks the way he does he's very high anxiety so he is never shut in his cage he practiced even worse yeah hey you mad are you dancing I can't tell will you step up no no not with your mouth so this is the other one that doesn't particularly like to be handled it is not difficult at all for a ball python normally they are quite docile but this one again being a rescue no idea what the back story is how old he is anything like that he strikes quite often and I happen to know that he is hungry it's feeding day so I'm not about to one of those youtubers that gets bit by a snake for views terribly sorry I am hoping whoa that's so close to my face I am hoping to add more snakes when I finish the cottage I have actually a huge like store style snake rack display and I have a few that I've been keeping an eye out for we will be adding more snakes to the collection apparently halo is not in the mood to be on camera he's one that can be temperamental you never know with him he can be super sweet one day and then super grumpy the next day right and he is like completely hiding mine this thing where do you do it back there you camera shy you're interested in seeing more of the birds I have several videos about the birds yeah here's the happy boy that Taillow my other Umbrella Cockatoo I have no idea how this camera keeps turning on like there's a big X over the battery if I'm not going to question it because I am so close to finished with this I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my pets it's a pretty quick summary of them just let me know in the comments if there's one in particular that you would like to see more of or learn more about and now I need to go sponge about two hours heating all of them before they repel thanks for watching [Applause]

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