Mark Lowry – Dogs Go To Heaven (Comedy/Live)

Now let us pause for a profoundand poignant
theological exposition
presented by Mark Lowry.– Hey! Are you all having a good time
at the Dove Awards tonight? [cheers and applause] Are you ready
for some good news? – Yes!
– Dogs go to heaven. It’s in the Bible. Psalm 36:6. Read it when you get home. Dogs go to heaven. Any dog lovers here? – Whoo! – We should have known. He’s coming back
on a white horse. There are animals there. “The lion will lay down
with the lamb.” There are animals there. Now, cats go to hell,
but I can’t help that. I can’t help it. I didn’t write the Bible. No, I think all animals
go to heaven. I really do.
Read the scripture, Psalm 36:6. I think every chicken
you ever ate’s gonna be waiting on you. And really, I think cats and dogs’ll all be there,
you know? You can’t go through eternity
without Fluffy. I just think there are
different denominations. I think, I think dogs
are Pentecostal. You know,
their tongue’s always out. They’re wagging.
They’re happy to be there. Shaking their tail. It’s a fun group of people, and they’re happy to see you. [laughter] I was raised a Baptist. We weren’t happy about much. I was raised Independent,
fundamental, Bible-believing, Bible-banging, foot-stomping,
soul-winning, door-knocking, pew-jumping, devil-chasing, sin-hating, King-James-Version-only Baptist. [laughter] And I’m happy about it. Our preachers
weren’t always right, but they were never in doubt. And all of them are fat. We’re not allowed–I mean, you never heard
one of our preachers preach on gluttony.
No, sir. We want to give the Lord
a challenge in the rapture. But I’m telling you,
your dog’ll be there. I mean, when you step
on your dog’s foot, what does it do? It yelps, and it breaks your heart. And you get down there and say, “Fluffy, I’m so sorry.” And what is she doing? She’s licking your foot. That’s a Christian. Try that with your wife. I can prove to you.
I’ll prove to you. Who’s got a wife and a dog? Anybody here got
a wife and a dog? I’m telling you, Jason,
your wife loves you. Your dog loves you
more than your wife. Your dog loves you
more than your wife. I can prove it. Take your wife
and your dog home tonight. Put them in the trunk
of your car. Come back in one hour. Open that trunk, and see
who’s glad to see you. [laughter] It won’t be the little woman. It’ll be the Christian. [laughter] Well, they told me
to kill 90 seconds. Was that 90 seconds? Any Presbyterians here?
Where are the Presbyterians? Oh, the Calvinists
in the cheap seats up there, I hear you. [laughter] Any Pentecostals? There’s got to be
some Pentecostals here. [cheers and applause] Yes!
Any Baptists? Any of my people here? Oh, I thought I sensed
a self-righteous spirit, I know you. Any Catholics? Oh, God bless you. Thank you.
Thank you. Tell Mary I said, “Hey.” [laughter] I’m Baptist. We’re not allowed
to talk to her. [laughter] But tell her I said
thanks for that song. [laughter] God bless you. [cheers and applause]

61 thoughts on “Mark Lowry – Dogs Go To Heaven (Comedy/Live)

  1. LOL I grew up the same way Mark! I always looked forward to Maze Jackson coming to preach because we knew there would be food! 😀 I can't wait to see him again.

  2. Thanks for the smile! My dog is 16 and 1/2 years old, and soon I think she'll be heading on to heaven ahead of me. I expect to see her when I get there.

  3. I love how they talk about mark being serious and giving a deep theological statement, it's mark! he's going to say something goofy

  4. We will all recognize the "Rainbow Bridge" that leads to Heaven for all our fur friends will be lined along the way waiting to lead us home………

  5. YAY !!! God LOVES this man………………perhaps more than any of the rest of us serious as H_LL people…………
    Hey, did you read Psalm 36: 6?
    I did.
    and MARK LOWRY is absolutely correct, betcha dollars to donuts ! (yes, I'm THAT SURE)
    Hey, what's the other PROVERBS……….TRUISMS, I call them, or BETTER YET ~~ Bible PROMISES of:

  6. Psalm 36:6 doesn't say they'll go to heaven, but I do like your point Jesus will come on a white house and the lion will lie down with the lamb as written in Isaiah 11:6-8

  7. I got to see you in concert last night and was so happy to hear you say dogs/animals do go to heaven. Someone in my church had said when animals die they're just dead because they have no soul. After my dog past last year, I thought so often of what that person said, well, when I had to have my Riley put to sleep, they gave me options if I wanted his ashes but, it was too expensive so they asked if I would like his paw print cast made. I took that option and during my wait time, a week, I prayed to God and asked him, Lord, how am I going to know it really is Rileys paw print? They could put any dogs print on it,so, how am I to. Well, when I picked it up I just ran my fingers over it just thinking this was all I had left of him and still wondering how do I know? About that time my finger went over the largest piece of the print and low and behold there was some of the long hair from his paw embedded in the cast. I thanked God for showing me that and at that moment is when I knew dogs/animals do go to heaven and then hearing you last night and told of Psalm 36:6 I was so happy to know beyond the shadow of a doubt my Riley is in heaven.I looked up that scripture, your righteousness is like the mountains of God; your judgements are like the great deep; man AND beast you save, O LORD.

  8. This was such "hilariously, clean" fun and I enjoyed it so much! I lost a dog about eight weeks ago to cancer and it is still hard on me when I think about her. However, I have about 13 that I've lost over the years and my son has told me, "Mom, if I could just be one of your dogs because you take such good care of them, give them good food, a warm place in the house to sleep, treats to eat, toys to play with, take them to the doctor if they need to be taken, provide a nice yard for them to go out in, bathe them often and they smell so good. Someday when you get to heaven you will have 13+ dogs following you around, expecting a treat or a kiss from you!" I am so thrilled to know that I will see my sweet dogs again. Thank you for everything on this video!

  9. Well he obviously hasn't met my ghost mice chasing, doing flips, running from one end of the house to another, smacking everything around the room at 3 am in the morning Pentecostal cat. ?

  10. Psalm 36:6 New International Version (NIV)
    6 Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
    your justice like the great deep.
    You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.

  11. I asked my Pastor why he said in his sermon that Dogs do not go to Heaven. He replied,quite snarkily "Well, let me ask gog aquestion. Can a dog make a profession of faith?" I sadly said "No, i guess they cant." He continued on qith "And, dont even bring up the lion sbd the lamb." So, obvioisly he was very busy for sych a frivolous (in his mond), conversation. I respected that man as being a foremost authority on all things Biblical, our church was large and he was brilliant, funny, preaches the Gospel, etc.

    My beloved Labradoef Retriever, Shadow, passed away less than two weeks later. I was destroyed. All the way to the Emergency vet i was crying to my son (an adult) "Shadow is not going to Heaven, Pastor said so), over and over in wracking sobs. He was passed away by the time qd got there. It made the experience so much worse than it had to be. I told myh mom about the conversation with him and she admonished me for taking up his time with silly nonsense, but i told her God gave me a fierce devotion to any creature with fur. I told myh husband, who is not a church goer, "And how does he know. He hasn't been there. Thats whh j domt like preachers. They are sanctimonious. What would it hve hurt to tell a volunteer who was there 4 times a week and worked for pay 4 hours a week, that he really should have said "I'm really not sure."

    I quit volunteering and my job and refused to go to church. My mom was scandalized and asked me what God would think about that. I told her God made me with a heart for furry creatures and a really big mouth and a really stubborn streak so He probably was just shaking His head and saying to Jesus "That one is a wild child to be sure, but her heart is kind and she is an animal lover following her furry heart. She should just quit before she gives her poor mom a heart attack". I'm also adopted and neither my mom or dad love animals so it's defintely nature, not nurture. Someone told me about the video and I watched it and my heart soared. I also just heard "Mary, Did You Know?", two years ago and the lines "that Child you delivered will soon deliver you, and "that sleeping child
    you're holding is the Great I Am." How mind- blowing. I can't imagine how scary, wonderful and privileged she felt all at once? Yes, you do because you obviously thought enough about it to absolutely surpass "O Holy Night," which had been my fave for at last 48 years.

    They just moved in with me as they are both 87 and my dad's health cannot be handled by my mom alone, and I'm an only adopted child, so I moved them in with my family, although the sticking point was the two dogs and two cats.

    My last big dog has cancer in her mouth and diabetes and today I had to make the decision that she is suffering more than she's enjoying her life. I love her too much to do that, and ironically I was contacted about a 1.5 year old lab that really needed a home, so God provided my next baby before I really knew she was progressing so faster than we thought.

    But, all this to tell you that I thank you from the bottok of my heart that I don't have tk go through thaf agony again. We're talking her blankie, her comfort owl and her anti-anxiety spray and Ill sing "When We All Get To Heaven" and "Strolling Over Heaven With You." And, regardless of what Ted Traylor says, her brother Shadow, who we can't say his name becauae she still grieves, will be running in circles waiting for his best friend to show her around. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm writing the verses on paper and carrying them in my pocket. And, theyll all be waiting on me . My momma says it's sacreligious to think about a dog before Jesus, but He is omnipresent so though can't in your wildest dreams comprehend how glorious that will be, but I can imagine my babies with their tails wagging. Thank you for that. I will be able to get through tomorrow so much better. I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm ADHD, so, squirrel!

  12. Dogs are unclean ANIMALS Never can unclean Objekt enter the Holy Kindom of GOD.PLEASE STOP THIS MOCHERY to God ..Read your Bible well and Stop teaching what is itching to there Ears .That means all sinners will also enter????Read LEVITCUS 11 to find out which Kind of animals are clean and which Not. Dogs are tools of the DEVIL .THESE dogs will turn against MAN After the Rapture of the Holy Church

  13. It is not in the bible ,that verse is wrong ,and there is a reason why it is 36 v 6…….
    6. 6. 6. ……does that ring a bell

  14. I don't believe animals are resurrected. I don't mind other people believing it. Pretty much one of those, " Work out your own salvation," topics.

  15. Jesus says that the lamb will lay next to the lion. And Jesus comes back on a white horse. Jesus Christ will take all of his animals back!

  16. I think Mark is THE BEST comedian of ALL !!!!!!!  I used to like Galiger  ( I don't quite remember his name, but, he used to enjoy wasting watermelons and slamming them all over the audience, but THAT part I did NOT LIKE, I don't like to see things wasted, especially things as good as watermelons ) but other than wasting melons, he was a real good comedian, but Mark even has him beat, Mark is very SPECIAL, and was made for what he does with the Gaithers, great singer and comedian, bless his heart  🙂

  17. I just can't enjoy jokes about hell.
    But Mark is SO good at what he does! How can you not appreciate his poking fun at all the different denominations, and everybody thinks THEY are the ones who got it right. (And of course, they have the scriptures to prove it! ) And he gets us to laugh about it , and points us to the God of Love.

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