Me And My Boxer Dog Rex Was ATTACKED By A Rottweiler Dog!!!!!

hi guys I just wanted to give you an update there's been an incident don't worry we are all fine but we were attacked on our walk by another dog we were attacked by a big dog Rottweiler and this Rottweiler jumped over the fence a pretty high fence actually and jumped on to Rex now Rex just wants this treat and I will give you the tricks and he started to attacking Rex and I was doing all I could do trying to get in between but Rex was hurt I mean if you can see this right there and there was bitten twice and the owner to that Rottweiler was not nearby not at first so I managed to separate the dogs and the other dog did not have a color so I couldn't grab him or anything and besides that's a big dog so I don't know what would happen the other dog didn't seem to attack me but he certainly did did attack Rex and this dog usually runs back and forth along his fence barking really aggressively standard Alex stay so I managed to separate the dogs the Rex was defending stand also right there right there the wounds are cleaned up now and so I managed to separate the darks and I managed to I managed to get the other dog back in his yard and close the gate and then I called for the owner who came out and first he said oh that dog only it's only puppy it only wants to to play and I showed him what's happened to Rex and obviously that's not a play behavior when you're actually biting the other dog and it was a pretty high fence so he he actually made a big effort to jump over stamina I'm talking to her fence so otherwise Rex seems fine Rex did what he had to do to protect me and to protect himself so that was a there was a dog fight there was a dog fight I don't know if in one in particular one and I don't know if the other dog got hurt no idea but as I said I talked to the owner and he was shocked first he was kind of cocky like no no no big deal is just a puppy who wants to play but when he saw the wounds when he saw the wounds he realized that this was not good at all so he was shocked because the fence was newly built so he he probably needs to fix that fence or make sure the dog can't even get close to the fence so when we got home excuse me when we got home I called the vet to make sure if he Rex needed any special shots or anything he did not need any shots unless the wounds got infected so we must clean the wounds walking outside mix keeping an eye on him so Rex is okay he seems like he's limping a little bit on his right paw there's a right foot so let's take the weekend and see what's happens if it gets worse or gets better I think it's get better Rex is a tough dog he's a lover but he's a tough dog and if there's a fight he won't back down it will protect himself and his owner stay Rex and I think it will be okay but that's because you got a big fence and a big dog you're not safe the dog can jump over the fence and the owner was on the back side of the house you didn't notice anything and I have two two witnesses two neighbors who saw everything and we'll see what happens maybe I do police report on this or something I don't know haven't decided yet but that that's what happens and I would any day anytime protect Rex with my life if necessary and I know he would do the same for me so and he doesn't seem bricks doesn't seem to be scared now or anything and he wasn't scared then either yeah he just was angry and he was upset about that Tech of course thanks Akuma are you limping are you hurt baby the first thing my wife said when she saw Rex she had no idea about the incident and shed she said what you see limping I didn't even see so are you ok boy your ex are you ok you will still be a big brother wanna go outside ok take it easy relax yep he's limping all right no running Rex come on okay that's it for now see you later guys see you next time

24 thoughts on “Me And My Boxer Dog Rex Was ATTACKED By A Rottweiler Dog!!!!!

  1. What an awful experience for you both hope rex is healing well , I have never liked rotweilers they can't be trusted especially around children , they need to train the dog properly they say bad owner had dog, I have a mini dachshund who i love dearly , get well soon rex xx

  2. Awe. Look at that sad puppy face. Poor guy looks like he thinks he's in trouble. No no, your a good boy Rex and we ❤️ U!

  3. Sorry that happen to you guys but Rex did what he was supposed to do handled his business with other dog glad he was not hurt to bad glad Dad is ok but you do sound upset as I would be to good luck to you guys heal quick Rex

  4. Awww poor Rex…..that rottweiler has a dumb owner….he should have that dog taken from him he obviously doesn't have a clue….take care guys..

  5. So sorry Rex. Don't worry. That Rottie had a very good chance to make a lovely friend and he missed it!
    You will get over it. Dear baby. ??❤️❤️???
    Brave boii ??

  6. So sorry to hear of the attack! Hope sweet baby Rex will heal fast. Police report would be a very good idea. Good luck!!

  7. am shocked to hear of such an attack …… always felt Western nations had stringent public standards on these matters. Hope Rex gets back to being his old self quickly. A few days of rest & quiet after seeing the Vet. Regards from India. 🙂 Take care.

  8. Hoping your doing okay Peter, having to try to separate the two of them!! I'm Grateful it wasn't worse. Keeping you two in my prayers!!

  9. Yes, Rex is limping !! Looks like he got quite a few bites. I'm so sorry Rex was attacked!!!???Sad for Rex!!?Hoping all will be okay!!☺??Kisses and Hugs for Rex!° keep us informed!!!

  10. If he has scaled his own high fence the other Dog has sought you and is territorial likely owners aren't the Alphas then and he believes he is and has taken that position as they will if the owner doesn't. . Maybe they have Humanized it with little Boundaries or no structure and consistency ?!!!.
    Either way he needs to reclaim the Calm Assertive stance.
    I do not like to see this on Rex and other Dogs or Humans . Maybe he might of pulled a muscle in that leg or side from the rough and tumble.
    Be Well Rex" my Friend and Peter" to you and your Family" xoxoXOXOxoxo <3<3<3<3

    Take Care'
    Love you all" ..

  11. That broke my heart!! ??? So glad Mom is a nurse to look after you guys during things like this!! Was so upset this happened to y'all I had started a book in the comment section. Short version is both of y'all were brave to turn that situation around!!! I would file a police report. For me, that is too dangerous to overlook. Once is an occurrence. More is a pattern. Many many hugs and kisses, Rex!!! ???? You too Peter. That could have gone so much worse…

  12. Peter I think you should report it just to keep a record in case something happens again not only to you but to someone else’s dog.. also I hope Rex‘s leg heals fast.. Rex is very brave!!!!

  13. You should definitely file a police report for 2 reasons. First, it was a first offense and the police should have a record of it. Second, because the police may have people that specialize in dog attack reports and they may be able to tell your neighbor what to do to prevent this from happening again. I'm so sorry this happened but I'm glad it wasn't worse. All the best to you, Rex, and your family.

  14. I would do police report because the next dog might be a toy poodle walked by a woman. All bites are aggressive.

    On another note, I have my passport in hand and I’m ready to invoke my abnoxive American DNA, I also can’t spell, to scare this person into being more responsible. I can’t stand the fact that you two were attacked. I’ve got all flights to Sweden flagged

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