49 thoughts on “MAN WITH A MISSION – Dog Days

  1. Now american and european people can't say they can't listen because they know no japanese. This type of music should take over, the good shit. The international music sucks ass but atleast Japan have had good shit all along. Now in english so stop listening too snowflake drake and no balls sheeran and so on boring crap.

  2. I've been listening this band for 2 years and I always had a question on my mind. Umm are they furry ? If they are, it would ve COOOOL

  3. 俺も良くわかってないけどイントロ聞いたら脊髄反射で高評価したぞ

  4. マンウィズ全開って感じがして大好きです!


  5. I first heard of this group while I was in Tokyo in 2015. They were a bit heavy on the rock aspect, but they certainly have talent.

  6. i would like to see a collaboration with nano … it would be wonderfull.. i don't knw jst thnk abou it..

  7. この曲の何が格好いいかってさ。ヴォーカル・メロディと、ギター・リフかな。ドラムやキーボードも良い味出してる。やっぱ、盛り上げ方が、特徴的だよね。

  8. 映像美に加え、ノリの良い、サウンドが、心地良い。曲は、ドッグだねぇ。本人達はオオカミなんだそうだけどねぇ。不思議だねぇ。

  9. 知らない曲だと思ったら、知ってる曲だった件www

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