okay so today I’m doing an unboxing and
review of the Marimo Moss balls which I purchased on Amazon now I wanted to add
something to my fish tank and I didn’t want to plant it but I wanted it to be
alive growing green plant this is the box that it came in UPS dropped off today in
freezing cold weather and did not have any special handing handling
instructions on it just came like this so I was kind of surprised but
everything looks good nothing looks frozen and it actually looks like it
comes from a place called air plants and remote moss falls by mail but it is
aquatic arts was the company that I purchased it from inside there comes a
QuickStart guide on this card I highly recommend that you follow these
instructions to the letter to make sure that these must balls get off to a good
start before you put them in your fish tank or wherever else you’re gonna put
them so let’s open the box and see how they came I ordered of course a
collection of them this is the first time I’ve ever purchased them and I’m
kind of impressed look in here they are damp they’re not soaking dripping wet
nothing’s frozen again good good result there and I’m just checking them out I
expected these to be pretty small and of course they’re not perfectly round right
now because they’ve been packed in here it kind of looks like there should be
some kind of framework inside these but there really isn’t the way this stuff
actually grows it starts small and just kind of tumbles around and has this
spherical shape to it and then the greenery just continues to expand
outward and they grow about five millimeters a year so this is kind of
slow growing stuff I’m impressed number one they sent me more of these
Moss balls than we’re in the listing on Amazon and everything looks like it’s in
really good shape do not take these right out of the packaging and throw
them in your fish tank there’s some intermediate stages and I’m going to go
through all of that with you this is the largest one look at this thing
it’s really big of course it looks kind of like a brick right now but once you
put it in water and soften it up it will return to its
spherical shape and I’m going to show you all of those steps and just to get
out the tape measure here and let’s do a comparison yeah they’re big so over two
inches in diameter even the way it is right now there’s kind of a short side
and an along side but eventually it puffs right out now the water that I’m
dropping it in this is important do not pour water out of your tap that is
chlorinated and treated and drop these balls into it I’m putting this in
very filtered well water which has no chlorine or any other additives so it’s
just filtered I recommend you get you know bottled water or something like
that or just get the water right out of your fish tank you probably want to make
sure that it’s not warmer than 78 degrees according to the instructions
these things don’t do well higher than 78 the tank I’m gonna put them in is 76
now they look pretty good to me I don’t see a bunch of brown spots and I’ve read
about things to watch for it did kind of dirty the water a little bit so I rinsed
and changed this water several times during this 30 minute plumping process
and you have to leave it in the water for 30 minutes so I’m gonna set the
timer just to make sure that we’re right on the money there and here they are I’m having them in a large beaker so we can kind of show them off and they’re doing their 30
minute things this is a great time to evaluate them and make sure that nothing
came with them that shouldn’t be there you can see some little materials
floating around in the water here and it’s sitting in a large 3,000 milliliter
beaker and these balls look pretty good I’m told that sometimes companies will
ship you these things torn in half and then they roll the happ’s out to look
like balls these definitely came as complete spheres so I don’t see any
fancy footwork from the seller here where they tried to make more balls than
existed some of the patches here do look a little light and pale in color and
then there are brighter green areas you can see some brown on the back of this
one I can’t really complain though because they gave me extras and the rest
of them all look perfect so what I’m showing you in this video sequence is
actually the worst of the even though it is large I’m not worried
about it I’m gonna put this in my fish tank anyway notice that they’re floating
that will change later and I’ll explain why
countdown to 9 minutes here again it’s time to look over your stuff make
preparations for putting them in your tank and notice now they’re all on the
bottom if you see these things floating on the surface that’s because they built
up some air pockets inside during shipping or when they’ve been handled
out of the water after that 30-minute cycling period you can squeeze the air
out of them and then of course they’ll go to the bottom now I drop them right
in the fish tank and they do roll around a little bit like tumbleweeds if you
have a strong current in your tank this tank is 54 gallons and these moss balls
are supposed to help compete with algae for resources so it should result in
algae reduction in your tank what do you have to feed them nothing you just put
them in the water if you add them in a tank that did not have fish you may have
to do something else rinse change the water things like that
but this is a full system that’s well balanced and I expect these moss balls to
do great and if you notice I’ve tucked them up in little driftwood areas so you
see them off the ground you can tuck them in places and supposedly they’ll adapt
their shape and grow in to those locations so you can round out your fish
tank with these little Marimo moss balls very happy with my purchase I think
they’re great the quality is good they’re healthy and follow those
instructions and wring them out after 30 minutes and put them in your tank good
to go thanks for watching

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