38 thoughts on “Man rescues dog stuck outside elevator

  1. Pretty sure this was a set up or scam. Need to watch the full video, not this short clip.
    Questions: why was someone standing there filming people going on and off the elevator? When this “dangerous” situation unfolded, the person filming continued to film, never moving to try to help, never moving her arm away from filming…

    Why did the man have the unusual interest in the dog?
    Why didn’t the dog follow the owner into the elevator?
    Why didn’t the owner pay attention to her dog?
    Said the elevator went to the sixth floor. That’s a minimum if 50 ft. Retractable leashes are fifty feet long? She went to the sixth floor and back down in that amount of time? Pretty fast.
    Why is there no audio of her supposed screaming? Yet you hear the person filming in the original video.
    Had this been a security camera image…..

  2. The poor dog it didn't realize it's owner was gone until it was to late. im so happy you were there the dog I think was panicking to God bless you ?

  3. people are stupid people are not a hero to save dogs that get caught on leash of elevator just watch them carefully if no extra person wasn't there game over see that way people with dogs want there dogs or any pets to die cause they are legally brain dead it just like texting/drinking with driving SMH pitiful just pitiful

  4. People should not be afraid to push the emergency stop button, I think as a society we are train to never touch that big red button but this would have been justified

  5. See ladies ? this is why you shouldn't be a snob and be friendly towards strangers/men and at least smile or say hi…..you never know when they might need to step in to save you or a loved one.

  6. I always and I mean ALWAYS pick my dog up when im going on an elevator. ( Btw the pic isnt mt dog ) I used to have a Pomeranian…i found this on tik tok lol

  7. Must probably March Pom? who is Familia Diamond missing his dog owner I think check out I show you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1BYuwxmHNY

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