MATH Test ! Elsa and Anna toddlers at School – Who's cheating ? Pet hamster

three plus three plus plus plus tickling Shh nananana nanana good morning class how we doing today learning miss Natalie warning warning remember today is the math test so we don't want to do the math test that's Borel don't worry if you studied well enough you will do good oh I believe in you first let's do attendance I'll see you here in this anatta Lee Anya here Benjamin yup I'm always here Oh Benjamin Rapunzel right here cinderelly sure Mulan over here Jasmine you're here sure and Danielle right here Ariel I'm right here miss Natalie and last one on the list is shank where are you shank I can see you I'm here I'm in the corner alright so before we start the math test we are going to do a little practice questions to warm up let me just get some chalk from here I'll choose the white one oh and I forgot if we behave and do nice when we each get turns holding the hamster poufy Oh guys this is nothing new for me guess what I already have two pet hamsters at home so that's not very interesting for me and also I'm so good at math so this test will be so easy for me I'll be the first one to finish it's okay Benjamin some kids don't have hamsters you're probably the only one just go sit back in your seat please okay you will see on my math test I will get an 8 plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus Benjamin enough plusses ok don't believe me you'll just see ok so when I say the question everybody has to yell out the answer well not too loud ok one plus one is two good job everybody the answer is two and two plus two is four yep the answer is four but what about four plus four wait I heard somebody said seven who was that I said it was seven is that right nope not quite who knows the right one I know I know it's eight good job cinderelly that's the right answer let me write it on the board okay and 3 plus 3 6 6 is the right answer ok let's go a little bit faster 6 plus 6 is 12 good job five plus five is ten good job two plus one is three and last one three plus two is I good job you did very well at the practice here's a smiley face hey honey I'm scared about the test why would if I fail the test and I get an F just try your best else yeah only chickens are afraid of tests Elsie has a chicken else he has a chicken stop stop it Benjamin yeah Benjamin just leave her alone and let's just start the test okay here are the tests one for you on ya thank you miss Natalie you're welcome here's one for you Elsie IQ and for you Daniel thank you miss Natalie you can even give me two tests no Benjamin only one test for everybody oh whatever Rapunzel Thanks and over there you go cinderelly thanks blondie Ariela thank you thank you thank you and shake you may all begin the tests now three two one start wait miss Natalie we don't have any pencils oh that's right I'm so sorry the pencils are right here oh that's so easy that's six oh that's even easier what an easy test Benjamin all I hear is Nana Nana Nana nanana all day and I can't finish this test okay you don't need to get so mad five plus three Oh Elsie ah I need help on five plus three can you help me I would love to help you but this is the test you are not allowed to help people what do I hear there I hear some talking no talking on tests please told you be quiet Anya I think that's wrong fell down who's being noisy now well I just needed a cough I just have to sometimes where oh I know this I have to do good on this test so my mom can be proud of me oh just don't know I think I saw this question it was in a book if it said the answer no chaining allowed but I really want to make my mom happy maybe just one time won't hurt what the teacher will see me so I have to go under I have to duck down Oh No I moved no one's here hide hide hide over here there's something there I felt something touch my hair yeah that was close okay no I have to be careful when I pass you and the last person is shaped before I get to the books I can see them be quiet be quiet be quiet here we go math problems I think this one is the one I got the blue blocker this is the math problems book be quiet the woman you want to hear me and the teacher didn't see me she's at the desk 6 plus 2 6 plus 3 6 plus floor and what's the answer it's 10 now I know just when I write huh cinderelly what are you holding there what do you mean I just have my paper and pencil nothing in my hands is yay there's my teacher seeing me I'm pretty sure something's not right here I clearly saw something else on your desk cinderelly what was that on your desk just my test and that's all cuz I'm doing it oh really well what is this under your desk just look what I found here and it's the math book what are you looking for the answers of course not why would I cheat I just found it under my desk well nobody has a book under their desk and I remember yours didn't have one it just appeared here that can't be possible but I know I didn't she Thunder Elly know the truth no no Wharton Keith right I guess I have to do but please don't tell my mom you really go on this test so my mom can give me a treat because I am nice with my test but I just really wanted to get this problem right 6 plus for cinderelly nobody's perfect if you just don't know a question you can just ask for my help or you can just do good on another test and one question is ok you don't need to cheat I'm sorry that's not the right thing to do and not just cinderelly this is for everybody cheating is not good because it's unfair nobody should do that we should learn so cinderelly I'm sorry but you have to take the test again by yourself tomorrow ok I'm sorry so I'll just take the paper from you I should've not cheated and maybe now you can look at the math book so you can practice for tomorrow when you take it again ok 4 plus 4 plus 4 wait I'm a little bit confused I have to know this come on I'm the smartest kid in the class it's I'm pretty sure it's 14 yeah let me write that perfect I'm finished whoa hey guys miss Natalie look local finish first the smart kid as usual what did I tell you and I'm gonna get a perfect grade yay Shh Benjamin if you finish just put it quietly on my desk don't disturb the other kids all right coming here comes the best test a plus coming right for me you go I'm so happy I'm done too yep and me too yes I finished oh yeah oh yeah getting scared cuz everyone is finishing and I'll be the last one don't worry I know just calm down and concentrate that's all that matters I can do this one more question think on you think k 9 + 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 that's the answer alright put it in the pile there we go get back to my seat okay I see a big pile of tests here but is everybody finished yes and of course you know that I got the best grade Benjamin missed Natalie I have a question yes Anya I would be happy to answer can we pet the hamster now please good question on you of course girls and boys oh yeah I can't wait a pet the hamster never touched you before yeah I know it'll feel sore I'm so glad you see the hamster no they're my favorite animal oh why am I the last one this is unacceptable make way everybody make way hey Benjamin why did you push us down that's rude sorry I didn't mean to I was just trying to walk sorry scuse me ah yeah yeah Benjamin that's not fair Vanya excuse me can I please pick the hamster first but I came first that's not fair you should really go to the back of the line that doesn't matter you can just go wherever you want but I was first um that doesn't matter Anya I'm telling Benjamin don't think I can't see you please go back to the line find whatever I already have to at home so not a big deal oh okay DL so poofy now I understand why they call it poofy cuz it's a little poufy ball in my hand oh I'm gonna hold out a hold it okay so cute all right who wants to see how they did on the test oh well me I want to see right now where is it I see it what's that am I seeing this right this can't be huh huh I gotta be how's that possible I'm the best at math everybody knows that that's not fair I should get an A uh well of course Anya's not that good she probably a plus No how is this possible I'm the best not LCI and Anya they got a plus this is not fair miss Natalie why did I get a B let me show you what you did see on the last question 4 plus 4 plus 4 you said it was 14 it's actually 12 so that's why you got a B it was 12 oh come on I was so sure it's 14 are you sure you don't you didn't make a mistake nope 4 plus 4 plus 4 is always 12 Benjamin fine you'll see the rest of the test only ace no beats yes and see if you practice at home every night this is what happens they do good yeah I can't wait to show this to my mommy my mommy too come on let's go put these in our backpacks visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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