Mama Cat Says "No Milk For You Kitten!"

31 thoughts on “Mama Cat Says "No Milk For You Kitten!"

  1. We had a female cat who would feed one of the younger males and did this for five years. The thing was – she wasn’t his mother. It must have been a comfort thing.

  2. Update. Hildy is at a fellow foster to let her milk dry up and then will be spayed. Sent there so she wouldn't be pestered and could recover. End of June goes to her forever home where a catio is planned for her.

  3. Watching the pictures of Hildy at Bill’s House , one can see how relaxed and stress free that she seems to be! She has been such a wonderful mother cat to her kittens!
    Hoping she finds a wonderful home in the future!

  4. The little guy is getting close to the age where the mom will start being increasingly mean to him. Cats have an instinct to prevent overpopulation, once a kitten is old enough to fend for itself, the mother will start bullying it to get it to decide to leave the nest. This little guy is close to that age. Generally kittens can't stay with their mother after they're adults, the mother because of this.

  5. That cat is old enough to go to the bowl. Thats like a human still breast feeding a 4 year old (and some parents do..smh)

  6. My one year old cat still nurses on her mum. Mum doesn’t have any milk left but she lets her daughter nurse, and gives her a bath after. They then take a long nap cuddled together. They do this 2 or 3 times a day, everyday.

  7. Something tells me that this wasn't the first time Alfred pulled this stunt. Noticed how the mamma cat was instantly ready when he went for her belly.

  8. LOL!! That plot failed nicely!! Mamma is no fool and she really knows how to say no kindly with a good licking afterwards! I needed this tonight!??????

  9. My Loki didn't take to the milkbar getting closed down very well. The fits he threw where so cute, but mumcat Blaze held her ground.

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