MBMBaM: I Hate You, Ron

many Bothans died to bring us this yeah so let's really enjoy it is asked by Yahoo Answers user gee-off who asks is it ok to draw on a dog with magic marker sometimes when my stepdad Ron grounds me alright mess up alright messages on my dog he is white with washable marker and send him downstairs just little messages like if I need food or about how much I hate my stepdad Ron the dog sick is she right got some dog mail for you Ron fuck off mr. Perkins what's it ah man hurts my Ron esteem Oh like that one bit Yorkshire Terrier like bounding down the stairs running up to Ron hey Ron I smell that chili what the fuck you're such a bastard I'm super hungry this question is 32 yeah god damn you Ron now lit now listen to me Sparky I want you girls stairs once you find Ron just wiggling Provo you've got to make sure it reads this it's important I've been trapped in this bookcase for two weeks I've got it get some pasta up here so hungry also tell Ron fuck you Ron wants to rescue me go to fuck clean off I hate roll-ups mr. Perkins you look kind of sick what happened Oz in the markers see you remain mr. Perkins maybe you learn how to talk English stupid dog poor Ron what a fucking sick where he's just trying to watch extreme makeover it's also the dog drawing it like a knife stabbed an arrow this is Ron this is you Ron this is what I want to do to you look at the dog oh geez it says I love you Ron my dog oh we rolled over it says no I don't and he says fuck you Ron again on it and it says chili arrow towards the dog's penis uh Tyler I thought you were gonna come pick me up from work did you not read the dog I said I said fuck you and fuck your job I'm not gonna pick you up and also that we were out of eggs and also we're out of eggs you tell mom I wrote it on the dog Ron what else do you want me to do what else do you want me to do I can't I can't force the dog to stand in front of all they please just read the dog you used all the paper for your stupid novel Ron yeah how's that going Ron you're gonna poke you find a publisher yet I'm I'm doing this economy Ron you might as well self publish your stupid shit Kendal I've got a I've got a tumblr dog I just put messages why can't you get a gum blur dog can we make it a new law sort of like in Game of Thrones when you if you're a bastard your name is snow can we make it that went the second you become a stepdad your name becomes it just becomes wrong now pronounce you wife and Ron it's not it's not even your name so it is like like Earl is like a naman or a tile but his name's not Earl you're officially like either Ron you're there we'll the Rondon you're the Ron Donna this fuck you I am I am Ron Don Johnson and as long as you're living underneath my ring Don Ron Don Johnson Don Ron Don Johnson as long as you're living underneath my roof you will not melt down my Miami Vice VHS tapes back to my friend Cheech Marin he will let you have my friends eat Don Ron Don Cheadle and you'll sit in your stupid-ass tumblr dog down with messages about how you preferred the earlier seasons magic bridges I'm done with you stop it with it's a humbler dog it had enough your mom and I are very much in love listen she's not getting back with your dad do you think at some point you have to start using the dog to repair the relationship I just a note that says Ron I wish we could be close well I think we should talk he's a dog Ron my mom seems sad lately was the last time you you treated her out to a night on the tag not on the tag I'm sorry place in it I hate you Ron hashtag hungry once more mbmb am Judge cool

36 thoughts on “MBMBaM: I Hate You, Ron

  1. 'A York-shire terrier' It makes me cringe when Americans say the name of my homeland. It's pronounced 'Yorksher'. Yet again I find it hilarious when they try and say 'Alnwick' (Anik) or 'Worcester' (Wuster) and 'Leicester' (Lester).

  2. To date, this has been watched 53,000 times and only one sad step-Ron has given it a thumbs down. I feel like this is a pretty good ratio, but to that one guy: Fuck you, Ron. You're not my real dad anyway.

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