Man Gets Beaten For Raping Dogs! ft. Blogilates

in you got served news submitted by nine from the land of smile I want to be in a Land of Smiles I my creeped me out Chinese man oh really fucked up gets beaten by an angry mob for live-streaming himself raping his dogs whoa why is he raping his dogs why is he live-streaming that crying oh no is it a male doggy or a female dog a fucking sick piece of shit you I hope you have a disease on your wiener you fucking nasty bastard so I don't know what the genders of these dogs are I do know that they are actually strays so they don't really belong to him whatsoever the reason why he's doing it uh again I don't know but I can say that he said this quote so he offered whoever the demographic is that's watching these videos the chance to rape female dogs in a way that serves us all raping female dogs yep oh yes yes I just I don't I don't know what other dogs he has maybe I don't know if they rape male dogs either or is it primarily female what are some a great female dogs in a way that serves us all what does it even mean so that other dogs so other dogs don't rape them and they have more strays or maybe it's a Chinese proverb I don't know maybe it sounds like a fortune cookie bastard I don't think you talk about other people that are watching that would that would want to see that she's disgusting so when this man first started streaming look I love dog I don't get horny good East eality some people do and I also think you don't have it maybe teachers shouldn't teach kids be unique and do you cuz you know they always do that there's got to be at least one kid in the class it's like a dog raper the teacher told me I should do me I'm gonna rape some dogs and benefit you all that's true so this man three weeks prior to the mob actually coming over and just beating the shabby find out bit like I had like a hacker I'll let you know having a detail because there's so many jumping into stories builder the man he started live-streaming this abuse and he even like he reportedly asked paying customers about 750 to beat like this poor like these poor animals before like actually sexually assaulting them is this um in China yes so I don't know if he actually assaulted them in this particular video so what you're saying he is he beats them and then he bones them yeah oh that's what he was offering for seven dollars and fifty cents so for people to want to watch that yeah to watch him be the dog before actually sexually assaulting tears so like this one I beat them and this one I beat and do whatever and this one I do whatever Oh oh my god that's kind of like remember that movie the hostel was it scary yeah well it's like these they think these people go on a trip and then like they get kidnapped and in that it they're like in this weird dungeon and then like rich people pay to like torture people and kill them in a dungeon so instead of like going to like a brothel or fun they end up like just killing people that were kidnapped and stuff but they life stupid or the rich people get they do it the rich people pay for that service like they'd like to do that for fun so this is kind of very similar where it's like live streaming torture all that stuff and people that get off on it they're paying to watch this stuff there is these activists and these dog lovers that actually got in contact with the man just like tarts are talking to him and just trying to like set up a place where they can all kind of like go and do the activity together let's all go fuck some dots together them so he was trapping them yeah so they're trapping so they're just chatting with him for like a few days and then they actually lured him into a trap hi were they again arranged to meet up to talk about this hobby and so when he arrived there was a bunch of activists that came and start being the shit and shit so I have that footage do you imagine how the conversation went how he got catfished come on man from one dog fucker to another man we have to unite is he arrested yes he did get arrest and in dogs I rescued the dogs were rescued $7.00 $0.50 how do you come up with a business plan for the bad fucking I was gonna charge $8 to get at de MacDonald and talk about the busy why is he making why is there no naked guy on top no there's admit that he's pantsless ain't fucking them up hard enough all the other guy is that guy looks like your dad there's like a protest sign too that's really disturbing I feel dirty yeah I feel like justice me too I feel like justice is served good job China yeah so like the banners and the signs that you saw says pervert sexually assaulted female dogs going against morality they don't go up hard enough though that's what wasn't bleeding or nothing nothing hitting them with the and the side of the broomstick they were hanging on was like with the fluffy side too didn't the guy that looked like Bart's dad kept missing his kicks all right dang man are you gonna do something break his ribs or do something nice he must be mentally ill or something yeah he definitely is mentally stable for sure yes I think he's he's actually like you know what I'm gonna make a business out of doing this cuz he's not doing it just to like have fun you don't know that maybe but he's making money off of it so let me know what site he was streaming this on so then like they need to target like however oh they got him cuz they lured him alright but you get some hackers get in there fucking find these people that are demanding this type of shit and then prosecute them to God so the beating students stopped when local residents called the police and the police arrived and they just took him away and they actually took him to hospital for treatment and that at that particular moment like he wasn't or he couldn't be charged for abusing the dogs because those dogs again were not hit as they were strays their dog but there would be an investigation and he could be charged with something else like Evan attaboy he'd be charged with that he isn't making animal porn he is and he's distributing it too well they have to confirm it by seeing the content that he actually streamed before they can actually do that you know what's crazy to me what is the fact that these people made this big-ass banner just for that my fave went to the store and you printed this huge bed Kinkos they're like fuck this guy man this guy this motherfucker man what should we call it ching how about dog fucker fuck you yeah it was like no professional just said that for this particular case activist organization that did this it is so then I'm had this maybe like there no but the phrase that it says specific terminology yeah it said you're a pervert yeah oh really how did you read that she told us very specific Oh like like Chinese PETA against no cruelty it's reusable yeah that one they spend money for that one action that's the thing that's like they're new that's just the first person that they caught it just find dog fuckers maybe like she said you can't reuse it yeah they catch more dog fuckers that could be a you pervert okay fine Higgins first one though the first one they still have to go to some sort of Kinkos excuse me what's the turnaround time for some five days Oh today Oh perfect okay like straight up mom's in there to like holding their purse like you guys just like people walking but I don't even know what's happening there like awesome was being someone else fuck I want a Dragon Ball sure – yeah there was a guy with like those sandals like those sport adidas sandals he was trying to kick him with that and there was another guy that had no shirt the community is coming together for good keep doing that all around the world there's another video to work there was dog eaters that were like stealing dogs someone got beat to death because they're trying to yeah dad yeah yeah well it's good to see in the same country that they eat dogs at all yeah cuz China has a bad rap with the Yulin Dog Festival and then to the rest of the world they think Chinese people are a bunch of dog eaters but there's activists out there that are protecting animals and dogs and they're not getting him any publicity so finally an appeal good job China and the street dogs were taken in and they are going to be soon to be up for adoption hey guys thanks for watching that last episode I knew you loved it so much so you need to give it a big thumbs up a big thumbs up make sure to like this video and if you want to see more videos you can check it out right there what it's weird that's weird yeah you wouldn't want your dog to be receiving love from social I know why I don't what because I give it all the love in the world it doesn't need any my love is enough trust me what kind of dog I do peanut butter and everything that's real rubs peanut butter on his dick unless I do all of it and I'm not saying I do that but I just do everything I hate second half I don't know what it is my girlfriend god

27 thoughts on “Man Gets Beaten For Raping Dogs! ft. Blogilates

  1. Maybe teachers should stop saying, “Just do you,” because there’s going to be one person who will take it way too far.

  2. Considering how the Chinese slaughter dogs – raping them seems like a misdemeanour by comparison.

  3. Just a side note: when cows get 'artificially inseminated' that means they get fisted by farmers, there are videos of how that happens. Sometimes they even put another hand up their anus to make it feel better?? TOTALLY romantic. Not to mention the abuse of cows and their calves in a majority of factory farms…but what you gonna do right? Yall need your milk.

  4. With so much CGI technology, why has he made this a real live attack on a poor dog! This means he had alternatives to avoid doing disgusting and cruel acts, but he's the one getting off on this. Ergo he was serving no one but himself! He is f***ed! Needs penalty! To think, another pervert watched this, and might've become like him too!

  5. in China they got their dog eating festival where they torture dogs and such to eat them. there's a video from the carnival where these guys have a dog pinned to the ground by the neck and taking a blowtorch to its face. Tell me why it's ok to fucking torture dogs in china, but it's not ok to fuck a dog in china

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