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Snooky is constantly escaping the house she is almost gotten killed three times already [Applause] should we take her out so it's pretty obvious that Elaine had never really walked Snooki before because Snooki pulled her and fat fool does so much that alone at the let go of the leash okay come on girl when a Len let go of the leash I thought oh my goodness here we go we're gonna have to chase nookie around chase her down for hours on end or she's gonna get run over what a nightmare oh my gosh good girl oh well that was easy enough if I chase her she's just gonna go great game but if I focus on something else like digging what's in there so she came over that's how I got her back okay so come on let's go for a walk is this why you don't walk her often yep the boys don't either no I got I got Sam she's obviously done getting a lot of walking she does get a lot of running that she gets out this is out every day she gets out herself she gets out every day every day 10 times I had to call the police really you're very near an interstate here yes I know a lot of nights the kids will come in leave the door open so so he could friendly get out and it's not fair to the dog you're the mom boys come around to the house it's like open until 2:00 3:00 in the morning you get to do all the work all the math everything they take advantage yeah they all take advantage what do you want me to do all right well let's take her home eleven o'clock at night she goes metal knux fins on the bitch will run up and down flying off the stairs slides to the wall and then in the morning about five o'clock she's on the bed she'll put her nose right in my eye like she said to alert me son and she's just going nuts again whatever yeah because there's no outlet for our energies goodness sake cause you never hardly goes out you're a young dog hair golden retriever this is a working breed and you're not working us of course she's gonna chew she's gonna jump up and you just go to mouth she's gonna get irritating she's gonna around around she's gonna go nuts there's no outlet for energy it's like a pressure cooker that I think at 11 o'clock goes so you want this great backyard here that doesn't mean to say you just shove her out here and leave her out here I want you to come out and play with her okay and I've got a variety of toys here for you that you can use with her all snuggly spends most of her life indoors she's totally bored that's why she's chewing and all the family have to do is to come out here once or twice a day and just play with their dog for 20 minutes or so and then she's exhausted really get animated I don't care how stupid you look good nice go get the other one here there you go good I made it that's it there you go here right she comes back gives it to you now throw the other ball good pick it up pick the other one up when you want to get a dog to come with you all right if you just say snook most boring man on the planet so if you go like this smokey you good family are so low energy it's so difficult to actually get them to move that's it good now throw run the book throw the ball to her that's it seriously could you just have a little bit more energy go get the beer oh the ball for her you're the ball for her first there you go go get that you go get the baby right now you throw the baby for her that's it I was very bored when we took Snooki in the yard because it was throw the ball fetch the ball come back you know what I've noticed something that you're all kind of low-energy I don't know it's like who is this is it just boring we'll just all be yeah okay I have been gone a bit 4 o'clock in the morning all right we're done the family's full of excuses I'm tired the kids kept me up all night dog keeps on getting out well you're the adult put a stop to it yes I want to make life easier for the family but for Snooki it's a matter of life and death Snooki is awake all hours of the night and I don't think it's Snooki support at all it's because Sarab kids coming in and out of the house all night partying so she never really gets any sleep we have so much traffic at night every one of kids they come over here like we're saying I'm tired of let me try and stop it – I just saw it downstairs when I came in – last came out of your house and at the door open we've got to get those boys to Fleming well respect you I think it's disgusting you're a loving mom I get it a mother – I get it but why do you let them use you like a doormat I don't know it just became came like that I don't know I hope that could change my waist the way I spoiled the kids she's got a long road ahead to hire alright well we've got to come up with a plan which I'm gonna do so that your sons actually help I wanted to talk to Ilene about setting boundaries all of the kids that come through the house I don't care what this family does with their social life what I'm concerned about is when kids are coming in all day and night Sookie's getting free she's running off it's a freeway very close to here she's gonna get run over tell me what happened last night it was kind of quiet just me and Snooki alone up until about 12 o'clock kids started coming in I went in my bedroom I fell asleep Snooki went to sleep and they left in the middle of the night have you seen the fact though by embracing them by having them in your home all the time that you have enabled that behavior yes and their kids when they get older yeah they're gonna take advantage yes can't do it at home so they're gonna come and do it at your house yeah what kind of boundaries are you gonna set I had mixed emotions about it because I also enjoyed the kids too so another sense is oh my god if I tell the kids they have to leave I'll be alone it's up to you now some of the kids that frequent your home are in sight and I want you to lay down the law I want you to go talk to them so Elaine's got something to say to you guys we're all going on a schedule the way I wanted which means at dinnertime it's just my family and I after I cook kids go home I feel like they could come back went out of the house by 8:30 no more walking in the door 12 1 2 3 o'clock in the morning that's sending bodies is shopping I would have never done this alone or been able to even get the guts up to do it alone way you hope today practice what you preach the schedule was a joke from my mom she'll never get scheduled should all he had so always have people in the house what do you think about what she said I think it's me and the reason why we're doing it is I'm here for the dope and you guys coming in and out all hours of the day all hours a night taking advantage of this home and you're letting that dog out do you want to be responsible for Snooki getting killed because she runs away do you okay it cannot happen anymore I've got a sign on the door as well how simple is it to put a sign up on the front door to say please don't let the dog out why wasn't that done before are you gonna be happy that I want it this way with you practicing what you preach you and I'll be happy these are all looking at me like I'm not gonna do it you are it will last now because it'll make life easier for me so now his rules it's not gonna be all of this stuff okay all right good let's hope that Snooki stays alive I think kids are always gonna come in and out and in and out of this household it's just that kind of home I just hope now that there's a sign on the door everyone's gonna respect it see you a harness I like you to be able to walk her yourself yes every other day when you had to she really literally nearly pulled you over whoa okay one of those so this is a harness that's attached by the chest and when there's when she pulls her body comes round so if you see how I walk her come with me good girl so she tries to pull and that pressure I just stop a little bit but she's not dragging me now see how she backs up don't forgot walk control definitely I'm hoping now by putting the new harness on Snooki that every member of the family will enjoy walking her now and that she'll get out more just feel this feel this for uknow see it as she's gonna try pull you and just stop just stop when she does there you go stop stop come nice when she's by your side you praise her good girl how does that feel Elaine is that better perfect oh my god what a difference I was able for the first time to walk my dog around the corner without being dragged it's great it's a great feeling and actually you know what you look really great now I could walk my mom like when she was walking dogs she was like very proud of walking Snooki like nothing could get her away so it was a it was really great you

49 thoughts on “Matter of Life and Death as Golden Retriever Keeps Escaping | It's Me or the Dog |

  1. This family needed a lot of work. Thank God for Victoria, she saved that dog's life. 1:39 When people take advantage it's because you let them.

  2. I can't stand this family! Snooki needs to be in a home where she can release her energy and get the training she needs, it's not fair on her! Golden Retrievers are intelligent, beautiful, loyal breeds, that without training, will become hardwork! So glad Victoria came to help, I hope this family take the training seriously❤

  3. I just started crying… I am so sad about this dog because this family seems so iresponsible oh my god

  4. I can't believe that those kids take advantage of their mom. I doubt she will practice what she preach. Poor dog. They should have gotten a cat or bird rather than a dog. ? Hoping for an update

  5. They should give the dog away in my opinion, the family is just boring and always tired. There is much more people and families that would take care of her wayyyy more better

  6. Either have the kids and get rid or re-home the dog to a family who will actually do something with her, or set boundaries and take care of the dog the right wwy

  7. Ive had my first dog ever for 3 weeks now and even I, an inexperienced dog owner, could tell you a tired dog is a calm, nondestructive dog. We dont even have a fenced in yard, our dog goes on 2 long walks a day and hasnt been a problem at all. People need to realize how much work and time and patience goes into a dog. And if you're just looking for a cute little animal to have around the house and show off to friends, get a stuffed animal.

  8. I’m sorry, but Snooki, who is a sweet heart, needs a better home, or the owners need to take real responsibility

  9. i had a pug dog but she got brain cancer like doctors said she tried to tells she got something she came to our legs and cried with moaning and she looked sad this is why i missing my best fried

  10. Good god these people are blithering halfwits. I am a very "individual liberty" oriented person who wants government on the strongest leash possible, (no pun intended) but when I see a family like this I have to wonder about requiring dog owners to have some kind of license, simply for the dogs sake. At least that's what the dog lover in me thinks.

  11. I mean if they want a dog at least don't get a working dog like a Golden Retriever. Get a pug or Frenchie or somethin

  12. Ha. Ha ha. Silly. My dog is the same. I let him run in the fields almost every day, I got him an anti pull harness, the door is closed most of the time. None of that works for him. If the door is open an inch, so my dad can have a smoke, the dog will dash through, push the door open and gone. Calling, "digging" does not get him to come. Nothing.

  13. This is a scripted show I see the same cast here, the story is created and scripted and the dog is different

  14. It's great that Victoria is trying for this family, but I believe they need a low energy dog with low maintenance. Snooki deserves a better home

  15. this is my favourite episode out of all the families she had on the show. I don't know why i liked watching this family learn ?

  16. As sturdy as she is, the dog is pulling her???????????? I really think she is putting way to much on it!

  17. Will you do something like this with German Shepherds? To stay in one place, crate training, to learn to go to the bathroom outside, to not get on the furniture, etc because I got one that doesn't learn anything and he will bark at his own reflection/shadow and start growling and barking at things on tv

  18. This family disgusts me with their sheer laziness. Having worked in veterinary medicine and dog training for 18 years, I've never seen a family more ill-suited to dog ownership.

    Re-home the poor creature and get the family in therapy. WOOF!

  19. Ive seen this family so many times on the channel if you are NOT willing to give the right care DONT GET A DOG or just give Snookie away to a caring home that will care for the dog goodness

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