Man Charged with Murder after His Dogs Mauled Girl to Death

– To what extent are you responsible for the actions of your pets? The owner of three dogs has been charged with second degree murder
after the fatal mauling of a nine year old girl. Veterinarian Dr. Arvid
Edward is joining us today to weigh in via Skype. Doc, welcome, welcome back to the show. (audience clapping) – Thank you, thank you, great to see you. – We are all dog lovers here,
but when I heard this story, my heart sank because I just
sat there thinking to myself, that poor nine year old girl when those three dogs got loose. Before we get into the
legal elements of this, when dogs do that, when three dogs, is that a pack mentality type of behavior? – Yes, this was a pack mentality. Any time there are two
or more dogs together, they operate in a pack. And when operating in a pack, that actually emboldens them
to become even more aggressive than they would as an individual or solo. And so when these dogs
escaped the premises, they had one mission and
that was to seek and destroy, and unfortunately, this little
girl was riding her bike in the path of their destruction. – How could this attack
have been prevented and what can people do if
they ever find themselves in this really unfortunate situation where they find themselves
being pursued by dogs? – Well, one way it could be prevented is that with ownership. A lot of times these attacks
occur as a result of negligent, irresponsible, or uninformed owners. Had this owner had the premises secure and was in direct
supervision of these pets, no wild dogs should ever
be allowed to roam free in a backyard without direct supervision ’cause you never know what’s gonna happen. – So do you think the owner
should be charged with murder in your opinion as a veterinarian? – In my opinion, yes. I think a statement
needs to finally be made, and I think that in a situation where the owner knew that
these dogs were aggressive and after having an argument with the dad regarding the stability of the fencing, the owner knew that the
fencing was damaged, and then left these dogs unattended to a point where they escaped. So yes, I do. (audience clapping) – Before we let you go, is it true that they always
talk about the alpha, if as a dog owner you were
able to get to a place where, ’cause we all know dogs who
have exhibited violent behavior as a youngster and then
they become the sweetest dog as they become trained, is it true that if you create an
environment around a dog that you become the alpha that they’re able to
I’ll say submit to that and become more obedient and maybe lose their aggressive ways because, look, we see it in humans too. I like human beings but there
are human murders out there. So I’m curious if dogs can be,
I’ll call it rehabilitated. – There’s myths out there saying that you can love the
aggression out of some dogs. I don’t think you really
can love the aggression out of them. I think you can just put them
in more suitable environments that condones their personality. A lot of these dogs are traumatic and they have switches that can be flipped at any given time, and
they’re very unpredictable. So when some of these
dogs end up going back to adoption agencies
because of problems they had in another household, and you
have someone looking and say, “Oh, I feel sorry for this dog. “Oh, I can love him like no one else can.” Yeah, you might be able to get that dog to respond to you better, but because of the traumatic
experience they had in a previous household
or a previous situation you never know what triggers
are gonna enter that dog’s life with them in your care that
can set them off again. – Such a tragic, tragic story. Dr. Arvid, thanks so much
for weighing in this.

6 thoughts on “Man Charged with Murder after His Dogs Mauled Girl to Death

  1. How can you be responsible for the dogs actions? If the dog did it on it's own, obviously it's the dog to blame. All dogs are too violent and should be only used for police units and banned to own otherwise

  2. Definitely responsible but murder charge is excessive unless he intended to use his dog to commit a crime like the dog being a gun. The charge that would fit would be unintentional manslaughter.

  3. I am so fed up with unleashed animals.
    "Heee's Freeendleeee!" they yell, unattached leash in hand, as 60 lbs of muscle and teeth come barreling at you.

  4. Drunk drivers can be charged with murder depending on the degree of recklessness. The owner knew the fence was broken but still allowed 3 aggressive animals to get out. Murder.

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