Matted Dog Gets a Makeover then Reunites with Her Puppies! | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

Funfetti and Willow were rescued with over 100 dogs. Willow is Funfetti’s mom. They were extremely, severely matted. They had probably about —
and I’m not even exaggerating — five or six inches of fur on them. They had probably never been
groomed in their entire life from the day they were born. After Willow was groomed we just realized she was
pregnant with her second litter. They kept her in LA in foster care until she had her babies,
Mathilda and Ozzie. I had seen their rescue mission,
and I was incredibly touched by it. Willow came along, we just — We kind of fell in love with her
the minute we saw her. – I decided to take Funfetti home the
day that he arrived from Los Angeles. When I brought Funfetti home,
he couldn’t be touched. The process was really, really slow. And it just was very, very fragile. We got to a good place, and
then finally one day I offered him food. Good boy! He took it from my hand
and I was like, yes, And then he became interested in me. You know, he would sneak into
the kitchen when I’m in the kitchen, to pop his head around. – I remember the first day
we brought Willow back. When we brought her in here she
actually was just super curious. She got in the apartment,
she just went around sniffing everything. And then she quickly
found her hiding spot, which was underneath the couch. – It took her a week and a half
for her tail to kind of get out from between her legs. She was just, you know,
getting there, and slowly getting up. And then she comes down
and you see this smile. And she’s got that wide Shih Tzu
smile that melts your heart. – Funfetti is just a happy, loving boy. It’s like a completely different animal. He loves to play. He has
a very playful side to him. So I just find him running around
my house with toys in his mouth. Squeaking. He likes to play with
small tennis balls. I did have a feeling that
Funfetti did miss Willow. He’s become kind of a cuddle
monster, which is amazing. – Willow became so loving after, you know, two years of her life
not even being around humans. And just — it makes us
love her that much more. – This afternoon Willow
is going to be reunited with her pups, Ozzie
and Mathilda and Funfetti. – We decided to arrange
this reunion for Willow since we knew all her puppies
were back in New York, and it would be wonderful
for her to see them again. Are you ready to go to your reunion? Do you want to go see Willow? – Come here girl.
– Willow, you’re going to meet your babies! Yay! – Who’s that? – It was kind of like
an old friend thing. Like, oh okay, we’re just going
to pick back up where we left off. – Look at that!
– Oh my god, are you getting this? – Oh my gosh, it’s like
it finally dawned on her. – Oh my goodness.
– Oh my goodness. – Aw. – We’ll definitely be keeping
in touch with everybody. We’re actually going to try
to schedule some play dates. – There were some
really special moments. – This has just been kind of
the highlight of everything. Kind of the end to a chapter. It’s beautiful to see them
all happy, healthy, and thriving. It’s exactly what we wanted for them.

100 thoughts on “Matted Dog Gets a Makeover then Reunites with Her Puppies! | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

  1. This is kinda messed up… you reunite a family and then right after you break them apart and have them live their lives knowing they’re separated. They probably would’ve been better off not being reunited

  2. I wonder if the reunion was more confusing for them than helpful. I would have been afraid it would have sent the message that they were going back to how they lived when born. This seemed more for the human's satisfaction than the dogs.

  3. This is so sad ?; how and why would you neglect your animal, they need grooming jus like humans ?..I jus finished cutting both my dogs (Shih Tzu) ..I can’t say nothin too mad ?. Thk you for grooming and foster/adopt them beautiful fur babies ?. Gathering gave me so much JOY ?

  4. I thought the title said Haunted Dog gets a makeover after I saw the thumbnail lol, jokes aside I hope Willow has the best life ever!

  5. Thanks very very much for helping rescuing saving and caring for this beautiful hopeless dog ? ?? God bless you all ??❣️❣️❣️??

  6. People here crying for dogs will never shed a tear for cow, goat or pig in pain.
    Humans are grade A hypocrites. Absolute hypocrites.

  7. so evil people who ever abuse animals like this i really hope and pray that those evil doers repent before is too late cuz in the lake of fire is no mercy for evil ones ?.
    but I thank God for you guys who rescue all these beautiful innocent animals from evil doers or bad situations God bless you all and thank you so much for been a beautiful blessing to these beautiful innocent animals I'm sooo very happy that these beautiful innocent animals got rescue and now they have a good life with love and happiness thank you all sooo much and God bless you all ?????????????❣??????

  8. Wow! white devils at it again……putting a life on a leash, separating families for your own enjoyment!!!! Puppy slavery……Awwww so cute??

  9. Sad Sight,, What you did is Awesome. Animals are the Best,, Unconditional Love each and every day.. Bless you all who helped these Beauties,, high 5,, and Have an Awesome Day!!!

  10. It’s so strange that people think they have the right to take a mothers babies away from her and give them to other people.

  11. This reunion was the BEST! All pups looked gorgeous, healthy and so happy! Great job you guys. Wish I had one of them to cuddle.

  12. Dodo had reached the same algorithim as the movie UP.
    "Alright guys we want to make people cry in less then 10 minutes"
    Finds the kindest hearts and animals who needs help
    "Perfect, we've got it now"

  13. Awwe, such beautiful dogs. Mama dog sensed they were her pups when she seen them at the reunion. Such a beautiful sight.

  14. Oh dear… A wet mop. SMH as this is beyond disturbing.. These dogs are absolutely gorgeous now.. As they should be. Thanks to all of you. Good luck pups!! ??

  15. Can anybody tell me what breed these cute doggos are ? I just adopted a little puppy today and they don't know what the breed is but it literally looks just like them!

  16. Awww these babies ?. I'm so glad there are organizations like this. These pooches are adorable. That reunion ??. Knowing me I'd try to adopt all of them ?

  17. I ? that they are making the effort to keep this beautiful puppy in contact. That's the most loving and respectful thing i think I've ever seen! ?

  18. This reminds me of when my sweet shih tzu met her pups again for the first time! She's retired breeder who I adopted her at age 5; she's 12 now and still remembers her 2 daughters (one of whom is named Matilda!), who are owned by the same family. Breeding dogs make wonderful pets – Beanie was with a "good" backyard breeder, so she wasn't an abuse/seizure case – but either way, our vet told me that ex-breeders almost uniformly make great pets. She came with zero bad habits – she doesn't bark or have accidents, and she's bomb-proof with other dogs – so she sailed through therapy dog certification, but I can't take any credit for it; she came like that!

  19. Do they have any social media? I’d love to keep up with all the pups. Willow looks exactly like my dog, it’s almost scary lol

  20. Were these those dogs from that mansion home in L.A? It was in the news, you’d never think anything like that would be going on

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