31 thoughts on “Man saves neighbor’s dog from elevator

  1. That woman is too stupid to have a dog. Pick it up, or at least tighten the leash so it is literally right beside you before going on an elevator, what an idiot.

  2. I've set up a GoFundMe to investigate whether the GoFundMe to help with the trauma and recovery for the dog and owner is legit…

  3. Only two people there. He walks off elevator staring at the dog for abnormal amount of time. Nobody would walk into an elevator while ignoring the dog. Every person on the planet would send dog in first. Nice try you two but a total setup.

  4. Pretty sure this is a scam.
    Who stands around filming people getting on and off elevators? When the dog is “in danger” the person filming doesn’t do anything?
    Why did the man have some odd interest in the dog?
    Why didn’t the dog follow its owner onto the elevator?
    Why didn’t the owner pay attention to her dog?
    How “fortunate” the owner only went one floor.
    How odd there is no audio with the film to hear all the “screaming” from the owner.

  5. Guys, did you not hear how much she was crying?! She probably already hates herself for it so she doesn't need hate from you guys! She just didn't realize the doors were closing because they closed so quickly

  6. people are stupid people are not a hero to save dogs that get caught on leash of elevator just watch them carefully if no extra person wasn't there game over see that way people with dogs want there dogs or any pets to die cause they are legally brain dead it just like texting/drinking with driving SMH pitiful just pitiful

  7. I think when something goes so horribly wrong like this, senses stop working… Though one should stay calm and in senses, but that doesn't happen when one goes through something awful

  8. BRILLIANT save from the guy, and women say they dont need men, poor lil mutt woulda had it's head popped off if he hadn't made that save.????
    Anyone out there, ALL lifts have an emergency stop button, USE IT.

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