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how many dogs would rescue today six dude look at you you're free puppy I always kind of bitch in my mind to show my dogs a huge adventure all around the country I just thought it would be further down the road that's not sure there was no dogs in here no not one alright let's go let's hit the road we quit our jobs we got out of our leases we'd get rid of everything we want to be solely focused on this it almost looks like we built it just for the dogs it's literally perfect are you driving by this nope Molly you I want to do something insane to bring people inside the shelter we want to show people that the dogs in the shelters are the most beautiful loving amazing dogs you can imagine like seriously I just want to poop you let me boop-boop we're gonna hit 48 states we are somewhere beautiful not sure where hey Kylie can I get a 20 for some gas please okay now you don't hear me fantastic all right I got it don't worry about it I got it sell it come on don't sit on this head did you like the fight for the front seat they're having so much fun it's so cool I want to tell you we listen to books on tape but we don't party B is the only person that can wait Lily up like Lily will be sleeping and she said cool it apart it was party until you like I find a party with Gardie right above the driver's seat I wouldn't really call it a bed but I sleep up there mutters and Molly come up there with me every time we go to bed we laugh it's like a big dogs pajama party everyone on this bus look at you look at that she loves you Cali she loves you ambulance followed us into a Whole Foods parking lot just to play with the dog come on in make yourself at home to dine adopted five dogs it's adopted so far [Applause] I'm already thinking of that it's gonna end up in here and I kind of makes me sad a little bit like I'm not I'm not even close to being finished the end end goal is to clear the shelters one more yo-yo more warmer I want to see Lily every day for three weeks before I adopted her I always promised Lily that she would see the snow and we got caught in a huge snowstorm in Flagstaff Arizona and I've never seen Lily so happy before mo she literally was smiling the entire time shifts and all over her face and it was like this promise that I was able to fulfill for her well you loved it you can see when you take a dog out of the shelter they feel like they're okay but you can see that they feel safe and I remember each time that I had that with my dog where I would look at them they would look at me and you can just see that they're okay congratulations and it's this beautiful trusting bond that builds every day after that there's not a better feeling in the world that there really isn't you

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  1. ??????!!!!!! For more of Lee Asher and his furry family, you can check them out on Instagram:, and Facebook:

  2. Lee: hey can i get some dogs?
    Shelter:sorry we have none.
    Shelter:what about some cats?
    Lee: what abour you come into my van and see whats goin on.

  3. When I grow up, I'm not going to be an engineer or a doctor or astronaut or anything like that, Im going to grow up and do EXCACTLY what this guy did, because it is very inspiring and takes a lot of hard work to do this, and say goodbye all that. This is where I'm going with my life????? He really inspired me

  4. Just wondering, when you quit your job and left everything behind, then where do you get the money for living?

  5. 1like=1person like him
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  6. Follow him on Instagram. He is traveling again and he always posts Instastories and photos. And he rescued 3 more babies. ??????

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