Marvel’s Hero Project Clip: Genesis the Amazing Animal Ally

in love with going in to talk to the people
who could implement laws to help save animals. Today, we are at
the State Capitol. –generation is begging– I am here to support
the RAISE act banning animal dissection in all
public schools in California. –urge you to vote yes
because my generation– MAN: It kind of was a natural
progression because just having a voice is a form of activism. And her voice just started
getting louder and louder. PATRICK O’DONNELL:
Good afternoon. I am calling on this
hearing to order. AB-1586 would require
California schools to replace animal dissection
with a contemporary alternative for a more
humane teaching method. Hi, my name is
Genesis from Long Beach. And I strongly urge
you to vote yes for this bill
because my generation needs a more compassionate world
for all life on this planet. Thank you.
Hi. Hi. How are you? I’m very proud of you for always
speaking up for what’s right. Thank you. And how did you feel today? It was– I think that
it went really good. I am just disappointed
that it didn’t pass. Yeah, I am, too. But you know, even
though it might feel sad, I feel a little sad today,
these are important things that we’re doing together. It’s important to be active
politically because when he sees a 12-year-old come into his
office, he can know we really need our leaders to speak up. ASH KALRA: Genesis being
here is an important step to start to realize that we
need to listen to young people. And as long as she’s
going to stand up, that inspires me
to keep fighting. [SPARKLY MUSIC]

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