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hey max what are you so excited about Happy Meal secret life of pets to [Applause] tais-toi box it's the new McDonald's Happy Meal toys based on the newest secret life of pets – movie and we got the entire collection of 10 toys right here let's open all of them let's cut with kun bobbler max that's me there it is oh and look at my dog ball nice it's got two bones in it hmm I wanna try it let's see look at me I cut that cord around my head then when you push it my head wobbles vertical now let's try that dog born I'm stuck Wow that's cobbler box let's open another one this time it's captain snowball oh this looks fun let's see it can be incredibly cute or menacing angry whoa there's captain snowball nice look at his eyes so fierce hmm so how do we play this oh I know we're going to spin it so let's move all of these to make ready so that's captain snowball max let's open groovy Gidget mmm let's see what this does Gidget is a white popular game who has a secret crush on max whoa there's Gidget let's see oh it's a pullback go get it though Maxie take another digit she's got a nice set of wheels underneath to make her run so that's Gidget max let's check out Tiger leepu who is a young white tiger from the secret life of pets – movie who was captured by surface then snowball and DC set him free there he is now let's see so we pushed down his back like so he jumps nice let's try that again did you know that who means Tiger in Chinese so that's Tiger Tipu now let's check out we live Norman Norman is a guinea pig and he keeps getting lost trying to find his apartment oh he's so cute look at that and he comes with this very old wheel oh yes let's try pushing him along haha cool it's like he's running in his own exercise wheel so that's Norman which one is your favorite so far tell us in the comments below now let's check out Daisy to the rescue Daisy is a shih tzu and she's one of the new characters in the secret life of pets – movie ah so cute look at her pony tail uh-huh oh nice turn her pony tail and her skateboard turns to that's easy be sure to tell us which one is your favorite so far now let's check out beam chase and Chloe Chloe is a blue tabby cat in the secret life of pets movie and she's overweight there's Chloe let's turn it on oh there's a light oh nice see that beam that's projected onto the table it looks like Chloe's trying to chase you that's beam chasin Chloe now let's check out lovable tiny tiny is a basset hound oh I think this is going to be nice let's check it out there's time oh so cute look at those ears they're like a heart his ears flop up and down when you push him along there's the wheel underneath that's lovable tiny up next it's bone-shaking rooster rooster is one of the new characters in the secret life of pets – movie is a Welsh ship dog who works on a farm in which max and Duke are visiting there he is nice look at the bone in his mouth oh that's nice when you pull his tail his head turns bone-shaking rooster [Applause] that's bone-shaking rooster now here's PL chasin buddy buddy is a dachshund who's one of the main characters in the secret life of pets movie did you know that he uses a kitchen mixer to get a massage yes he really does so funny right there's buddy and press the button to send up chasing after his tail so cute and here's buddy again from the first Happy Meal toys series oh hey buddy take a look at their new toy it's so cute just like so what's your favorite so far remember to tell us in the comments below there's all 10 secret life of pets to Happy Meal toys and of course you can combine them with the First's Happy Meal toy series from 2016 and there you have it all 18 secret life of pets Happy Meal toys hit the thumbs up icon and remember to subscribe thanks for watching bye

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