Man Manages His Own Zoo With 180 Rare Animals In His House?! | Kritter Klub

Rare animal researcher, Kitty Pong’s Amazing Animal Dictionary ON☆ Chapter 1. Aquatic animal dictionary Top endangered species
“Albino Siamese Crocodile” Top endangered species
“Indian Gharial Crocodile” Only 11 in the world! The giant, softshell turtle★ Kitty Pong(Animal Researcher) : I’ve been raising these animals for 20-30 yrs There are no legal limitations for rare animals But regular people cannot raise them.. Besides this softshell turtle Whose neck can stretch 1m! Dinosaur descendant! The alligator snapping turtle also lives here~♡ Don’t come close! Be careful, your hand will break In half! If you wanna know f’sho Like this carrot! Like this corn! I’ll make you one of dem ^0^ (Switch screen) Chapter 2. Cute, land animal dictionary From the cute wallaby To the long-legged flamingo friend★ Cassowary Paca! Kitty Pong : There are 80 species in this house, and 190 animals in total The cutest among them The sensitive, but nice friend, baby deer (a.k.a The smallest deer in the world) Greets with tongue…? 😛 Kitty Pong : This fella won’t grow anymore, and is already grown Small and precious..

90 thoughts on “Man Manages His Own Zoo With 180 Rare Animals In His House?! | Kritter Klub

  1. Если бы ты знал,чувак,какой крутой сафари парк есть в России ?❤️❤️❤️
    Но самое главное – идёт рейдерский захват его местными властями ???????Закрыли на месяц

  2. Por dios cuanta hermosura..
    Me encanta los animalitos..
    Porfavor cuidalos como haces y quierelos mucho..necesitan cuidados pero amor tambien..
    Gracias por cuidarlos y quererlos..
    Medan ganas d llorar d ver q hay personas q se preocupan por los ANIMALITOS…
    T mando un super ?

  3. Man and his need to OWN other beings? Don’t they have the right to live in wilderness? Thank God that he at least seem to appreciate the and take care of them.

    Please consider make their space much bigger so it can be some sort of sanctuary instead of zoo.

  4. น่าร้ากกกกกก >_< น้อนกวางน้อยยยย

    คนไทยถูกใจสิ่งนี้ ???

  5. Zoo’s to show us animals that will soon be extinct due to human activity! If we didn’t have oligarchs destroying the planet from beneath our feet then zoo’s wouldn’t be needed. They used to be like a sideshow for us to muse over. Now it seems they have become an important conservation resource. Amazing space this guy has built and not to mention his intuitiveness and connection with the many different species. ??

  6. Mi vecina tenia un gato y como yo le daba de comer se encariño conmigo y ya no se fue con su dueña ella me lo pedia yo se lo daba y a los diez minutos se regresaba conmigo?? ya no quiso estar con su dueña yo no tengo la culpa yo le di mas amor y cariño que su dueña ella le daba poco cariño yo le decia cuidelo para que no se venga para mi casa y ni caso me hacia?? la vecina pasaron los años y el gato ahora es mio ella misma dice ese gato ya ni se acuerda de mi ahora tiene otro gato la señora y se biene a mi casa pero yo lo espanto no es justo que me enjarete todos sus gatos?? yo le digo no ya no quiero tanto gato??

  7. Really enjoyed how the ad before this video was "Wildlife are not pets", explaining how the wild animal black market trade really hurts these poor beings

  8. I doubt that Mr. Kitty Pong acquires the rare animal species legally!!??!!
    I recognize the tiny deer that was believed to be extinct over 30 years ago that has been recently rediscovered in Vietnam in December 2018… Known as the Silver-backed Chevrotain or Mouse deer… how did Mr. Pong managed to have this animal in his personal collection??!!??
    The authorities should be investigating Mr. Pong!!!
    Btw, he should not be allowed to harbor rare animals that could be protected species even if it is his desired hobby!!!??!!!

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  10. We're just taking care of our pokemons… ?
    Meanwhile he's taking care of a thousand rare wild animals with full love. ❤️

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