Marathon Mobile: Pest Control Software for Your Smartphone

You run a pest control business. When your business opens for the day your
technicians come into the office for their work orders and you hand them paper. Wait,
paper? Today, more than half of American adults own
a smart phone. And more than likely your technicians fall
into this category Ditch the paper and let your technicians manage
their workday with a device that’s already in their pocket. Marathon Mobile is an intuitive smartphone
application available for iPhone and Android devices that can help your business save time in the
office, cut costs on paper and improve customer service. Here’s how… Technicians can view their schedule for the
day, then click into each appointment to view additional details like phone number, location, services, service
instructions, payment balances, notes and more! Then the technician can time into the order
and begin his or her inspection. Marathon Mobile allows technicians to make
notes on their inspection, input materials, capture signatures and even securely bill credit cards. Marathon Mobile is a great solution for pest
control businesses of every size that handle both residential and commercial work This intuitive mobile app also contains features
for IPM inspections, as well as termite inspections. Including the ability to track Sentricon bait
stations and have access to select WDI and WDO forms. Marathon Mobile syncs in real-time with PestPac, eliminating the need for double entry of service information and allowing your CSRs and office admins to
see the status of each order and immediately send invoices as needed. Additionally, the
office staff can create a work order for a technician and it will immediately show up on his or
her mobile device. Further streamlining communication between
techs in the field and your office staff. The best part, Marathon Mobile is easy to
use, so you don’t have to worry about software learning curves when training your technicians. Find out how you can reduce your office time,
eliminate paperwork and improve your service customer with Marathon Mobile. Get your free demo today!

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