Man Proposes To Girlfriend With A Dog Balancing The Ring On His Head

– All right, so cute dogs and Instagram, it’s like they were made for each other. Well, you have to see one of the cutest dogs on Instagram. This is Harlso, a five-year-old Dachshund, from Northern Ireland, who’s
talent is balancing things on his adorable little head. Take a look. (crowd crooning) Here’s Harlso balancing three
doughnuts, that I wanna eat. And just in time for Christmas, here he is balancing a gingerbread man. Look at the determination. With the bow tie. Let’s check in with Harlso, and his owner Paul on Skype, here we go. Hey, I’m Kelly Clarkson, hi. (crowd cheering) Oh my gosh, I love your sweater! – Thank you, yeah. – Y’all are so…so how did this start? – Yeah so um basically, (man laughs) a couple of years ago, yeah he really wriggling,
you’re too excited! Um, yeah we began balancing
stuff, on Harlso’s head because we found he had a hidden talent. He was around two years old,
and as far as I was aware, he didn’t know any other tricks. And one day I placed this toy on his head when we were playing fetch, and he balanced it the first time. Since then we have been taking photographs and uploading them onto Instagram, and yeah, it’s just,
that’s how it started. – Oh my gosh, first of all, he’s adorable. Secondly, so is your accent. Oh my gosh, I love your accent. (crowd laughing) Um, I understand though that his balancing helped you get engaged. – I purposed to my girlfriend, Jennifer, um, by balancing the ring on his head. I sort of thought, how can I get a yes? (man laughing) So, still to this day,
I don’t know whether Jennifer was saying yes to me or to him. – I mean what a way to
like, absolutely get a yes. ‘Cause like whose gonna say no to that? That’s adorable. Thank y’all so much, so right now I’m officially liking
your post, all right. (crowd cheering) – [Man In Green Sweater] Thank you!

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  1. Wow, he has a cool accent! It’s either Scottish or Irish, he’s definitely from somewhere in the British Isles.

    That dog is awfully cute! ?❤️

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