Maybe this crying dog stops someone from leaving pets in hot cars

I have an apology to make. I thought about putting a rock through someone’s
car window today. Didn’t do it. Didn’t think about it that long,
just for a second. But I thought about it. And now there’s an
apology in order. It’s just, that I saw your dog. In your Honda CRV. Outside the frozen yogurt place on Grant. And it was 90 degrees. Sweltering. And your dog was crying. Loudly. Loud enough
I could hear it from across the parking lot. But I convinced myself it wasn’t my business.
So I ran my errand. Came out 10 minutes later. The dog was still in your car. I convinced
myself it was my business. Called Denver 311 and was on hold for more than 5 minutes. Do you know how hot it is in 90 degree sun
when you’re wearing a suit? Or have fur? In a car? I’m guessing you don’t. Or don’t care. Based on how you blew me off when you came
outside with your frozen yogurt. When I offered politely, apologetically-almost, that it’s
90 degrees, please don’t leave a dog in a hot car. You basically laughed. When I added that I’m sure you love your dog
and didn’t mean any harm. You basically laughed. So, there’s an apology in order. Not for you. No. For your dog. I’m sorry your
dog doesn’t have better humans.

8 thoughts on “Maybe this crying dog stops someone from leaving pets in hot cars

  1. Hmm…obviously you watch this channel too. And looks like you have too much time on your hands with your long 3 longs rants…I mean comments. :-/

  2. You go Kyle — you did the right thing on behalf of man's best friend. It causes me to wonder who dog's best friend is, beyond people like you.

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