MANDELA EFFECT Update Part 1 , Possibile New Animal Species ” Wizard of Oz ” Scarecrow Change , CERN

hey, YouTube, welcome to my video Mandela
Effect Update Part 1. Ok, In this update I’d like to shar with you, I was looking around
and I found out that the scarecrow now has a gun. He’s holding a gun now in the movie.
The original 1939 film he is holding a gun, so, . Here we go, I’d like to share the clip
with you of that footage. I’d turn back if I were you. Don’t you believe in spooks? No.
Here is a new one. Well, at lest it’s new to me. Maybe to a bunch of you it’s new also.
Oreilly’s auto parts, and yes I did say Oreilly’s with an s because that’s how I remember it
as well as many other people to have been. So ahh, you remember that theme song, or its
a little jingle that played on the radio like an advertisement. it was like O, o , Oreilly’s,
so it make it easier for us to remember what it was . I remember things like that and when
you go to these buisinesses, you know you remember what they were called. We’re not
stupid. Alright,.. Ok, I’d like to thank Youtuber Jacub Amiri um for putting this informationout
there on YouTube. Um, Anout Strange animals that you probably didn’t know Exist. and some
of theselook like they might be you know because of the mandela effect. Maybe not, you know
we’re not jumping the gun here saying that they are from the mandela effect or because
of the mandela effect but um, they are strange nonetheless. So, um, that’s what comments
are for and all that so, um let’s take a look at these guys and see you know see all this
craziness. Pink fairy armadillo, what is that? Armadillo that has fur. look at that, and
aye aye. What’s that? It looks like a gremlin or something from a fantasy move or something.
Maned Wolf Look how long the legs are. Tufted deer
Dumbo octopus Naked mole rat, irradaddy dolphin look at
that Man, What The Gerenuk. Look how small that little head is. It’s got a little pea
head. Dugong Babirusa , yea, Lamprey, Zebra Duiker, yeti crab, Blob fish, What’s that?
Looks like a science experiment or something like a big giant ball of bubblegum or something.
Look how that rat looking thing, or that little mouse looking thing has just two feet. What’s
up with that? Japanese spider crab, Look how long those legs are. Have any of you heard
of any of these things? Goblin shark, What’s that? Looks like a demon from the sea or something,
Penis snake, my goodness, A Lowland streaked tenrec, Hummingbird hawk moth, I don’t know,
I’ve never seen any of these things in my life. Now some people said that some of this
stuff could be genetic mutations genetic ah experiments from you know, you know what they
are doing. Wo don’t know what they are doing out there. those scientists and all that,
um you know that could be you know but some of these creatures just look too um, should
I say like well made to be something like that but um, that’s what comments are for
so let me know what you all think. I’m not jumping the gun here saying this is you know
the mandela effect doing this but um it just seems kind of strange that all these strange
creatures just pop up out of nowhere. Alright, That looks like something off of star wars.
Yea that just doesn’t look right. That bird doesn’t look right. Okapi, yea whatever. What
is that? Norwhal I mwan I’m sure we would have seenthese things on national geographic
or something but
Thorny dragon , Sea pig, Ok, for me this change was all the froof I needed for this mandela
effect. It was just like bam in my mind because I’ve been to chuck e cheese That’s what it
used to be. I’ve been there many times with my nieces and nephews and I know what it said.
It’s all over the merchandise. When you walk inside it’s all over everything the logos
Chuck e cheese It over everything the drink cups the games the walls it everywhere. so
I remember what it was. I do I remember what it was very well. I pay attention to those
kind of things you know logos and stuff. I’ll you know I pay attention to that stuff. Um,
so anyway for me that was just bam mandela effect proof right there. It was Chuch e cheese,
not Chuck e Cheese’s . For me that’s just how it is. But um I called I called them on
my way back from work or something when I passed by it I was like let me call them and
I asked her I asked the woman that answered the phone one of the workers I asked her if
you know if the made any changes lately if they did any renovation or if they you know
changed their sign recently or their logo um she said no, she said our a our logos have
been the same Our Our you know pretty much everything hasn’t been touched. They haven’t
done any construction or anything ahh like that and she saies she says nothing changed.
She seemed a little confused herself I think she might have though it was chuck e cheese
and a she didn’t know eather but um anyway this one just blew my mind. I mean right away.
So ah I know many of you also have the same memory of it being chuck e cheese. Alright
now I have a clip for you from Mandela Effect Part 1 from Three Hearts Church I really enjoy
this I enjoyed watching this woman speak about the Mandela Effect She speakes about it from
a Christian Perspective. This is what cern is up to. This is at cern ok, our little atheist
friends over at cern and you see this guy sitting here lok like they made a little video
and they made this little video and it’s called Happy it says we are happy at cern. Ok, they
have their own little channel on youtube with their little videos, you can go see this.
So it’s like this guy has all this work to do all this paperwork and everything and here
he is and he’s holding up his little sign we’re happy at cern. Ok, Look at this nex
one because this is a major clue yall I mean this isn’t no secret that cern is up to no
good. They ain’t looking for no Higgs Bosson Please they already know. Remember ah we did
a message on thet where we showed where they have those spells those ancient writings inside
of cern. No you don’t go and start a corporation and go get some ancient ah you know like witchcraft
spells and write it around on some of the metal on some of the stuff inside your facility.
bu accident. Ok, look at this guy so here he is now he’s holding the sign in front of
his face but what I really want you to see look on his lap because this is staged for
us because remember they like to tell us what they are doing books movies videos cartoons
all of it they put it out there and they they thing we the little sheeple have to figure
out what’s going on and gather up the clues right? Well her they are and they got it blocked
just right but that says mandela and you can tell that it does. Ok, so, just in case that
a and this video that they did was published in 2014 and um this is something else that
I wanted to tell you that this mandela thing it’s hard to track down exactly like when
the changes started .Ok but that video 2014 so it ain’t like this just happened yesterday
or just started yesterday ok now look at the next picture just in case you guys out there
are thinking cern is a good thing and all of this all right it’s over in Switzerland
it’s underground it’s not the only one but its one of the biggest ones that they bult
now their fixing to be building one in china and they they have other ones too but right
now the one we’re hearing about is cern which has the large hadron collider and trust me
they ain’t over there trying to find what they call the God particle The’re over there
trying to open the pits to hell is what they’re doing so here they are um this little Shiva
this god Shiva To be it always looks like a woman but you know when you get off into
that occult stuff some of their gods are women and men because that’s the way satan likes
it right bisexual homosexual you know Baphomet’s got boobs he’s a man but he’s got boobs well
he’s a goat man head thing with boobs he wants to be all of it because God is not like that
and he wants to rebel and be in his face. So they took this statue this statue sits
out there in front of that building somebody online stuck it in the middle of this a hadron
collider because that’s what they are up to that’s part of what they do right there this
is a portal this is a gateway ok? and just so we know and we’re clear look at the next
slide when you see they’re little logo ok and I learned recently that’s called a Mobius
because this is where they try to put the sixes there that you can see those sixes spun
around cern for 666 and in the’re little club when you’re somebody that’s in the occult
like that and you start a corperation or whatever most of the time youre trying to let all your
little buddies out there know that your part of the same group and you incorporate it in
your logo so that when they see your logo they know oh your one of us they have their
little secret if they meet on the street the’re little things that they say to each other
and every the’re just sick ok?

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  1. @i amt. I suppose it's anyone's guess if the animals existed for each person or they remember them or not. yes. O'Reilly Auto Parts was a dead on proof for me.

  2. God is taking away his word. The Bible NOW says Jesus is NOT the one who is, the one who was, and the one that is to come, it says He is only a witness. And whoever this new Lord is, is telling them to behead people with a sword Amos 9:1 (that is the Antichrist) The KJV has been supernaturally changed(so has the Torah), possibly by CERN. God said He would take away His word in the book of Amos 8:11-12 Do a search for Mandela Effect Bible. I went through the book of Revelation and here is what I found:

    Rev 1:4-5 says….Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come (which we know is Jesus) but then it says, and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness? Jesus is no longer the one who is, and who was, and who is to come? Then who is? Who is this unnamed Messiah? Are they setting it up for the Antichrist? They switched out WHO with WHICH also.

    Does anyone remember the four beasts in the book of Revelation having harps? Rev 5:8-9 It says not only the 24 elders had harps but the 4 beasts had them too. I don't think so. The beasts and the 24 elders are saying they were redeemed because of Jesus. Beasts were redeemed? Rev 5:14 The four beasts said Amen? Rev 6:6 Penny? Rev 14:2 I heard a voice of harpers harping with their harps? I don't recall ever reading that before.

    Rev 14:8 An angel declaring Babylon has fallen? I remember it being in Rev 18? Oh wait, it is there too at Rev 18:2? In Rev 14:18 Another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire? Doesn't even fit into the scripture. Rev 15:7 ONE of the four BEASTS gives the seven angels 7 vials full of the wrath of God?

    Rev 16:5 the angel of the waters? Previous was an angel that had power over fire and now we have an angel of the waters? Rev 16:15 is out of place and does not make sense with Rev 16:14,16. Jesus tells them to keep their garments so they don't walk naked and then He gathers them together in Armageddon?

    Revelation 17:9 And here is a mind that hath wisdom? Then it tells about something totally different than what I remember, that should go with the counting of the number of the beast and his number is 666 which is in Rev 13:18. Rev 18:3 waxed? Rev 18:20 holy apostles and prophets?

    Rev 19:9 and he saith unto me? who says unto him? Rev 19:10 He said not to fall at his feet and worship him? who is he? Another unnamed being. Rev 21:17…according to the measure of man, that is, of the angel?

    I have read Revelation so many times over the years, it is the book I have spent the most time in. It is very different, things added, things taken away, and things out of place.

    I just caught some more. Revelation 15:6 And the seven angels came out of the temple? But Revelation 21:22 tells us there is no need of a temple for God and the Lamb are the temple.

    It just occurred to me, the messed up verse in Rev 16:14-16 it talks about Armageddon and in the middle it adds a verse too keep your garments so you don't walk naked. These were never there but isn't it interesting that they put that in the middle of the Armageddon verse. That is exactly who God will gather to the battle of Armageddon the ones without their garments.that are naked. The ones that will be with God are the ones who have washed their ROBES and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. It has to be demons doing this. They are mocking and messing things up but they also seem to know the plan of how it is going to go. Also it is ROBES not GARMENTS. The Tribulation is coming, The Antichrist is coming, God's wrath is coming. LYING signs and wonders are coming.

    Also, Fight the Armies of the Aliens in the Bible? Hebrews 11:34

    Amos 9:1 I saw the LORD standing upon the altar: and he said, Smite the lintel of the door, that the posts may shake: and cut them in the head, all of them; and I will slay the last of them with the sword:…..??? This doesn't sound like Jesus, the Bible used to say this was the Antichrist.

    Luke 19:27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me. Do you all remember this? Do you think this is the Lord? or do you think this is the Antichrist? Please wake up Church, you should know the Lord and His word. This is not it.

    God's word is no longer the Bible. Feel free to copy and paste this as much as you like so people are not deceived. In the book of Amos 8:11-12 God said He would take away His word. God's hand of protection is off the Bible, severe times are coming.
    It looks like they have taken over the Bible to set it up for the one world religion of the antichrist. They have technology you are not aware of.

  3. theres always been 10 MILLION species alive in my reality, including those cited. likewise, there's always been intersexual births (1 in 300ish) and being intersexual doesnt mean being homosexual. anyways, CHUCK E CHEESE is a definite ME for me. have u seen the S Africa video with VW with and without reading VVV (666 in hebrew) practically right next to each other? i'd agrees there's alot of VWs suddenly being driven around and parked everywhere, but here in the states and in Israel they all HAVE the VVV (666) without exception!

  4. To think we have discovered every species of flora/fauna/being on/in this/these world(s), or have found every pit in every rock, every civilization that's been, etc., is like thinking the Uni-Multi-verse's most intelligent creation is man. The old punk band The Damned mention an "Okapi" in one of their songs from "Machine Gun Etiquette," released 1979. I've known of the existence of 95% of these fauna since childhood (a lot of PBS watched in my folks house when I was a kid), or as they've come to be discovered over the years (all that PBS instilled a life-long fascination with animals of all manner, growing into a fascination with cryptozoology, hence the reason I follow such things closely). I've noticed with this whole Mandela Effect thing going on that observation, certainty of memory, fact-checking & skepticism are some of the most important tools to have, as I've felt this strangeness for years now (again, since childhood). Strange things are happening – – – many things are so very off, yet others improving, both personally & in our possible (apparent) shared realities. It's only going to get stranger, more confusing, and deeper to the Soul. It may be for a reason, something far larger than the scapegoat (ha) of CERN. Maybe we've collectively all gone batshit crazy from what could very possibly be one reality that has degraded into a gigantic, self-destructive farce so cartoonish we can't possibly accept it's gotten there/here. All civilizations collapse, their inhabitants often bewildered as to why. One thing is for certain, I distinctly do not remember the Scarecrow having a gun – – – but I've not seen the film in years, so that brings memory into account.

  5. I remember half of those creatures, but others are new to me. The Aye-aye and Narwhal I remember clear as a sunny day, from my childhood.

  6. mark my words dinosaurs will come back under this evil time. theres a bible verse concerning the end days saying many will be killed by wild animals. sure crocs and tigers and hippos rack up a kill count yearly but something way more scary is coming. Could be one of the reasons the nwo/thedevil wants guns banned worldwide. whats is freaky is youtube searching these new animals, like the aye aye and from the footage of them and their looks and behaviors i dont see them as a creation of God but rather of the devil. under this "effect" the devil has the power to change and create abominations…for example the penis snake…..really? REALLY?

  7. Im from the other dimension Scarecrow went gangster in this one o.O oh my what surprises we have here in this realm lol.

  8. Narwhals are well known for their "horn" which sailors 200 years ago used to carve on their voyages. I do recognise some of those creatures as being from my reality.

  9. I now understand what the Mandela effect is. It's a meme, caused by a form of internet hysteria. People share memories that they are unsure of (in other words poor memories) and then somebody says wait I'm sure it was different which leads to people creating false memories.
    Internet hysteria leading to mental illness. That's what the mandela effect is.

  10. I'm a retired vet tech & I have known about EVERY animal on that list except the Pink Fairy Armadillo….. with that in mind & all of my experience with animals, this is NOT the Mandela Effect, just an inexperienced 20something who hasn't learned anywhere as much as he thinks he has. Just because you've lead a sheltered and so far short life & see something outside of your personal experience doesn't make it supernatural, lol. I have experienced the Mandela Effect in other ways, but this list of animals needs to be taken out of the lineup.

  11. I can only speak for my own reality but, I had been a zookeeper for more years than I care to confess and I have always been very knowledgeable about animals since I was four. For the most part, these animals do and have always have existed in my reality…whether recent discoveries or not.

  12. The Mandela Effect is real. However, the other day I asked a co-worker if he had ever heard of a Narwhale, and he said right away that it is a "unicorn whale" that lives up in the Arctic. It threw me a loop because I never heard of this animal. I think maybe some people come from different timelines. Of course there are some strange animals that we simply haven't heard of before. In any case, good observations — funny! — thanks for sharing.

  13. i know some did exist but not all i dont think like the hog thing i think someone back in the day would have had it as a trophy on the wall

  14. In my old dimension the Narwhal was a mythical creature. I know that because it had a Magic the gathering card and I looked it up. It didn't exist. Here, it does.

  15. This isn't new…apparently nothing is new under the sun: I am not so
    sure what Cern has done but it certainly didn't start the Mandela
    effect, though it may have exacerbated it, I wouldn't have enough
    information to confirm that part of it, but I have been a victim of the
    Mandela effect since childhood….My siblings had a way of saying I
    killed off people and as I became grown, my children started saying the
    same thing and my second born daughter till this day, still makes the
    same claim…It has always been like a horrified joke….always they say
    some name, from a famous to a known friend…even a very distance
    kin…and I would say O.O What??? They are still alive? : O I thought
    they died in so and so…blah blah blah….We would all laugh but inside
    I would be so puzzled…Now I feel so much better knowing that there is
    a world of people like me…sorry but thanks. BTW I wonder if these
    people have a weird affinity to electronics stuff as I always have? ex: I
    been known to break computers just through usage…casinos to un-tilt; I
    had days when just about all machines I would touch would pay off
    (those days were too far and few in between, for me to still be going :
    p I currently dont do casinos I find them too corrupt), but it has
    been an ongoing reality that people I would sit near, would win time and
    time again, even on days when all I could do was lose ; A whole
    certain genre of watches (some wind up some battery operated) have never
    told proper time when I would wear them, for some reason Timex and very
    expensive watches have never been problem though O.o…(I was happy
    when the other digital factions took over time keeping : p ); and
    weirdly, for no reason anyone could fathom…I have always hated the
    taste of plain water and will only partake when its, REAL cold or I'm
    really thirsty and neither would matter if there is some other liquid

  16. They have already brought back dinosaurs under so far controlled environments this has been some time before so yeah they have cloned dinosaurs very successfully what is really weird is the hybrid animals they created by cloning adn gene-splicing the dinosaurs well…so yesterday

  17. And I remember the narwals too when I was a kid and got chickenpox I read jules verne's 20,000 leagues under the sea and they talked about narwals in that if Im not mistaken.

  18. I really loved your video until you put the Christian point of view at the end and then I had to turn it off. I myself was a Christian for so many years I have been born again so just speak and baptized I was happy to call myself a Jesus Freak 🙂 what's this thing that's going on I truly believe it's much more than people are giving credit for. if you start watching some other videos you will gain some very useful knowledge about our Earth how we have entered the Golden Age which happens about every 26 thousand years… I believe that reality is always shifting but right now we have so many people that are waking up. people are waking up from The Matrix so to speak.. As human beings we are able to create with our intentions and manifest the most beautiful Earth and beautiful lives for ourselves. the Earth is moving into a higher dimension and I believe and this is just my personal belief that there are parallel timelines which are all intersecting right now so you have the past the present the future all kind of colliding… it's going to cause some strange shifts in reality but you know these things have been happening for many years at least since 2012 people just were not noticing them. I know I didn't notice them until about a year ago. I don't believe that any of this is satanic and I think if you view the changes with our Earth end the moving to a higher Dimension as evil then you are missing the point and you are missing the opportunity to live on this new Earth and create heaven on Earth is Jesus not the one who said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you? you are able to create the kingdom of heaven on this Earth… I know many people hardcore Christians that is will disagree with what I'm saying but I think we can agree on one thing that is very important right now during this time in history and that is to do everything with love. love will unlock every locked door in your lifetime. think of someone you have loved so much that it took over your whole being so much intense love you felt for that person we all have someone in our lives that we have loved so much… Okay now Imagine This we are meant to love everybody every single human being with that much love 🙂 just keep living your life In Love do not be afraid do not live in fear… Close your eyes and envision your perfect life and then watch it unfold in front of you. please forgive any typos I am using Google Voice and sometimes it butchers when I'm saying and yes I know I am usually one huge long run on sentence hahaha… Peace and love to all of you.✌💜💚💙💕

  19. please look up hunched back German Shepherd. really. this thing looks like it's struggling to stay alive. q

  20. Animals I remember from my thread:
    > Mara
    > Naked Mole Rat (Fallout 4 has big, viscous versions of this)
    > Lamprey
    > Fossa
    > Star-Nosed Mole
    > Zebra Duiker
    > Glaucus Atlanticus (looks familiar)
    > Mantis Shrimp
    > Bush Viper
    > Blue Parrot Fish
    > Okapi
    > Narwhal
    > Thorny Dragon (funny image of that one!)

    My own experience has been and is interesting. For instance, fairly recently, though I can't really put my finger on it exactly, I noticed I was fighting my hair… I realized that I had a new cowlick on the right top of my head and thus had a rooster tail where previously, one had never existed. So, I started parting my hair on the right which I don't ever remember doing (I'm 60 now). I don't actually have too many Christian friends but last night I called all of them and asked them to look up Isaiah 11:6, you know, the Lion lays down with the lamb verse (probably why CS Lewis chose a Lion figure for his Narnia books). Without exception each was shocked and in one case, dismayed, that the verse now clearly says "Wolf lays with the Lamb" (paraphrased). One even looked it up in a bible given to her by her grandmother that was over 100 years old and still, the verse was "wrong" now reading Wolf & Lamb again. She told me that she had read that verse as part of daily meditation every day for years… I have wondered if this isn't either proof of the multi-threaded universe or the projection (matrix like thing) we appear to be living isn't kind of easy to mess with and yet, in this case, serious mess up it would see… Or perhaps someone involved with this process made it messy in order to clue most of us all in that perhaps we are in some kind of strange prison of the mind, soul & spirit… In spite of all these oddities We all are seeing the one that bothers me the most is how much I am different from what I remember only a short time ago… The differences are subtle for the most part but certainly there and quite disconcerting… I’m not egocentric in nature but I have noticed subtle changes in every aspect of my being, none particularly positive or negative but my sense of it is slightly more dark than what I previously was experiencing… For what it’s worth…

  21. those animals existed before the Mandela effect was debated. I do realise something is going on but relating information like this without properly researching it from veterinarians or zoologists or other experts just makes the arguments for the Mandela effect null and void with experts. you really want people to take note do your research !!!!!!

  22. Visit Southeast Asia. You will see many things. A lot these creatures have been around, just not exposed to Westerners.

  23. I live in Japan and have heard of the spider crab. I grew up in Michigan and remember problems they had with the lamprey eels. The rest do seem strange!

  24. My Website,, deals with the Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect. Most of the site involves changes to Bible Scriptures. You have some great information on the phenomenon; I have included at least one of your videos on a page under Other Oddities. I have given you full credit for your material. I have also provided contact information when possible. If you do not want your video(s) and/or other contact information posted on, please email me at [email protected], and I will remove it.

  25. The creatures in this video are a testament to the diversity of life and the amazing products of evolution and natural selection. It's not very surprising that the folks with imaginary friends have now adopted the Mandela effect. Your memory is imperfect and easily confused by the myriad of influences and observations you experience; it's that simple. There is no reason to assume anything more extraordinary than that, just as there is no reason to assume that odd looking animals are evidence of an interdimensional shift.

  26. I know it was Chuck E. Cheese because when I was very young I made up this jingle…chuck e cheese, homaneze, get in the tub tub right now, little window. If it was chuck e cheese's than it wouldn't rhyme with homaneze. (I know that makes no sense but it did to me back then.) It's chuck e cheese.

  27. I only remember the lamprey and that was in 1998 because I had to dissect one in college while studying veterinary medicine. I am 37 now, i've never heard of any of these other creatures until the past year or so.
    Chucky cheese never had the "s" and if you research most people call it Chucky cheese still unaware of it always being with an "s" in this timeline.
    One more thing I was told that this Mandela effect has always gone and isn't new (or cern) but we are only realizing it now because so many people are communicating about it on the Internet and such.

  28. Always was O Reilly Auto Parts and the song was always said O Reilly Auto Parts. It's referred to as O'Reilly's Auto Parts many times using a contraction that makes O Reilly possessive. Nothing wrong there. Scarecrow always had a gun too.

  29. I've seen the blobfish before and growing up my friends mom had a hairless molerat as a pet but those are tho only 2 I recognize the rest are all new too me. I have experienced the Mandela effect before tho and it has freaked me out especially the JFK thing.

  30. I'm from the Philippines but do I know that narwhals exist even when I was a child. They are in books about whales and are featured in documentaries. Not because of the Mandela Effect.

  31. Has anyone seen these 'new' animals in person? We can see pictures of ET, the alien from the Alien movies, or other movies and they look real and alive too! Just because there are pictures (or even video) of these creatures doesn't mean that they are real. In 'Jurassic Park', we can see dinosaurs running around but they weren't not filmed creatures but CGI (Computer Generated Images).

  32. The blob fish was a recent find because it is a deep sea fish. It looks nothing like that in its natural habitat (It's actually quite beautiful) it looks that way because of severe depresurization.

  33. I am definitely with you on the CHUCK E CHEESE.
    It was Never was a plural in my reality as in more than one like "CHEESE'S"
    People may have said it that way,but the Name of the company was always
    Chuck E Cheese.

  34. So far the two that i am 100% certain of are Berenstein Bears and Chuck E Cheese.
    No one will ever be able to convince me of the way they are spelled now because i would have to lie to myself if i did that.
    In my reality they were always Berenstein bears and Chuck E Cheese until whenever this effect happened.

  35. D'Wave and Cern without any doubt.
    One of the designers of the Dwave computer even admits they can tap into other parallel dimensions and extract and change things.
    here watch him admit it for yourself

  36. People, you who does not remember. WE are from a different earth. I can't remember a single of these animals. Everything is completely off here.

    But for the people who is here, this is normal because this earth is NOT our earth. We are deep in the milkyway here.

  37. The Wizard of oz discrepancies are from a well know deleted scene called "The jitterbug " which never made it into the final release of the movie but is included as an extra feature on some DVD releases .

  38. Superb bird is dancing funny, have seen the video on YT – probably rare local bird from the rainforests. "Saiga" are in Kazakhstan, I have been tought about that in 3 grade in Russia, be sure about those – they are exist, but very rare now! And not everything is OK with this Effect, I will agree…

  39. me and dad had our old VHS of this playing a few months ago.and that gun had us both baffled but just moved past us. it was the first conscious experience of the Mandela affect I experienced although I didn't have a term to refer to it until now..does anyone know how old the term is?
    also I've experienced false memories throughout my life also strange out of body feelings. seen professionals of all sorts for the mind..they have always summed this up to "repressed memories due to severe childhood trauma…but that theory never made sense to me..not to say that I don't suffer from that as well.but this is something entirely different. obviously

  40. Ecclesiastes'.. Theres Nothing New Under The (SON) Sun'.. That which Hath Been is that Which Shall Be'.. As it was in The Days Of Noah' So Shall It Be At The Coming Of The Son Of Man'

  41. .. CERN Will Have a Reverse Mandella Effect on The Luciferians Soon Enough',, C-hristless E-ternity R-unning N-ear

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