Man Can’t Pee Because Of Birds Invading His Bathroom | Kritter Klub

(Inside this bathroom) (Is a nest?) (Who you?) (Can’t make a sound) (the struggle is real) (I live here too) (Mama bird) (Meal time) (You’re home?) (Do not disturb) (Okay, bye..) It was very uncomfortable I was afraid that the water would be too loud I would turn the showerhead on low (boss bird) Sometimes I can’t even pee properly They keep coming from dawn till sunset! (come and go as they please) (Mommy, where are you?) Flycatchers usually lay eggs on man-made structures Because they can take shelter from the rain And there’s no natural enemy (night vision) (Baby bird attempts to fly) (falls down) (Mama bird calls them) (the man helps LOL) (yasssss)

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