Marimo Moss Ball Beginner Care Guide | I Got Marimo Moss Balls From Ali Express

what’s up guys welcome back today we are
talking about Marimo must balls so I actually ordered these from Aliexpress
and they cost a little over $1 and that is like super super cheap forum’ are
Momo’s balls so I only ended up ordering two just to try them out and see see how
they came and they made it they made it and I actually quarantined these for a
month now because well with them coming from Aliexpress and I have no idea what
kind of environment they were kept in I don’t want any nasties in my own
aquariums as with these there’s no real good way to sterilize them other than
quarantine eing because they are actually a type of spherical algae and
not actually a moss ball at also trying to bleach tip these or hydrogen peroxide
dip these will kill this plant so you do have to be really careful with them so
these are actually one of my favorite little plants to put in aquariums they
are so so easy you don’t have to worry about planting them you don’t really
have to do much to them at all they’re just really really easy you just kind of
toss them in the tank and there’s not much to them if you do have stronger
filtration they will kind of roll around the tank sometimes like a tumbleweed
they are a very slow growing plant so they typically will only grow about five
millimeters a year for lighting they tend to be kept in more low to medium
conditions and they usually do best in water that is 78 degrees or below now if
you are not keeping these in a tank you are keeping them in something like an
eco sphere you will want to avoid putting them in direct sunlight they do
not do well in direct sunlight keeping them in direct sunlight will cause them
to start Brown as well as if you keep them in too warm of water conditions
they will start to brown a little bit now adding plants to your aquarium can
be extremely beneficial as these will help to feed on
traits in the water which can help keep your water cleaner and help try to
reduce algae growth in your tank as the plant will be taking in the nitrates
that the algae needs to be able to grow and survive
so live plants can make a great addition to any aquarium and the nice thing about
these is that you don’t really have to plant them you don’t have to really
worry too much as far as maintenance goes with these pretty much the only the
only big thing with Moss balls is that they can sort of lose their shape if
they’re not in a higher filtered tank where they’re not gonna blow around and
sort of roll around to keep that rounded shape you might have to pull them out
and handle them to try to reshape them every now and then if they’re in a very
low flow tank which is typically what you’ll see in like betta tanks
unfortunately in my move with as with so many other things I lost quite a few
plants as well as a couple of Tanks so I lost all of my previous Moss balls that
I did keep in my betta tanks now from my experience it did take a really long
time I had some Moss balls for a couple of years and they still had they still
had maintained their shape overall now if you are keeping these with shrimp or
platies or goldfish or anything like that they will typically go after the
Moss balls as a food source so the Moss ball might get a little bit of abuse in
those types of tanks it could also provide a nice additional food source
for them to peck at if you don’t mind your Moss balls getting destroyed all
the time now with these having cost only a little bit over a dollar I think it
was like two dollars a piece with shipping it’s not so bad but most of the
Moss balls that I see out in the pet stores and stuff are anywhere between
ten and twenty dollars for a single Moss ball after having such great success in
these having shipped pretty well I’m actually a surprised how well they came
probably gonna order quite a few of these because I have some ideas for a
really cool aquascape inspired by serpent design and his beautiful bonsai
tree that he created using marma Moss balls I’m excited
these do if you do order things like this from Aliexpress I cannot guarantee
there’s a ton of sellers selling Moss balls on Aliexpress so no guarantees
ever I’ve heard some serious horror stories about receiving a plant from
Aliexpress luckily they’re usually pretty cheap so it’s not like you’re out
a huge amount of money but I’ve heard of people receiving their plants just turn
to mush basically there is always the chance that your aquatic plants might
not come in great condition Marvo Moss balls tend to seem to ship
pretty well so I think that’s how I got lucky with these guys is they do tend to
do okay outside of water as long as they don’t completely dry out so if you’re
not super into keeping and maintaining aquatic plants but you do want the
benefits of aquatic plants these are pretty pretty nice little little
additions to an aquarium you get the benefits of them consuming some of those
extra nitrates and you don’t have to worry so much about trimming your plant
and maintaining it and adding co2 and adding fertilizers and all that stuff
that comes with a lot of the other types of aquatic plants so anyway guys that’s
all I really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I
love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

21 thoughts on “Marimo Moss Ball Beginner Care Guide | I Got Marimo Moss Balls From Ali Express

  1. Moss Balls Huh?? It doesn't get much more low maintenance than that seems like a great choice? for someone looking to get into aquatic plants hadn't though of that hmm….not bad Not Bad At All ? Greetings From #SoCalPetLover ?

  2. They say that goldfish and mystery snails like to nip at them, but mine never does. Both seem to enjoy corydora wafers that I drop for my catfish.

  3. Full view and like #23 from Bits of Real Panther!
    I got the notification for this on my phone today while at work, and thought to myself, "What the hell is a Marino moss ball?" So, here I am to learn something!
    Hmmm, so the plant is like a moss growing on something round, or is the little ball thing just a self-contained community of plant "stuff"?
    Cool that they steal the nitrites in the water from algae. I guess $1 is a pretty good price for a tank "helper."
    Another pro video, Mandy! I hope your week has been a good one!

  4. FUN FACT! Cladaphora algae LOVES phosphates. It will actually help to lower your phosphates, reducing the risk of standard cladaphora (aka hair algae), green water algae, and black beard algae!
    Black mollies and flying foxes will eat moss balls.

  5. HI! do you have the link to the specific vendor you got them from??? I've had bad luck ordering these before and turning out to be fake plans:(

  6. Confused: every other advice given says they need cold water to be happy. Some people even place them(those kept individually in jars) in the fridge overnight on occasion. Where did you get the temp info? Not sure what advice to believe now. I was told that the balls die in aquariums because aquariums are mostly tropical and heated for the fish, making them way too warm for the balls to survive long term.

  7. just a question! i just got one from a local shop, how can i quarantine these? like you said bleaching them will kill them.

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