veto proof. Chris?>>Hans Nichols, thank you. Let’s weigh in with Matt Bennett. Former white house deputy assistant under president Clinton. Christine is also back with he many. So Mitch Mcconnell didn’t want the president to do this. Lamar Alexander has been offering up some alternative ways to get this funding recently and no go. Why do you think, Matt that, the president is so adamant about this?>>Well, it’s pretty clear that this is the thing he promises his base and going to deliver come hell or high water.>>Even if he goes down, he’s going to show I’ll go down fighting.>>He’s not going to go down. He’s going to get this emergency declaration. But it’s insane. This isn’t how emergencies work. You don’t declare an emergency and then say it’s going to take me 15 years to build a 2,000-mile wall. It’s proposterous thing to do. Also, it’s a terrible, terrible attack on the article and powers of congress. And that’s why Mitch Mcconnell is so upset.>>If the president vetoes and, again, congress unlikely to overturn that veto, does it actually become a victory for the president?>>I think the president knew he would have this declaration filed against him and he can veto it. He can go out to his base, see, I fought for you. I did what was necessary to secure this country. If the courts overturn this he’s going to go out in 2020 and say if it wasn’t for the activist judges, they’ll be the new book and it’s all a political strategy. It’s no the a national security it’s not an emergency. It’s all about securing the base and make shurg they’re with him in 2020.>>And yet, Christine, give Rand Paul credit. He said I can’t go and say okay, president trump, you can overreach when I railed against president Obama all that time. So conversely, Democrats who were supportive of Obama when he did a lot of the executive orders and so on that Republicans said were overreached, can they criticize him now?>>Absolutely. What he is doing now is unheard of. Using emergency declaration in this manner. This has never happened before. It’s really not comparable whatever you thought about president Obama’s moves to what he did. And, you know, the idea is going to be a victim rich. The president’s base is going to love it. That base is not enough to get re-elected. And for him to have lost control of his party in the senate, to have the senate leader, a Republican saying I tried to convince the president to change his mind is a sign of weakness. And a sign of how far out the sprez even from the Republican who’s have stood with him.>>Let’s talk about one of those. It goes to your point, Matt, which is she said about her decision. I’m quoting, I truly don’t see this as sending a message at all about one way or the other about border security but rather about executive overreach. Look, if you skim the federalist papers, if you know something about separation of powers, if you know about the power of the purse and the constitutional authority given to congress, you can make that argument. But my question is do the voters care?>>They don’t care about article one power. That’s for sure. That’s an elite argument going on. What they do care about is focus on the things that matter to and building a huge wall isn’t going to make their lives better. They know it. They have had it with the guy that came in promising the moon and, you know in, the old days the snake oil salesman gets on the train and leaves town. This salesman had to stick around and they’re beginning to recognize that. So they’re not going to get wound up in the things that bother people like us about article one power. They do care that this guy has pushed his entirolitical stock in something that doesn’t matter.>>Also they care about the military projects that will potentially not be funded. They care about national security and America’s place in the international world. What projects are those? He met with the vice president and she couldn’t get answers to those questions. What’s the national security impact of cancelling those? Or what’s the bread and butter impact of not building more barracks or not building a new how does that affect the town and its small business that’s thrive off of that.>>And that’s what president promised he was going to have the best military ever. Evan, we have to talk about the politics of this and Mitch Mcconnell is put right in the middle of it. The way the hill put it, senate ma jord leader needs the support of president trump and senator Rand Paul to win re-election next year. Meaning, he must rely on two men on opposite sides of the debate over the use of emergency declaration to build a wall. Is this trouble for him? Will the president look at him and say well you did the best you can? Or is he known to have a long memory?>>Mitch Mcconnell will win re-election with our without president trump because he has the faith of the Kentucky voters. I think he is fine there. There are other Republicans in a tough position. I would say to any Republican who is considering this in the senate, think of it this way. Principles are only such if you stand by them when it’s inconvenient. You can be tough on immigration and in favor of the wall but you should also recognize that you can’t go about getting it when it’s in an unconstitutional and this is that.>>We can’t say that enough. Principles matter most when it’s

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  1. How can 20 million illegal aliens in our country and nearly a million more every year not be considered a national emergency?

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