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today I get to go help Heather and Alec she's violent she lets you know very loudly do not come any closer or else that so mean better go find out what it is I'm Heather I'm Alan and we met at a gym dated for years and recently married in May I'm a Pilates instructor and work from home and I'm a personal trainer mat work in the gym our relationship is great but the one thing we fight over is Ruby I teach Pilates in my living room and I have to get the cat and put her in the bedroom so I can do my job every morning I have to chase her around the house and get her to go into the bedroom and she attacks me all the time [Applause] I am terrified a ruby she draws blood and I'm afraid she's gonna attack one of my clients they might get and there's no possible way that I can even hold her Ruby and me fight every day and it's Nordahl and usually she wins we adopted Ruby from a shelter and she has hated me from the beginning I think Ruby was abused by the other people that owned her and I think it was a woman and that's the reason why she likes men and not women and she loves Allen yes she's kind to me I can pet her I can lift her and she bites and scratches habit and it's always been like that Allen's funny he treats her like a princess he's guilty Allen doesn't realize how bad it is you know what the actually the worst thing that she's done is that she made us fight because it's us arguing about what to do with her I just really want Ruby to love me I feel like I'm being rejected all the time we did all the tests with the vet and he was like you know she's just a little and that was when he first gave us Prozac I am NOT a believer in the Prozac so we stopped that we may not know it right now but there's there's another way

25 thoughts on “Mean Cat Is Tearing This Couple Apart | My Cat From Hell

  1. Ugh, do I really have to explain to her why her cat hates her?
    -She is not respecting the cat’s personal space(Cats are territorial beings)
    -She is grabbing the cat against her will(even big cats hate being grabbed)
    -She must know that doing the above will cause her instinctual behavior to act

  2. Violent cat. Hmm I wonder what simple explanation there is of a stupid owner not doing the right thing.

  3. Damn the worse thing about this is mixing races…. Stay with your own people! Especially when it comes to having children.

  4. I can’t blame ruby. She was abused by a woman. She’s not sexist, she feels like she needs to protect herself and be defensive. That’s all

  5. I can break that cat of that behavior. All you have to do is grab it by the throat and choke it a couple times until it starts cramping up and getting stiff. Then let off and the cat will start moving its paws and might let out a Yelp as it sucks in oxygen and comes to. Yes the cat will be scared shitless but better to have a scared cat then one who thinks it can fuck with you. ( disclaimer: I've never choked any cats )

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